Even so. We held hands and prayed together last evening and prayed out of Psalms and perhaps everything may be alright. Love him still.


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July 15, 2016 · 3:50 pm
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Studies Applied Behavioral Science at Ashford University
Lives in Lakeland, Florida

03/13/2011 3:25AM

A lady I do see in this tent tonight. Come close to me as we gaze at the star light. Star so bright I wish on you tonight Let this moment never end, all of my heart I do send. I gaze into your eyes so blue Lost in your intoxicating smile I give all my soul to you. My Feeling, there can be no denial. Star so bright I wish on you tonight

03/14/2011 5:18AM

Good morning beautiful slightsmile emoticon

I didnt want to wake you so I sent it here. Hope you have a great day and I see you this afternoon.

03/19/2011 1:23AM

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03/20/2011 6:41PM

luv you
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03/22/2011 10:18PM

Im just still thinking about you sweetheart. Well Im always thinking about you but is it the 8th yet grin emoticon

sweetdreams I love you

Aww, I love you too, my sweetheart.

03/23/2011 8:43PM

I’m sold to the sweet beautiful sexy red head reading this wink emoticon

I love you

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03/24/2011 4:55PM

call doggie groomer friday sweetheart slightsmile emoticon

03/24/2011 6:26PM

Thank you, babe! Lots of love, hugs and kisses headed your way.
lots of live and hugs and kisses back to you sweetheart

03/24/2011 8:58PM

Would you like to have a lighthouse or the lucky fountain?
I have the lucky fountain but all I want is you. The lighthouse please, my love
You already have me, sweetie.
slightsmile emoticon you are all I need.
It’s on the feed now. Really sorry about going MIA on you. I do love you, very much.
Don’t worry about it sweetheart. I knoew as soon as you said it that you just needed some time. I love you and will forever be yours
Don’t feel helpless. I know that you are here for me when I need you. That in itself means the world to me.
I can’t help it. Knowing you are hurting and that I can’t take that pain away for you. It breaks my heart
I’m fine. It’s something that I push very far back and I guess the emotional few days I’ve had just have brought things up that have no business. Plus moving from here and starting over in a new place, it’s all very….I guess emotional. My mood is lightening up.
Im glad that you are feeling better sweetheart. I won’t ever ask but you know if you need someone to listen… yeah it has been a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally hasn;t it.
you don’t have to sweetheart…I just wish there was something I could do is all
There is nothing you can do. Not even if you knew. And I do have to tell you but just not now.
I was gonna call you back but I don’t see you around. I’ll be around for a little bit longer.
hi sweetheart Im here sorry mom wanted to talk for a min
Look @ telescopes wink emoticon
Violet on the phone. lol.
I’m back, where ever you are. lol

03/25/2011 4:28AM

Josh Wallace Cheryl McDonnell Freese

03/25/2011 2:58PM

eat fish wink emoticon
order birthday cake
call groomer
look @ telescopes
Love you sweetheart

03/25/2011 5:10PM

I feel so bad, I know the weekends are when we really get to talk and hang out all we want. I’m sorry. I just feel so horrible. I love you so much!!! Please don’t be mad at me. I just have to lie down for awhile.
Sweetheart I’m am not mad in the least bit. I only wish I was there to take care of you. Don’t worry and dont be sorry. get some rest and I’ll check on you in a bit. I love you.

03/25/2011 7:23PM

I didn’t get to go to sleep. Between the pizza in the floor, the door opening and closing and playing 20 questions, no suck luck. I feel better though except the headache. I have taken enough meds so I sent the guys to Walgreens to get some of that Head On and hope that works. If not, I don’t know what else to do. I have so much work to do around here. My brother is packing some stuff in the kitchen and I just want to stop hurting and at least find my living room.

03/25/2011 9:38PM

get insurance sweetheart slightsmile emoticon

03/26/2011 1:25AM

reminder not to take stomach meds darlin

03/26/2011 9:07PM

You are worth fighting for and Im not going anywhere unless you tell me too. if you need some space thats fine all I’m asking is please tell me whats going on

03/27/2011 1:59AM

Thank you for fighting for me. I love you!!!!!!
I love you so much darlin…..read the sign on your farm slightsmile emoticon
wink emoticon
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03/27/2011 6:02AM

March 26th turned out to be the worst best day ever. Nothing could be worse than losing you. Nothing could be better than getting you back. Every day, I have been afraid of loving you. Today things changed. I finally realize that loving you is nothing to be afraid of. It’s the losing you part that really scares me. I love you so much.

03/27/2011 12:48PM

Babe, you said everything there. I feel exactly the same about losing you and getting you back. I love you with all of my being

03/27/2011 6:39PM

She told me that I had early ALS signs, which gave me about 5 good years. She said that if the dialysis thing didn’t get me that the ALS would. Which is why I couldn’t get involved with anyone. My brother told me a long time to get a second opinion but I had faith in her. Now that I know she is wrong about the one thing and I have shown no signs of ALS, I just believe she is wrong again.

03/27/2011 8:30PM

you are sexy and beautiful darlin
She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful
She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful Sammy Kershaw
I really hope I hold up to your expectations, love. Thank you baby.

03/28/2011 4:13AM

Baby, are you up? Your making me nervous.

03/30/2011 8:41PM

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04/01/2011 1:02AM

05/03/2011 11:29PM

hi darlin just was checking my email cause I couldnt sleep and cameacross this job for a foklift driver http://jobs.oldcastle.com/detail.asp?jobid=oc15854&source=79

also MAU is havinga job fair tomorrow 9-4 on jimm dyes parkway @ the hampton inn (the exit on 1 20 where the cracker barrle is that I had you guys turn on the first nigh you came from ar)

love you

Oldcastle Careers
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Okay, thank you.

05/08/2011 12:59AM

hi darlin
So, thought you were in bed?
I am but cant sleep cause I’m missing you
I see.
Been on dh tonight?
just posted a couple times
was looking to see if maybe you were there
Do you have another profile on dh?
no just the one
why would I have another account? Im confused
I’m just a little suspicious tonight, I guess.
I’m sorry
dont be sorry hun
I know that whoever that is on dh that is messing with my head is someone I know. I guess I just thought that maybe it was you…testing me or something.
???? I would never do that ever
what has been going on tonight
when I say I love you it is unconditional and that comes with my full trust
It’s this guy who messages me…the last two times you were not here….never when your around. He seemed to know me on some level, so I played along.
I know it’s someone who knows me, and I just thought you were testing me.
Sorry, baby.
It’s ok darlin I can see how it might look that way if he only does it when I’m not around
but it is not me
I might want to kick his you know what though for messing woth you
It’ll all come out in the wash. I just thought because all the pieces were weird and then when you were still up and so was he…..it was very weird.
the post I put on here was when I first got on the comp tonight
I’m not gonna talk to him anymore. I don’t care who it is. It may not even be a HE. It might be a HER. But it’s someone who knows me personally, that I know for sure.l
And yeah, who knows, it could be the pills wacking out my brain right now for all I know. I can’t say 100 percent
I do feel like such an ass now though. I’m so sorry.
no need to be sorry sweetheart. I would rather you talk to me than to be wondering. It’s what makes our relationship so strong.
Yeah, except when I do dumb ass stuff like this.
stop that
I love you
and this person obviously knows you well enough to cause this confusion so thats why we talk
I love you too, baby. I’m gonna try to rest and get off this computer.
Yes, I’m sure they know me.
ok sweetheart
sleep well
You too. STOP worrying about me!!!! lol
I can’t promise that one
I love you too much
I’ll be alright, I’m sure. As long as I don’t go crazy first. lol. I love you very much. Good night.
goodnight sweetheart
Love you
Love you too

05/11/2011 12:35AM

hi sweetheart are you still on?
are you mad at me?
ok I just wasn’t sure b/c your last txt just didnt seem the normal you
I’m fine
why am I not getting that feeling that you are?
why are you up?
cant sleep right now….layed down after I got off work and took some meds now I’m awake plus I eversleep wl before ct scans
why not?
It’s silly but my mind just wont settle
What are you afraid of?
i know itssilly and I know that they ruled out cancer last time and this should be my last one but it’s just still there in the backof my mind
Don’t worry. I do understand being worried but you shouldn’t. Everything will be good.
slightsmile emoticon thank you darlin
What time is it?
you got some mail today but I dont think its the check.
Your apptment?
It will be a blue envelope
my ct is @ 9 and dr @ 1 for the results
In Williston?
the mail today (3 pieces) was fro USPS I’ll brinthem tomorrow….no hang on let me go get them
It was just confirmation of the address change then, if it was from the post office
yeah thats what it looks like
maybe the checkwill be here tomorrow
Ive been doing some research on how to make an ac for you cheap
yeah I think I can do it for under $30 but I’ll need some copper tubing, a submersble pump and anther cooler and modify one of your fans
I see. Sounds complicated
not really all it is is circulating ice water through the tubing and the fan blowing the colder air
Oh i see
the down side is it will go throughsome ice but thats the part Im trin to figure out how to make differently
Oh. Well, maybe a place will open up and we won’t need it.
but Im thinking I’ll make it anyway even if it is just for cooling the tentat bed time
Ok, if you want
I want my sweetie to be comfortable
I wish I could do more
You do enough, more than
nah, Id give you the world if I could
that’s sweet but I wouldn’t want the world anyway. That would be way to much.
lol you know what I mean
what’d you do today
I know, lol.
I’mplanning on spending the nighttomorrow for my finger dr appt thursday ten will haveto see wh happens with jury duty
Okay, thanks for letting me know.
love you
love you too
hows the sadoku puzz;e
good. did about 6 last night
k Im gonna try to sleep some….I love you very very much
love you too

05/12/2011 6:58PM

hi sweetheart
what you doin
Just got on fb a few minutes ago.
miss you
miss you too
how was your day
It was alright, how was yours?
was ok I guess, got those maps printed for you
Thank you very much
yw darlin
been looking through job ads
yeah,goodyear is looking for a maint person, advance is hiring and lots of fast foodplaces
in aiken
for goodyear Robert will probably have to go to the unemployment office to apply, Pizza hut is looking for manger and servers
Popeyes right there where you are @ is looking or a mgr
I will def look into those. Thank you for looking
yw darlin, the pizza hut isnt the oneby walmart though its the one on the other side of town I an show you tmorow
the ui offce or onestop as its called here is not far from where you are either
will loo some more in a little bit
That’s good news
also there are tw ore temp agencies Ican show yo where tey are that I dont believ d that stupid 9am only crap
I only know what I was told.
I know I asked them about it this morning
m-th 9am only it’s dumb…..but th other two aiken staffing and the one I nevr remember the name of dont do that atleast as far as I know. Onestop also has alot of listngs online @ their office
Oh, okay.
will try to get n my old account as soon as I remember massword then I can give that to you as well and you can look right there @ camp
what time would e good t over tomorrow

05/17/2011 11:30PM

hi sweetheart
what ya doin slightsmile emoticon
Playing on here, talking to Traci, and texting Violet. lol
lol tell em I said hi
What are you doing?
not much just laid down in the bed gonna play on here for a bit and hoping you were on
Yep, I’m here
I’ve been missing you
I plan on coming over tomorrow afternoon if its ok
I miss you too. It should be fine.
btw b4 I forget to tell you. $7.25 is the min…… what do you want for supper tomorrow I think Ive been around enough to kinda know what everyone likes to some extent and Id like to cook for you
I don’t know. What do you think would be good?
I have to see what I have in the freezer but Im kinda thinking maybe something with chicken or beef and pineapple
Okay, sounds good.
I got a new recipie today for sloppy joe that uses salsa and brown sugar but that is something I dont know if you like yet
No, probably not.
I kinda thought not….it came off my diabetic mailing list
Ill figure out something though with the chicken or beef
That sounds better
how did the feactions class go?
So far, so good. It’s the easy stuff right now. Just adding them. It’s the rest of it that I’m afraid of . lol
LOL well you have me no need to be afraid of them
how about the states lessons? need anymore maps
I will at some point. Were doing those tomorrow.
ok I’ll print some more then and I’ll see if I can find any of the souviners from the states Ive been in….no promises there though. I dont think I kept most of that stuff
lol, okay
how late you gonna be up tonight darlin
I don’t know, why?
just being curious
cause Id rather be laying beside you
I’m gonna harvest some trees, maybe, but I’m getting tired. I’m through talking with the girls, lol.
lol all caught up on the girls chat/gossip
More like an investigative job going on about a guy who might not have been very honest.
someone from dh?
I see said the blind man
I really didn’t get permission to discuss it though.
no thats ok I dont need to know
until its time to crack heads that is
cause if its some one that hurt one of my sisters…..or my sweetheart
There’s no evidence yet. But I have some calls to make tomorrow. I intend to get to the bottom of it.
just point me in the right direction when it’s time
Nothing to do with me though. Just so you don’t worry.
Will do.
ok I didnt think so but the disclaimer still stands
if bubba wants….www.agy.com that is the place I’m bringing him the app for tomorrow. A woman that works with mom…her husband works there and will be hand delivering the app to his boss….Robert can check out the jobs there and if I need to print more stuff let me know. They have different apps for salary and hourly
I love you darlin
love you too
Im gonna do a little farming then I think its off to see the sandman
me too
goodnight my love
see you tomorrow

05/18/2011 11:42PM

hi darlin I got a response fom Williston FBC
Let me see what I can do. Could we get the girls name and address? It might put to shame those folks in Louisiana if they find out, that churches in SC are ready to help everyone…
Samantha Harrison
whats her address darlin?
525 Adair St Bossier City, La 71111
msg sent. maybe this will get the ball rolling for her now in addition to the penticostal church
did you see the moon tonight
no, i didn’t
It was a big orange ball…gorgeous
its the 4th harvest moon I’ve seen in the last 5 months
darn it, wish id seen it
I didntsee it tll I got back to Williston I really need to start carring my camera again
supposed to get down in the upper 40’s tonight hi of about 85 tom
54 right now
oh wow
highs back in the 90’s fri sat and sun
Okay, thanks
yw darlin…..havng fun on DH tonight wink emoticon
a little i guess
I really didnt want to leave tonight
no I didn’t it getsharder and harder every time
I’m sorry baby.
what for darlin
I just want to be with you
I dont know. I guess because I’m the one who changed it to weekends only.
you needed to get everyone back to some sort of schedule
I know
one day I wont have to leave
That’s true
what you thinking you’ll be doing tomorrow
I don’t know but I need to get the kids out of here and go do something with them.
there is a dicovery center / museum downtown I think that is free…..
lots of cool little shops in downtown Aiken
ummmm centineal park
thats over going twards wlly world the way I took you
Okay, great.
another park down whiskey road turn right instead of left (oppisite of going to wally world)
let me think some more
that’s alright. I think I’m going to bed baby
but I’ll msg t you if I think of anything
ok darlin, sleep well I love you
ok, love you too

05/28/2011 11:22PM

Hi sweetheart, just wondering how it’s going. miss and love you

05/30/2011 12:20AM

hi sweetheart how was the movie
I didnt watch all of it but it was good. I’m still sitting outside by the fire.
slightsmile emoticon watchin the stars?
Just farming, lol
lol I went to my farm but didnt do anything
Well Im trying to do something since havent in a while
yeah you havent had much chance lately
gotta be up in about 4 hours so I think Im gonna try to get some sleep. (proly just toss and turn) I miss and love you
sure havent
I’ll have to come check out the changes tomorrow
Not really much to see. Havent had much time now either
no? visiting and kids?
yeah and everyone wants to talk on here tonight
ohhh I see and Im not helping
k darlin I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you
Love you too

05/30/2011 11:37PM

hi gorgeous. Just wondering how you are doing?
Im doing good. We’ve been working on some stuff in the house today. I’m just getting a few minutes of peace and quiet to myself. How are you?
peace and quiet is good. I’m tired, sunburned and grilled out LOL. was cooking from 6 this morning till almost 4. How are you feeling
Im feeling fine. Tired today though. I took a nap and when I woke up, under my eyes were all swollen.
all swollen? babe????
whats that from
Yeah, it was weird. Its not near as bad now though.
do you have cell signal
No, I’m in bed. I don’t want to have to get back up and go outside
ok thats why I asked….wasnt sure if you were inside or out… Im worried about the puffiness thing though…..
ok worried isnt the right word concered is better
I don’t know why that happened. What do you think?
well it could be several things…..allergy, reaction to coming off of that one med. there are several things it could be or it could be nothing and you are just over tired
you said you were doing stuff around the house maybe doing that just caused something to stir up in the air that you have an allergy to
are you still here darlin
I think you may have dozed off….Sweetdreams my love. I’ll talk to you soon. LOVE YOU
Sorry. I had to help mom with something.
oh ok….how is mom
Shes okay. Not as good as I once remember her though. She has to have help with most everything. Some days she cant walk by herself.
the funny thing about getting older and/or our memories of loved ones as they get older….We naver see the gradual change that happens but when we’ve not been around them even for a month the change becomes shockingly evident….I saw it with my former mother-in-law even before my ex wife did I think because we try to hold on to the memory.
Yeah, thats true
I could use a neck rub LOL (changing the subject before it gets too deep)
tongue emoticon
babe, I’m exhausted (didnt sleep at all last night)
Why didnt you sleep last night?
I dont know….was just restless
Okay. Well go to bed and get some rest.
yes ma’am wink emoticon I love you
Love you too

06/01/2011 5:11PM

Back in 2007 I signed up as a donor during a drive for a little boy with leukemia. I wasnt a match though. Well, the lady got a hold of me on facebook because I am the only match they can find for a 37 year old man who’s dying now. I’ll be going this week to give blood and then I’ll be going to either Memphis or Jacksonville to give the bone marrow donation that he needs. They will be paying for everything including the plane tickets and other transportation.
are you outside?
No, it’s way to hot.
ok…. so when will you be going to and what about effects on you?
Next week to give blood sample here at the local hospital. After that, about a month before I go. Side effects are soreness in back for up to 2 weeks. First 2 days, take it easy, no lifting, etc.
what about the calcium deficiancy that runs in your family? It’s probably nothing but I want to make sure you aren’t going to have any ill side effects I very happy that you are in a position to help some one but well you know I want to make sure you are going to be ok
Well, my side effects are minimal as opposed to this guy if he doesn’t receive a donor. He will die. I will just have soreness and weakness for a few days or a week.
I releaise that he desperately needs this and Im not tring to disaude you I just I …..guess its just me having silly questions
No, its fine. I talked with her and she sent me lots of information to read.
that’s good. slightsmile emoticon It’s really good that you can do this babe.
let me know when you find out which place, Jax or memphis….I’ll try to be there
I love you

06/01/2011 7:00PM

But thanks for offering
has it cooled off there any darlin?
No. It’s around 95 out there.
I have something I want to ask you but I dont want to do it over txt or email
Why not?
because I dont want any miscomunication….it’s probably nothing………. I just have a feeling something is wrong or there’s something you aren’t wanting to tell me. It’s stupid really
So you are going to ask me is something is wrong? No, nothing is wrong. Im fine. I don’t feel real great today but thats all.
yes that was it…I told you it was stupid……. how come not feeling well today
I’m just really tired. Probably just the heat though
the heat will do it…..i wish it would cool off
Yep, me too.
let’s move north LOL!!!
Then we’ll complain how cold it is in the winter. lol
yeah but then I could snuggle you to keep you warm grin emoticon

06/01/2011 11:01PM

what ya doin darlin

06/02/2011 11:33PM

Congratulations on the house again darlin.
Thank you.
do you forgive me for being a jackass
No because I didnt even know you were being one.
forgot the lol on the end of my last message….I was tring to be funny about mis takiing your txt
lol, Okay
tell me about your new house again…three baths, three fireplaces
2 master bedrooms with full baths, one room upstairs with a toilet and sink. A large hallway in the back that can be used as a bedroom. A large back patio area. A wrap around porch on the side and in the front. Living room, den, kitchen, laundry room. Lots of storage space and huge closets in the downstairs bedrooms. It dates back to the 1800s
wow that sounds gorgeous and 1800 to top it off. and sounds like everyone will have space
and you said a big yard too
Oh yeah, lots of room. It was called The Duncan Homestead back then.
Huge yard. Ill take some pictures when I get a chance

06/04/2011 2:53AM

hello beautiful

06/04/2011 11:29PM

hi darlin slightsmile emoticon
hows your evening
having fun camping
Yeah, and talking to my cousin.
cool slightsmile emoticon ok I’ll let you alone for a little while then. Will you still be on in h hour
I don’t know. lol
LOL ok well I’ll check back but if not I love you and sweet dreams my darlin
Okay, sweets.
hi darlin, still chatting with cousin?
ok. I dont want to interrupt
Whats up?
nothin just missing you….dont get much time together
I know
but you dont get to talk to your cousin often either so I can wait a while longer darlin

06/06/2011 12:06AM

hi darlin are you on?
just wondering how your day was
I’m here….now. lol
hi babe
love you
love you too
what you up too
Doing a little farming before bed.
good ole farmville
I havent even been on there today
how was camping
It was nice.
had a chat with traci last night
I just hope she doesnt get hurt
Me too
everything ok?
babe you still here?
yeah you’re here or everything is ok cause Im getting a vibe that somethings wrong
Well, I’m here, sort of. (I keep dozing off.)
lol tired
it’s ok darlin if you need to go….I miss you but dont want to keep you awake
I miss you too
There are a couple of jobs in birmingham that I applied for today
bot with csx working on trains
Oh, okay
if those dont pan out I’ll keep working on getting there it just may take me a little while
I know
I’m looking forward to seeing you when you come to columbia
Hopefully that will be soon
I hope so too…hope the check will be here tomorrow
That would be nice.
friday Im going to charlotte (concord for nicks graduation).
i dont know why its not here already
it seems like yesterday he was born
Time flies
it sure does
emily and sarah were in a parade yesterday
the hi neighbor festival
Awww, thats sweet.
they were so excited telling me about it friday
they got to ride on a float
Thats awesome
yeah, they are growing so fast
Im off to bed now
ok darlin I love you sweet dreams
love you too, good night
nite darlin

06/06/2011 11:11PM

hey good lookin

06/07/2011 12:56AM

I missed you again it looks like….Love you sweetheart

06/07/2011 4:00PM

Hi darlin, what’s going on with your brother?

06/09/2011 1:25PM

Hello beautiful
hows your day going? did you get the fv gift I sent you
Yeah, I just did, a few minutes ago. Thank you so much.
you are welcome. I know you like the trees and I tagged you in a couple last night as well
Okay. Thanks.
what you have planned for today
Do more cleaning on my house.
oh ok have you moved in
Its mine but I have to clean it up first because they left all kinds of mess.
ah I see…..did they leave just junk or anything that you can use
K darlin got to get going again for now. I love you and hopefully will talk to you again tonight. Hugs and kisses
Okay, talk later

06/09/2011 3:48PM

hi I’m back sweetheart

06/10/2011 2:43AM

hi darlin are you still up?

06/17/2011 11:02PM

hello beautiful
hey there
how’s my babe tonight
would it be alright if I call you?
I don’t have a way for you to call me. My cell is barely getting signal…I couldnt even return your last text.
ok (darn cell phones cant live with em and can’t shoot em lol)) did the storms pass? looked pretty big on the tv
they are come and go. just really cloudy right now
supposed to be here late tonight. how was your day darlin
it was pretty good. busy as usual lately
you have been a busy girl lol time for a little rest and relaxin darlin
any plans for the weekend
Yep, more work!
you should do something fun darlin….you’ve been working really hard
Just to much to do
cant blame me for trying tongue emoticon

07/23/2011 9:14PM

hi beautifull
that is the review I was telling you about. if that dont work we’ll have to look at other options. I’ll get you a better scope when I can darlin. Love you

07/30/2011 9:09PM

hi darlin
what you up to
Just logged on, so nothing yet.
lol…tried to call you a little bit ago
phone not working again. its the second phone i bought too. ugh
I’ll get you a new phone too
is it alright if I call you @ Jodies
In a little while you can, momma is on the phone right now
ok darlin…just let me know when a good time is
sends you kisses
back at you
me like your kisses
lol…I have some things to do on here sweetie.
ok darlin….I’ll be on just let me know when a good time to call is…love you
love you too

07/30/2011 11:18PM

just ordered you a new phone darlin it should be there in a couple of days
a new home phone?
you said yours wasnt working and it was the second one you bought
Yes but I want to make sure you are not talking about a cell phone
no a new home phone
ok, thank you
yw darlin
is it too late to call
Actually, my godmother hasnt been online in years and I havent talked to her, so I just got on the phone with her.
oh ok grin emoticon

07/31/2011 1:57AM

may I call you or is it too late darlin
good night sweetheart
love you

08/02/2011 8:54PM

hi darlin
are you mad at me?
she be on soon,,it nick
ok thanks nick
Just tired of those so called adults laying around my house, ordering my kids like slaves and not doing a damn thing!!
Im sorry darlin
can I do something
is jodie still on the phone
have a suprise for you
Yeah, she
Shes on the phone
ok darlin
your new phone will be there tomorrow btw
Okay, thank you.
yw babe and another little suprise should be there tomorrow as well
Oh yeah?
yes grin emoticon a birthday present
me know you will like
You already got me a bday present
told you I wanted it to be special darlin
only thing is I was hoping to give you this one in person
Its alright. I understand.
its not alright though darlin
I miss you
but I cant leave a job undone its not in me
Its okay, really.
well I do have another suprise for you planned after I do finally get there
think you need some “alone time” and Im gonna see you get some wink emoticon
any way darlin we’ll talk more about that when I do get there which Im still hoping will be next week sometime. I’ll know better after I get home tomorrow
the reason for the current change in plans you’ll love this
the guy Mark got busted for DUI this weekend
Oh, wow.
yeah kinda not happy with him for many reasons. 1 he could have called me I would have come got him 2 he got busted 3 and this is the big one it messes with my plans to see you
Well, yeah. Thats true
smootches you grin emoticon
did you read any of the on going thread on here from Val (olive)
they are wanting to do a get together in march in Fl
Well last time they planned to do it was supposed to be last month
I knew about the one in Vegas but that was the whole 30’s group this one is a smaller 9 to 10 or so apparently
No, not Vegas, it was supposed to be Florida last month or June.
oh ok didnt know about that one
unless you told me and I forgot
Stop calling…..they are on the phone.
i havent called
well I tried once but that was about an hour ago
Well, it keeps showing up as you trying to call in. lol
Phones here are retarded
lol ok stupid AT&T
its not me though I promise
Okay. Sorry.
I do want to hear your voice but you know I wouldnt do that
its ok darlin
how have you been feeling…other than what you told me earlier
Some days are better than others
I need to do something to get you out of that strss darlin
I worry about you
Its alright. I can handle it. I just have to be pushed to my very limit and when I am….itll be over with.
but I dont want you to be pushed to your limit
I dont like when you are stressed
how arre you on food and smokes and what not right now
The food stamps came in today. So food is good. Ive got to get the rent and stuff paid and see what’s what after that
ok darlin let me know
glad that they finally came in that should atleast take some stress away
remember what I told you the other night though darlin
whats mine is yours
Yes, I remember
ok slightsmile emoticon
so heres a question which would you like more a picinic under the stars or a weekend getaway
I’m just to stressed out right now.
I know which is why you are getting one or both
I need to be up in 5 hours so unfortunately sweetheart Im gonna have to say goodnight frown emoticon
I love you *hugs and kisses*
Goodnight, I love you too

08/03/2011 12:48AM

I cant sleep darlin are you still on

08/03/2011 6:25PM

hi darlin

08/04/2011 3:16PM

Hi, honey. I just wanted to say thank you. THe phone came in yesterday. So did the Charlie…now that was a huge surprize. Thank you so much. Hows work going now?

08/04/2011 6:19PM

Yw sweetheart slightsmile emoticon I thought you would like that little suprise. Work is going ok…Im almost finished the first coat on the machine Im painting. The second should go quicker esp since the General send me a helper today and its looking like I will be done this weekend maybe early next week
because hes pushing the stuff in the basement until KD sends someone back in Nov to strip the floor

08/05/2011 6:17PM

happy Birthday sweetheart
Thank you babe.
did you have a good one so far
Its been fine.
will you be @ jodie’s for a while…..want to hear you gorgeous voice slightsmile emoticon
Maybe…fixing to eat right now
ok I m about to go do the same….call me when you get a min wink emoticon or I can call you in a little while which ever you like
Love you
Okay. love you too

08/05/2011 8:04PM

what cha doin darlin slightsmile emoticon

08/06/2011 10:26PM

hi darlin

08/06/2011 11:32PM

I dont wan t to bother you but please can I talk to you one last time

08/08/2011 10:21AM

I do really need to talk to you. There are some things that we have to work out.

08/12/2011 5:22PM

just wondering how you are feeling

08/13/2011 3:12AM

dont know if you are still awake or if you’ll even read this…but I want you to know how much I care for you if Im not here tomorrow to tell you.
you are the most amazing person Ill ever know

08/13/2011 2:35PM

hi may I call and talk to you….not about us just want to make sure you are ok

08/14/2011 2:30AM

hey you wink emoticon

08/14/2011 9:40PM

hows your day
Okay, I guess.
ok you guess
me thinks you need a hug
Just feeling kind of rough today
Im sorry
wish I could do somehing
It’s okay. It’s not hurting as bad as it was earlier.
thats good
still wish I had a magic wand
would make you all better
Jennifer doesnt have anything on you btw
feel up to talking on the phone?
No, I really don’t. I’m just feeling rough. Thanks…lol
Thank you
for what
I not do nutthin
For the hugs
all ways have lots of hugs for you
Im always here for you you know that right
k Ill leave you alone beautiful for now…
and a kiss on the cheek
Thank you so much.

08/16/2011 9:52PM


08/17/2011 10:28PM

well Ill talk to you another time…just wanted to see how you are doing

08/18/2011 7:17PM

hey good lookin
hows your day

08/18/2011 9:44PM

hey was wondering if I could talk to you. just want to chat thats all

08/19/2011 10:11PM

like seeing you happy yay

08/20/2011 12:08AM

Ill leave you and jodie alone thank you for letting me be a part of the fun….hope you have a great night….always my love ken

08/20/2011 8:45PM

hello, hope you are having a wonderful evening

08/22/2011 4:26PM

Ok I know Im not doing what I said and Im sending you another message. I was told you posted on DH. I dont know what was said b/c I deleted but I want you to know one thing. I will always remember you the way you were the day we met. Tired, sweaty and most importantly BEAUTIFUL. No matter what else happens I wont you to know that and that well I think you know the rest so I wont be a broken record…. Always here
Thank you ken. Thank you so much
hugs I just want to be part of your life. I couldn’t live with myself if you didnt know how much I care about you
I do know. I really do.
Just one last thing to think about because I do love you so much. It hurts more to not be apart of your life than it ever would when that day does come be it next year or in 10 or when ever it does. For all we know I could be gone before you. We don’t know what God has planned. I do know I want whatever time there is to be with you. k Im going to go to Aiken. Txt me if you want if you need more time take it. Ill always be here for you

08/24/2011 5:38PM

just thought Id say hi

08/24/2011 9:44PM

is everything ok? burning bush?
No things are okay lol
miss talking to you

08/25/2011 11:08PM

how are you feeling hun?
the ride around helped?
Im here for anything remember that

08/26/2011 12:18AM

Im taking it you arent gonna call me but Im here anytime if you do want to talk
I am so relieved that you are ok….
how is the van now? if need be I can get more money tomorrow to you

08/26/2011 2:27AM

I have a donut on it for now.
ok let me know how much a new tire will be. I dont like the idea of you driving it with a doughnut
I’ll have to get some more together tomorrow but Ill get what I can to you as soon as I can
are you at Jodies now?
have you made any plans yet
good night and sweet dreams (hopefully) I wish there were more that I could do.

08/26/2011 6:58AM

how come?

08/27/2011 9:23PM

just want to say hi and see how you are doing?
if Im bothering you tell me and I will not do it again
ok I get the hint…goodbye I still love you but you wont hear from me again.
I am very angry with you at the moment. It’s better not to say anything at all. When I calm down then I will talk with you and not until then.
ok Im not sure what I did but that is fine. Im sorry

08/30/2011 3:39AM

just a quick hi hope everything is well

08/30/2011 10:41PM

Please do still text me that you are safe even if you dont want to talk to me. I do still worry about you

08/31/2011 7:05AM

have a wonderful day

08/31/2011 1:10PM

understood….I love you do still want to know you are safe

09/01/2011 10:01PM

I do truly mean I am happy for you that you have a great person in your life. I wish you would have told me but I understand.
There was no reason to tell you.
no youre right there wasnt I guess. can you answer a question for me though
what was it that I did wrong
did you even love me at all or am I just that dumb

09/02/2011 11:57PM

This is the last thing I have to say to you…your constant blowing up my phone and not giving me a moments peace when I was online was just to much. I asked for time and space and you wouldnt give it to me so you made sure that I became fed up with you. Good bye

09/06/2011 11:20AM

I have some mail here for you. What would you like me to do with it? something from disney and something from columbus oh no idea what it is and a couple other pieces that came friday I dont have in front of me this is the only thing Ill contact you about but I hope one day you will forgive me

06/14/2013 12:59AM

how’s your day
It was okay, I guess. Yours?
it was alright i guess…did you get your van back
Im sorry
They are charging me 350 for the stupid towing fee, so they want 450 to give it back and they will work the rest out on payments. I only have til the 30th
ouch… that sux…what you gonna do
what about dr
Can’t go so I don’t know anything.
if i had it
I wouldn’t take it anyway but thank you
when are your dates and dont say you arent going
There is one thing I can do but there is no guarantee. I can drop out and then they refund the class money to me. Of course I have to pay it out of pocket when I retake it but there is no guarantee that it would come on time.
there has to be aother way…school is too important
I had to cancel my appts. I told them I would reschedule when I work my problem with a ride out.
no one that can give you a ride?
I know…but I have to do what I have to do. My SA won’t b in til Monday. So I have til then to decide.
well you know what I think but that and 1.25 will get you a small coffee
My cousin just started a new job so I have to give her a few weeks until they work her schedule out.
cool that cus got new job.
yeah my opinion hasnt been worth anything in a long time
Yep. She thought she applied for cashier and ended up lead associate. It was really great for her. That isn’t true. It’s just that people do what they have to do.
that is awesome for her grin emoticon
Yes, it is.
it is true and has nothing to do with that just being funny
Oh, lol.
sorry just having a bad night
I know the feeling. Nothing like not knowing how your gonna get anywhere or to work to get money for house stuff or anything else. Pisses me off most because I’m supposed to take Nick to Six Flags in July because he got a coupon for reading and I couldn’t take him last year. What is wrong?
I pray that something will work out. he deserves to go to six flags and o do you
oh nothing much
Why you having a bad night?
just finding out that one is “settling material” kinda sucks
Ouch. As in ‘if I don’t find something better then I will settle for you?’??
something like that…not exactly but close enough
You should never settle for someone is settling for you.
I know…
also know there is no one for me. it is what it is
I’m sorry you are going through that….Amy?? I thought you two could only be friends
Oh hogwash. You are great and you will meet someone
Everyone feels that way though.
no she isnt the one that said that to me but it hurt none the less
well given my track record
True, that would hurt. All single people feel that they will always be alone. The right person always comes along. It’s hard sometimes but this will pass. Your a wonderful guy, very loving and caring, it will happen.
doubt it…everyone tells me the same thing (no offense)
Because we are right. lol
anyway it isnt important
It is but right now we have to live in the moment we are in right now.
well the moment sucks…that means dealing w/ the pains/ shakes ect ect
I understand…not exactly, but I know how hard pain can be.
yeah I know you do.
still glad you didnt see me like this
We will probably see each other again. I hope you start feeling better.
one day hopefully its one of my good days
thank you
Your welcome. I gotta go. Nick wants to get on before he goes to bed.
okay ttyl sweet dreams
Good night

06/14/2013 12:32PM

I can’t really talk but a minute but I wanted you to know that I’m sorry to hear about your job. I will keep you in my prayers
thank you

06/15/2013 11:37PM

how are you this evening
Fine. Enjoying some peace and quiet. How are you?
awesome, glad you re getting to enjoy some peace and quiet. I’m okay. not my most favorite weekend in the world but it’ll pass
Why is that?
miss emily and sarah
Oh, yeah…I bet you are. I forget about father’s day. My dad isn’t really in my life and I do the role of mother and father around here so it doesn’t stick out for me. I’m sorry. Maybe you will at least get to talk to them. You should take a trip up there.
maybe…havent got to talk to them in many months…if I could afford it I would.
what you up to the rest of the weekend
I deleted dh btw
Not much. Cousin is taking me to the grocery store tomorrow, that is about all. How about you? And sleeping in the tent tonight. Why?
would love to be sleeping in a tent…hopefully Ill be getting another one sometime soon.
I borrowed my cousins..lol
To much crap. tired of being attacked publicly and privately everytime I post anything
borrowed cousin’s eh lol
What on earth are you talking about?
Yep…she has two
I want that one @ wally world that we are both looking at that or a pop up trailer
pop ups are really nice. I had one many years ago.
it’s not important. just tired of dealing with yikes and his hooligans
I rmember you telling me about it
I just never saw anyone say anything bad to you
pop up is about all my little truck can haul. I miss my f250 sigh
I didn’t even think Yikes was still on there
there are tons of threads about me on there…and lots of attacks in the threads. and for every public one I get 6 or 7 pvt emil ones…just tired of it
he is..playing his games under other screen names and getting others do do his attacking for him
I haven’t seen any threads about you. I guess that’s why I thought he wasnt there
the last one was on my birthday…anyway liike I said it isnt important. I’m just done with that place
I understand.
well enjoy your night under the stars..I’m gonna get off here for a little while
Okay. Take care
sweet dreams

06/21/2013 1:24AM

hi how are you? Havent seen you in a number of days
I have been sick. How are you?
hugs sowwy. are you feeling better?
me…I’m in a lot of pain tonight (had a 15 hour day at school) but other than that Im oa
Thanks, I’m feeling better today. Sorry you are hurting, is there something they give you for the pain?
no but I have some horse pills left from my surgery so I took two of those.
hopefully you are over what made you sick.
what you been up to today
You should get the doctor to give you something for the pain. As long as I don’t eat, I’m fine…lol. I did some housework that was neglected while I was sick. I made a fire for the kids to make smores. It was a busy day.
mmmmm smore’s and fire…can I come over wink emoticon lol
so stomach flu ?
lol…better hurry, fires going down. I’m thinking either nerves or IBS.
My next appointment Im gonna talk to him about taking me off gavapentine and changing to lyrica and maybe add a pain pill (I hate taking the pain ones cause Im affraid of getting addicted)\
I hope not IBS that is not fun.
You know I can stoke up the fire again wink emoticon….I’ll be there in 15 LOL
The gabapentin is not as strong as the lyrica but you do not want the lyrica. It is highly addictive, has intense sugar cravings and can make you gain 100 pounds in 8 months.
What is your dosage of gaba?
gain a 100 pounds in 8 months?
I have to go look again at the gaba…I dont read the lable anymore but I want to say 200 mg a day something like that
I gained 100 pounds in 8 months. No matter what I did, I could not lose it until I came off of it. It is very hard to come of off. The withdrawl is hell.
I’m on 300, 3 times a day.
hugs. Ive heard it was hard to come off of because it is an opiate. I’m supposed to take them 3 times a day but mist of the time I only take it once sometimes twice a day. I know I’m bad.
you gained 100lbs so you are what 115 soaking wet now wink emoticon
I wish. lol. I did weigh 210. I was on lyrica 200, 3 xs a day. I’m still weaning off. I’m down to 75 once a day now and since I got off the 200 mg, finally, I have lost 30 pounds in two months. I’m finally losing it. It caused me all kinds of problems.
hugs…sorry that it was causeing you problems but bet you are still no I know you are every bit as beautiful as I remember you
That is sweet, thank you. I haven’t felt that way though in a long time. I don’t even look in the mirror anymore. I’m excited though that I am losing it.
grin emoticon I know how you feel about that. Ive lost 50 or so since I saw you and over a 100 since I moved back from Canada.
you are welcome but it is the truth. you are beautiful. always and you can change my mind on that
I really appreciate that so much. Thank you.
like I said it is the truth.
if you remember I could never take my eyes off of you
I wish it were…but I digress. Just don’t do lyrica. Stay on the gaba and get him to add some type of pain pill or muscle relaxer.
okay, I will stay with the gaba. I wont see him till September anyway. The one Im hoping he doesnt increase is the trihexyphenidyl
What is that?
that is the parkinson’s med. Eventually my body will develop an immunity to it but the next meds after that one are really bad with side effects from what I understand or instead of those they may do brain surgery (I really don’t want that option if I can avoid it)
Oh, wow. Yeah, I don’t blame you.
I’ve read other’s experiance with the surgry. for some it worked for a few years others I have read about had to relearn everything from how to walk and talk to well you get the idea
I would think that would be a last resort.
this is the VA we are talking about but I would want to know that there were no other options before I agreed to it.
I studder now sometimes. never used to do that
any plans for this weekend?
I hope you consider that carefully. No, nothing planned. Can’t go anywhere, lol.
dont worry. it scares me to death. I want no part of it even if it a last resort not sure I would agree to it.
maybe one day this weekend then I could call you maybe. I still hate typing lol
Yeah. I don’t have time on my phone but I use my sons phone. I’ll get the number when he’s awake, I can’t remember things, much less phone numbers. lol
LOL my photographic memory is long gone. I very much look forward to hearing you again slightsmile emoticon
Sounds good. I will get the number from him. He’s sleeping. Everyone else in the house is wide awake. lol
lol isn’t that the way it always happens…
I had to take two of my pain pills today and they keep me awake.
hugs…it’s wierd how we have those reactions to meds. 2 800mg ibuprophins and that 100 mg other one…cant remember the name and too lazy to go get it to look lol shold knock me out but they don’t they keep me wide awake too even though Im exhausted
Yeah. It is weird.
so not to change the subject but curious minds want to know…hows the situation with the two suiters?
they better treat you right j/s wink emoticon
I haven’t gone out with either of them. I just still haven’t decided. I talk to them sometimes but I told them both that I want to get to know them a little better first.
Well….men are men. lol
lol hey wait a min……me not like that ::mockery::
No, and not all men are but we both know that a great deal of them are. lol
lol I know…had to tease a little.
and you also know how protective I am at times when it comes to people I love
I do know. I’ll be okay though.
I know you will but still part of me.
Thank you. I’m glad we talking again.
me too. I missed having you in my life. and you still have your own room in my heart emoticon . always have always will…so dont want to see anyone not treat you the way you deserve
I promise to be careful and not let anyone treat me badly. I’ve missed you also.
slightsmile emoticon okay I can live with that but if they don’t then after bubba gets through with them it’ll be my turn
okay beautiful… I am going to try to clsoe my eyes. Cant wait to hear your voice again but in the mean time…Sweet dreams
You sleep well. We’ll talk soon. Sweet dreams.
ahhh its not working @))~~~>~~~
slightsmile emoticon Goodnight sweetie

06/21/2013 8:03PM

Hey, how are you doing today?

06/23/2013 9:09AM

good morning. hope you are doing great

06/23/2013 4:53PM

Been dealing with some stuff so haven’t been on. Have had nightmare the last couple nights and woke up in really bad panic attacks. It wipes me out. I’m nervous the whole next day. Other than that I’m alright okay. How are you?
hugs. Im sorry. Anything I can do? Ive been doing okay. Putting one foot in front of the other and dealing with some feelings I knew were coming
Nothing you can do. It’s just God’s way of letting me know that something bad is about to happen. I go through this quite a bit this year. Sorry you are going through that. I don’t know whats going on but just stay busy, it works for me.
Hugs. I hope that it isn’t anything to bad. Wish I could help I knew Id have to really deal with the feelings Ive been burying about Amy when she went out on a date with someone else. That happened this weekend. made it worse that she didnt tell me I had to read about it. Like I said I knew it was coming. I just have to deal with it
Yeah, it takes time. You will be fine though. Just don’t dwell on it. Keep busy and keep your mind on other things. Been there too.
Trying not to dwell. what you up to now
Cooking dinner, watching tv, this and that..lol
LOL hmmmm dinner…what time should I be there grin emoticon
lol….we are only having beans, rice and cornbread
yeah but I remember how good your cooking is wink emoticon
yw. well I have to go work on my physics homework. Hope fully I can talk to you more later tonight and maybe call you sometime this week
Okay, sounds good. Talk to you later.

06/27/2013 1:18PM

06/27/2013 3:30PM


07/01/2013 1:49PM

just thought I would let you know that a certain someone sent me a friends request again.

07/01/2013 3:33PM

Who? Jodie? Well it’s your choice of course. I can’t believe her.
Yes and I accepted only to keep an eye on her given what I know about her. I wanted you to know as well given that we both know the only reason she wanted to be my “friend” is because you and I are friends again.
Yep. That’s exactly why. She will watch to see what we talk about on here and eventually she will talk to you to try to get info on me. I’m glad I don’t talk to anyone about my life because of that.
she wont get anything from me.
and we’ll keep our conversation in private slightsmile emoticon
How are you doing

I’m fine. How are you?
meh but I’ll survive like I always have.
missed you lately
Yeah, that’s how itgoes. I haven’t been around lately.
how come? everything okay?
Oh yeah, just been stressed out.
hugs sowwy. anything I can do to help
Nah. It will always work itself out with the help of God.
true a good fire and smores helps too
Yeah, maybe.
ut oh must be more serious than you telling me…. when a camp fire and smores doesnt get a smile
To much life sometimes.
I know that feeling

07/15/2013 2:05AM

I have a question for you. Would you be interested in meeting a friend of mine that is just down the road from you? She has no friends in Alabama

07/15/2013 4:07AM

Yeah, sure. No problem.

thanks doll grin emoticon Ill suggest friends for both of you then

how are you doing?

I’m doing good. How about you?
meh… but Ill survive what you been up to?
Just school and stuff. Staying busy. Haven’t been on much.
Ive noticed lol. missed you hows school
It’s good. It keeps me pretty busy though. Yeah, haven’t had much outside communication. This girl….is she from DH? She looks familiar
I met her through DH yes….she’s catchmeagain on there. She doesnt post much though. You may have seen me mention Becca and I think you and I even talked about her being just down the road before
Oh okay.
She doesnt know our history or anything about you. I jus figured maybe the two of you could talk and maybe become friends. Figuredit could be good for both of you since you are so close
Yeah. I don’t really have friends around here so it could be good.
you two have a lot in common so I think it will be a good friendship
and I love both of you to pieces
That’s cool. I will talk with her.
love the blog btw
Oh….lol. It’s interesting.
it is. makes for an interesting theory for sure. and yes you do have one faithful reader
I never said that I write the blog….lol
no? I guess I should read closer
I’m not saying that I don’t either. But if I did, I wouldn’t want people to know it was me right away. lol. But feel free to share the link. lol.

I wouldnt tell anyone who the writer is slightsmile emoticon

but I was right wasn’t I? I know you wink emoticon heck wanted to marry you

lol…yeah but your the only one who knows it is me. If noone knows who the writer is then it gives you more freedom. I want people to read it, if they want but I want that freedom to say whatever I feel I need to say.
I can completely understand that. I promise not to say a word. I knew the first post but like I said you and I have a deeper connection than most
Yes, that is true. Please, share the link..although I have to do an update..but thanks for not saying exactly who I am.
no thanks needed gorgeous. and I will share. Just have to do it so that no one picks up on me knowing who the author is
It wouldn’t be a big deal if you said you knew the author but then again, people might ask who it is.
thats what Im concerned about. You know me as well as I know you. Im too much of an open book sometimes
Eventually I will probably come clean, just not now.
there is something to be said for anonymity. some times wish I could just fade away in the shadows
Why don’t you start a blog. Its good to have an outlet.
maybe… Ive tried photo blogs before… but my inspiration is too closely tied to my heart. one of these days I’ll learn not to let it out there
I don’t know…we are who we are and that is hard to disguise most of the time
yeah…but I seriously need to learn otherwise hr wouldnt keep teaching me more and more panful lessons
The only way not to get hurt is never to get involved. That is the only sure fire way. Otherwise, it’s a risk you have to take.
maybe thats what I need then…no more risk
That’s what I do. I’m actually fine being single though. It’s not for everyone.
that cabin in alaska is lookin better every day
Ha!! My brother and I were joking the other day about moving to Alaska. I am getting to where with my hormones and meds, I just can not handle the heat anymore.

well there is a cure for the hormones tongue emoticon

I hate the heat but Ive done the -40 too

Yeah but the meds work for me and so I have to deal with the heat. I don’t mind some cold. It can be 40 degress and I have the fan on me. I don’t know about sub temps though
remember how hot I am? yeah -40 is brutal and I used to do my wildlife photography in that
PS the other cure is more fun than meds though LOL
I don’t think you understand the severity of my issue to overheating. lol
LOL that is what a/c is for I do remember though
I know. I have to keep my window unit on 68 and only air the front room, kitchen and living room. Everything else is blocked off so it stays cool enough in here.

try putting cat litter in buckets around the rooms. Itll draw the moister out and help get it cooler

still say my cure is better than meds and Im gonna get you to laugh f it kills me tongue emoticon

Oh I did laugh.
Never heard the cat litter thing

grin emoticon

glad I can still make you laugh. That helps more than you know

I just learned the cat litter thing last month and with all this rain it has helped a lot

hmmm…..I’ll try it out.
you should. Itll take a few days before you notice with all the moister in the air but it will help.
Sounds good. I appreciate the tip
anything for you
I can’t believe it is nearly five am
I keep forgtting you are an hour behind. lol reminds me of when we first me
yup 17 hr phone calls and all
lol yep
still love you gotta go for now though…trip down memory lane isnt the best for me at the moment, ttys
take care

08/05/2013 1:25AM

any plans for today?
I have a lot to do today to get ready for the trip to six flags Tuesday.
ahhhh Cool you are still gonna be able to do the trip awesome….
dang though just a few days later and we’d be with in a few minutes of each other
Yeah, that’s true. The kids have been looking forward to it all summer.
I bet they have. You guys will have a blast. I guess I better let you get going you are gonna have a long couple of days. love ya. sweet dreams
Alright. GOodnight

08/12/2013 1:07AM

hi how are you

08/18/2013 1:49AM

hi gorgeous, how are you
I’m on my way to bed but I am doing good. How are you doing?
Sweet dreams then grin emoticon
Im meh but it is what iti is
I hear ya. Good night.
good night

09/28/2013 4:58PM

Ill find out by end of the week if I got a job in Atlanta
Cool. I’m moving to North Carolina.
oh yeah? Cool. which part?
oh very cool that is a beutiful area and not far from ATL relativly
Yeah, can’t wait. I’d be there today if I could. Its so much cooler there and the mountains and we’ll be close to the reservation. I’m excited.
yay!!! Im excited for you. When are you thinking you will move
I hope by December. I should get my money in November.
awesome. Christmas in the Ashville/franklin area is wow…Im jealous lol
I wish I could take a loan out on that money and get moved now. I have gone through so much depression and stuff that my therapist says I have to get out of here and the sooner the better so I don’t fall back to where I was a month ago. I just hope I get out of here intime.
Yes, it is.
You will….no more depression for you… you know Im here if you ever need an ear or just a goofy guy to laugh at. I think I gave you my number but I can gove that to you again if you want. I mean it when I say Im here for anything for you
No, I don’t remember you giving me your number. Do you know anyone in that area?
No one off the top of my head. 803-571-9702
Oh, okay. You talked about it like you knew it well. lol
I used to go there and thru there a good bit. life of an OTR trucker. I got to see almost all of the country but that area is one of my favorites
Oh okay. We have been looking online and can’t find anything to rent. Is it an expensive little town or what?
I dont know about the living (ie renting) but it is a little off the beaten path so I would think it isnt too bad. Definatey cheaper than Ashville and less touristy. Id tink you good place for not too much . I can look into it if you want
Yeah, if you have time that would be great. Thank you.
I will…anything for you. I just checked the cost of a new house in the area and a good size house new is around 149k so rent should be on the lower side. Ill keep checking
Great, thank you so much. My whole family that is here is moving. There are 12 of us all together that are moving (not living together, lol) so we have been looking but now I’m sick and my aunt Karen is sick and nobody else knows what to really look for.
hugs….give me today and I should have some information for you. One thing that might be a negative. It is a very small community. Work might be hard to come by but Ill check that out too
Okay, great. Thank you, again.
slightsmile emoticon yw

09/28/2013 10:16PM

As of 2012, Franklin’s population is 3,845 people. Since 2000, it has had a population growth of 8.06 percent.

The median home cost in Franklin is $109,200. Home appreciation the last year has been -1.34 percent.

Compared to the rest of the country, Franklin’s cost of living is 6.00% Lower than the U.S. average.

Franklin public schools spend $4,675 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $5,691. There are about 14.8 students per teacher in Franklin.

The unemployment rate in Franklin is 10.30 percent(U.S. avg. is 8.60%). Recent job growth is Positive. Franklin jobs have Increased by 2.98

GasThe price of gas in Franklin, NC is $3.65.The price of gas in Franklin is 0.8% higher than the national average.Kodiak, AK is the most expensive city for gas at $4.55 per gallon.Augusta, GA is the least expensive city for gas at $3.11 per gallon.
Walhalla, SC which is 30 miles from franklin may be a better choice
Housing & Utilities
Item Franklin, NC Walhalla, SC Walhalla, SC
Apt Rent $825.33 $698.00 15.4%
Home Insurance $1,096.85 $763.73 30.4%
Electrical Bill $101.38 $82.72 18.4%
Total Energy $188.56 $149.95 20.5%
Phone $29.95 $31.01 3.5%
Gasoline $3.65 $3.35 8.3%
Dentist $89.86 $83.33 7.3%
Haircut $14.50 $12.00 17.2%
Movie $9.67 $8.25 14.7%

09/30/2013 10:02PM

I think I lost a friend…and my heart was broken
You lost a friend? What happened?
it’s a long story but the short of it is that I love her. She is falling for a smooth talking player
Ouch. I know it hurts but it’s just not meant to be…..but maybe it’s just not meant to be right now. That’s no reason to lose a friend though.
I deleted DH because I couldnt watch it… I didnt say anything to either of them. She hasnt said a word to me since
You must have said something if she stopped talking to you. Which one is it? Rebecca or …dang, I forgot her name! Ken, you fall to hard, to fast. That is a good thing because you are not afraid to put your heart out there but it’s also bad. You have to look at it this way, when it’s right, it will happen. Meanwhile, if you are saying things to her that are negative about her ‘friend’ then yeah, that will cause big problems…even if you are right and know the truth. People have to find out for themselves.
No I didnt say a word about him. I knew if I did she would think I was jealous.
I dont call a year falling too fast
Then what made her stop talking to you? There had to be a reason.
I dont know.
No, but that is not standard for you. I watched you on DH. You get attached very quickly.
I must have done something I just dont know what
I got attached to you quickly
As far as Amy goes, you have to let go. If she made it clear that you two are just friends, then you have to accept that or lose her for good. I will meditate on that because I have had mixed feelings about that but I never actually meditated on it.
Truthfully, I don’t know if I can do it when I am sick though, lol. I won’t know until I try. If my cousin didn’t have so much going on I would get her to do it but she’s swamped.
just acknowledging that I have to bury and let go
I’ll let you know after I meditate on it what to do for sure. For now, just be her friend.
that may not be in my hands anymore
True, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t come back. Why did you two break up? I need a little info so I can clearly meditate on you two. I know you have pics of her still on your profile, right?
I do… We never really officially dated or broke up… It has been an in between…thats the only way I can describe it
Okay, I got it. I have to find her picture now. I make no promises about being able to do this while I am sick, lol. I will try my best though.
I meditated at night while I’m lying down, so that will be within the hour. So, I’ll let you know tomorrow what I see.
Anything important that I should know besides how much you love her?
like what? She has Muscular Encephalitis. I will know by the end of the week if I have a job in Kennesaw. Things like that?
Yeah, things like that. Where does she live?
She lives in Canton, GA (essentially a few minutes from Kennesaw)
I cant think of anything else but I dont know
She is talking to Shanerock (from DH) I know you know him
Okay, good. I got it. My cousin is so much better at this than me, but she has to much on her plate to ask her. Besides, practice is good for me. I haven’t been wrong yet. (knock on wood) lol
shanerock? No, I don’t think so
okay you may not remember posting with him. What ever the results let me know
I am not interested in dating so I don’t really pay much attention to them, even when I am posting with them. Don’t worry, I will let you know tomorrow.
who is she on dh
I’m trying to find them so I can see if I remember him, lol, just for the hell of it.
search michael (sp) Shane on here or shanerock72 on DH
Amy is in many pictures on on fb
I found the pic I need. I was just looking for her on dh.
Okay. I’ll have to look at that tomorrow. Dh is giving me a headache just looking at it tonight. I’m just really sick.
dont do it if it is giving you a headache
its my problem anyway
I mean Dh. I can do what I need to do without Dh, I was just gonna look and see the vibe. No big deal.
oh ok
I will get with you tomorrow. I’m gonna finish talking to Marsha real quick and go to bed.
Good night
sweet dreams
You too. Good night

10/01/2013 10:59AM

Good morning How are you feeling
Ugh. Still to early. I always feel the worst in the morning. Just waking up. I’ll talk to you in a little while.

10/01/2013 11:24PM

Sorry. Long day. I wasn’t able to do it last night. I got a call and had an emergency that I had to pray about. I am doing your meditation tonight. Sorry about that.
Its okay. Hope eveerything is okay
Yes, it is now. Intense and sincere prayers were heard and things concluded positively.
Glad tp hear that
Thank you.

10/02/2013 3:52PM

Moving to atlanta ovr the next two weeks

10/03/2013 12:39AM

how are you feeling today?
So-so. How are you?
hugs…so so is an improvement right?
Im…kinda so so myself
Yeah, better than yesterday. Why is that?
exceited about the move and kinda down that Ill be close to amy with her mad at me.
She’ll get over it. Do you have a place already?
no I dont. I have a lot to do over the next two weeks and that is right at the top. you sure she’ll get over it? Im not
Yes, I am sure she will get over it. Right now, that is about all I can tell you. I think because of the medicine I have to take to get over this crap I have. Being sick, plus the meds, I think is keeping me from being clear. I will keep on until I get it right.
I appreciate it but get healthy.
I’m working on it, lol. Well, I am off to bed. Have a great night.
sweet dreams

10/07/2013 8:31PM

Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon | EUTimes.net
A highly troubling “urgent bulletin” issued earlier today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) states that it has received information from the Mai
It might be about time to defend this country.

10/08/2013 7:55PM

I believe you are right

10/08/2013 9:13PM

Do you have any service buddies you still talk too? My friend is wondering if any of our military has anything planned for the weekend. She thinks that there is going to be a lot of trouble this weekend.
I have a few that I am still in contact with but havent had a chance to talk to any of them in several days. Ive been buried in moving but I will send a few emails tonight.
Great. Thank you so much
of course slightsmile emoticon
did you get a chance to do that thing we talked about last week?
I haven’t tried in a couple nights because I was having no luck. I figured being sick and the meds…had everything to do with it. I am not taking the meds anymore and feeling mostly better so I will try again tonight and sometimes it takes a couple nights. Depending.
okay. Thank you I do appreciate it and glad that you are feeling better
I wont be that far away from you after friday so maybe one weekend before you move we can get together
I’m looking for a cheap camper right now. My money will be here in two weeks, give or take. If you see any let me know because I will be in Atlanta next weekend.
I certainly will and if you are going to be in ATL next weekend then perhaps we can get together then
I’m taking the kids to six flags. We will be spending most all of our time there. You can grab a ticket and come with us one of those days..friday night, sat or sun…if you want.
I’d buy you a ticket if I could but i am very low on money. Hope I have the gas..lol. Our tickets are already paid for.
I dont have the money either for a ticket but you will be staying there right? Six Flags isnt that far from me so I could drive over and meet you somewhere
Yeah but we will be at six flags mostly. If my cousin doesn’t go with me than on Sunday I get to buy a discount ticket for a friend..that’s only twenty dollars.
I might be able to swing $20 🙂 Let me know and we can play it by ear. Would be really nice to see you
I will know for sure when I get down there friday. I’m pitching a tent in my cousins yard for those three days. lol

LOL camping at its best tongue emoticon and the weather should be good for it too.

Let me know. If that doesnt work out then we’ll figure out something

Okay, sounds good. I’ll let you know.

10/15/2013 3:02PM

Haven’t left yet…just want some one to think I am already gone. Leaving this week though. Can’t afford the 6 flags trip after all because I’m having trouble getting help with towing the camper…so I have to pay a uhaul twice.

10/15/2013 5:35PM

Oh okay i understand.too bad about having to pay uhaul twice. Let me know if you are going to come anywhere close by. I would still like to see you
Okay. I’ll let you know.
Ugh…I need a truck. lol
Lol i can imagine
I had a camper all lined up but she forgot to tell me it didnt have a shower. Now I found one in NC, an hour away from where I’ll be living. Problem is that since the carb isn’t working I have to two it. Robert doesn’t think we can tow it with the little uhaul truck. I’m trying to pay someone $200 to move it for me.
If the uhaul wont tow it then mine wont either and i dont know anyone that has a truck around here. I miss having my f250 sometimes
I don’t really know what size truck would be needed to tow it. I asked the woman who is selling it if she knows someone who will tow it for me for that amount though. Let me send you the link and tell me what size truck I would need, please. I may just get a bigger uhaul.
Actually, I can just tell you because its not on the link. She said it’s 22 foot. The uhaul I was planning to get is the 10 foot truck.
22 footer…hmmm yeah a 10 foot isnt big enough you would need at least a 3/4 ton to safely pull that so in uhaul terms a 20 foot or bigger. You could use a smaller truck on flat ground but not in the hills just wouldnt be safe.
Okay, thanks. Let me go take a look at those

10/19/2013 1:18PM

how are you feeling to day sweetie
Much better. I think it was because I had forgotten to take my medicine. I’m on to many, I forgot occasionally.
I know that feeling. frown emoticon Glad you are feeling better. when are you heading out?
2 am
oh okay. which way are you going?
Oh yeah..lol…Let me pull the map up real quick.
okay slightsmile emoticon
Taking twenty to Atlanta to 75 to 23 in Cherokee
Do you know a better way?
I have to leave my van because I have no way to tow it and I’m gonna have no transportation for 5 months. That is gonna suck so bad.

That is going to suck. frown emoticon maybe in a few weeks I can come get you after I get a couple pay checks in so it wont be as long.

no that is the best way 20 to 75/85 to 85 to 985 to 23 but it isnt close enough frown emoticon dang it

Come get me? Or come get my van?
Come get you and take you to get your van. Like I said it will be a few weeks. I got to get past the bills at the first of the month then I can do it
How much do you think it will cost?
its 400 miles ish to come get you and take you to Alabama so that is one tank of gas and then Ill have to fill up to get back home so two tanks of gas plus food so a little over a hundred dollars
Yeah. Are you gonna be busy tonight and tomorrow?
I have nothing going on tonight and just church tomorrow
I was gonna say that I could pay you gas to come here to Alabama and go up with us and pay you gas back. It would save so much because we wouldn’t be back tracking.
Okay I could do that but how are we going to get the van and my truck?
What do you mean?
you haveno way to tow the van right? or am I missing something
Well, how much gas money would I have to pay you? (Yeah, I just got what you mean. We are towing a camper with the uhaul and can’t tow the van. I will probably have to buy a dolly but I’m checking to see if I can actually afford that…so how much gas will the truck need to go back and forth?)
Do you have a ball on the truck?

towing the van will probably take a tank thats around $50 then another tank plus Ill have to have gas for work but we can work that part out

I do have a ball both 1 7/8 and 2″

let me go check the mail and see if my check came…brb
Yeah, I could pay you gas for the trip up and back. Robert thinks he saw a thing at Wal Mart that we might could use and if it’s cheaper then we see if would could afford that and not the dolly. Okay, I’ll be here.
okay back it didnt come.
I need your address and phone number
30 Mclean Dr #44 oxford al 256-282-7764
okay I’ll be there in a little over two hours. I have to change and throw some clothes in a bag
Ill call when I leave
Whoa…I have to make sure I can afford it first. So how much will you need exactly from me, because I also have to buy something for towing the van. And we are not leaving until about 2 in the morning, just so you know.
okay, sorry I’ll need atleast a 100 lets say 125 to be safe if you can afford it
Okay. Sounds good. Robert is going to walmart now to look at the piece he saw yesterday and hope it will work. If not then 60 bucks for a stupid uhaul tow dolly.
okay do you want me to come on or wait till he gets back?
If you want to then you can but like I said, we are not leaving until about around 2 am. The reason for that is because two of the boys have to ride in the back of the uhaul (shhh) and we don’t want to drive in the heat with them back there.
okay well I’ll head on that way in a few minutes that way I might get a short nap in
see you in a couple hours
Okay. My house is a disaster because of all the sorting through stuff. You can take a nap though, we’ll put you someplace. lol

10/20/2013 4:12PM

I am home. It was gpod to see you

10/21/2013 9:36PM

THank you so much. It was great to see you also. How was your first day on the new job?
You are very welcome and it was good to see you slightsmile emoticon
First day was good. I didnt really do to much though. A lot of watching
Well, I’m glad it was a good day still.
It was. and I am tired probably gonna turn in shortly
I understand that. I hope you sleep well and have a great day tomorrow.
thank you sweet dreams to you too
thank yoy

10/26/2013 11:45AM

Hey how are you
good. been a long week and enjoying some down time. going to a dh Halloween party tonight.
What you up to
watching tv, relaxing
slightsmile emoticon. How’s nc treating you
Good. I hate not having transportation but doing well
glad that you are doing good

11/27/2013 7:39PM

if eye color is a reflection of life….and life is reflected in the eyes then Im gonna become a hermit
No, you won’t. I don’t see that for you. You are going to marry! I just can’t pinpoint who or even when yet. That’s why I haven’t said anything.
It sure doesnt seem very likely from where I sit. What have you seen
I see that you will be married. I’ve seen you with her….but only her silhouette. I can’t see who she is. I guess I’m not supposed to yet. I see you married to her and at some kind of music thing…maybe a concert but it’s outdoors and in the evening.
music thing? are you sure?
I am positive.
okay, well there is only one person that I talk about music with…I dont want to get hopes hope for that though
I don’t know who she is or what she looks like yet. I can only think that it’s that I am not supposed to know yet. You may not have even met her yet. I really don’t know.
maybe not…just wonder sometimes if I am meant to even find this person.
You are, and you will. I was worried about that too for awhile because I couldn’t pick up on anything for you. I dropped Amy out of the equation and began focusing on you and then I began to get information.
Then it’s not Amy then. She’s the only one I tlalk a lot about music with
I don’t want to say it’s not for sure. I really don’t think so though. Still, it could be. Whoever this woman is….you will be happier with her than you have even been with anyone in your entire life.
I m not doubting you that just seems so foriegn to me right now though. Not sure I even remember what happiness is
It always does. 5 years before you had your first child…could you ever imagine how much you could love her? See?

12/03/2013 6:53PM

I’m sorry that I had to unfriend you. I am unfriending everyone who is friends with Jodie. It’s not you.
I will unfriend her. All you had to do was say something. I dont talk to her and dont trust her.
Yeah, she is starting problems with me. Her brother is now threatening my life. I just had to get rid of ALL of that family. I didn’t want to ask you to remove her. But I’m glad you are.
What? Not that again. What is she doing and what is her problem You know she means nothing to me and you mean a lot to me. That didnt even require a thought.
Thank you, I appreciate it. She’s telling those lies again. Stabbing me in the back. She told her brother a bunch of lies and he’s threatening to kill me. I’m tired of giving her second chances in my life. I’m done with her and that families nonsense.
Stay as far away from them as you can. Good grief. I guess she isnt happyunless she is ruinging something for someone. I’ll be honest I wish I had never heard her name. Things might look a lot differnt today. Hugs
I hear ya! It hurts but I guess she’s never going to change. Anyway, moving to Waycross, Ga for a while.
oh yeah? when you movin?
In a couple days. My dad is trying to rent us a vehicle big enough to pull the camper there.
cool. Your dad live that way?
Yeah, he lives in Waycross.
awesome! well except that you are even further away *sniffle sniffle*
How would I be further away? Im further from you now.
cherokee is actually closer lol. Waycross is closer to where I used to live
I live in Asheville right now.
ahh okay so about the same distance then but you still arent getting closer *sniffle sniffle* tongue emoticon
Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I’d be closer to you now.
no you’ll be almost to Florida
Oh lord. I don’t plan on staying there but a few months anyway.
Well enjoy the time you do spend there. slightsmile emoticon and ummm next time closer to North West GA jst sayin lol
I really, really, really hate Georgia. It’s unlikely that I will ever live there for long. Unless my mind was somehow changed.
hmmmm wonders what it would take to change your mind?
I guess the right situation. Maybe if I found a place that I liked or the right person there…I don’t know. I haven’t lived in Ga since 1992. Lots of awful memories
Hugs I know. I remember You never know what the future holds though.
That’s right. That’s why I try to keep an open mind.
grin emoticon thats the best way to be. unlike me. Im closing off to everyone but a very select few these days
I hear ya.
sucks when your head and heart are at odds so Ive decided its best for me to do that
I don’t let my heart get involved in anything. It’s easier that way.
yeah tell me about it…not that I have much of one left
Sure you do. It’s just walled in right now.
cut out and burried alla Davey Jones
I can relate to that.
It is dang near impossible to get to my heart.
that I understand. that is why I cut it out instead of building a wall. wall seem to not work
Well, mine does. It’s not really a wall, just not interested in that kind of thing anymore.
until someone sneaks past the guards
Yeah, maybe.
well Im gonna go eat and go to bed 3 am comes early
Yes, it does. Good night.
night slightsmile emoticon

01/30/2014 10:00PM

How are you
I’m doing great. How are you?
Physically fine lol
What ya been up to
That’s a good start. I know, your heart is a different story. I have been staying busy with family, school..that kind of thing.
Yeah don’t have one left.
Glad you are doing well
Sure you do. It just needs healing
I dont know if it can
Of course it can. But you have to help it along. If you don’t move forward and stop dwelling then it can’t heal. You have to move towards something else, love.
Im lost…I dont know what direction that is
Away from the one you can’t have and make room for the one who does. You can’t Mrs Right if you won’t give up Mrs. Wrong, hun.
Im trying…..
Letting go is hard. I know that. Do whatever you have to do to let go and move on.
I did something way out of chaacter last week and that just made me feel worse
What do you mean?
went out to shoot pool…. (by myself) didnt come home alone (didnt intend to do that wither)
I don’t like one night stands but I’ve had a couple in my lifetime. It’s something that happens. If that’s what it takes for you to move forward, so be it. Don’t beat yourself up about it.
you know that is so not me to do anything like that
I get that but it happens. Sometimes it helps in moving on. Don’t sweat it. Maybe you’ll come across her again. Maybe it was just a stepping stone, who knows.
Then why was the only thing on y mind Amy the entire time? Im such an idiot
Look, I’m your friend so I’m gonna lay it out straight for you. If Amy does not want you then you have to put her behind you. Distance yourself from her or you will never move on. If there is a chance, thats one thing. If there isn’t then you must let her go or forever continue in pain and lonlieness.
youre right
No other woman will be able to get close to you as long as Amy is in your mind and heart. Neither will they want to. No woman will take second place to another woman. So, you must get over that chapter of your life so you can move on to the next and find real happiness with someone.

02/01/2014 3:54PM

got electrocuted yesterday. The beneficiary almost found out they were the beneficiary
Holy Moly. I did the same thing this morning. Wow. Don’t talk like that. Amy wouldn’t want your money from you dying. We love you alive.
I want to be alive just saying how close it was. Im only here by Gods grace that 277 volts didnt go across my chest
I hear ya. I’m so very glad you are alive.
thank you. Im gonna go lay down for now though. Talk to you soon .. hugs and kisses
Alright. Hugs.

02/23/2014 6:53PM

how are you?
I’m fine. How are you?
okay. had a mini stroke friday night
Oh my goodness. How are you feeling?
like a csx train ran over me three times
Bless your heart. I’m sorry to hear that.
it’s okay it’s still a better feeling than the broken heart
I hear that.
what are you up to
Just having a bad pain day.
hugs I sowwy
anytime darlin…luvs ya
You too

07/06/2014 1:20PM

Hi. How you been
Mostly good. Have had some setbacks but we are good. How about you?
Hugs. I survive the Rollercoaster that is my life. Miss you
I know that feeling. Things have calmed down a lot since I got away from a bunch of people but I lost Jack a few days ago and that hurts. Otherwise, things are good here.
I know jack jack meant the world to you. Glad to hear that otherwise all is good. I’m single again so I’ve been on here a little more
Yeah. Who was it, by the way?
Hannah (she is on my friends list) Said she just wants to go back to being just friends for now.
I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie.
Story of my life. .used to it now
Yeah, it sucks. I don’t do it anymore and my life is better for it.’
I have gotten really busy in my life so Idon’t even have time to do it or even think about it. lol. I work 10 hours a day Monday through Friday and then I run some facebook fan pages and groups. I stay really busy.
Where are you working? Heck I don’t even know where you are living
I am currently in WayCross, Ga. I babysit my 8 week old niece because my sister has gone back to work. I go up to her place and work from 6 to 4 everyday.
That is very cool. I’m installing Directv these days but maybe one day I can come visit
Sure. Anytime.We have Dish…no hating.
Lol none from me. The guy I sub to also sells dish and Excell and hugs net
Hughs net is ridiculously expensive!! We had to get Dish just to get internet out here.
Yeah it is. So is my Verizon but it’s the only Internet I have these days. I don’t even have tv
Well, we got tv to get internet. I have a Verizon Jet pack but it’s so damn expensive too.
Yeah that is what I have.
Yeah, and we had to many people using internet and playing their games so we go through it to fast.
Speaking of my new phone number is 770 670 8361
Okay. Mine is 912 276 1293. Corey has it sometimes but usually I do.
Okay. Mind if I call in a few mins
I can’t talk right now. You could try me this evening though. I am super busy right now working on these new layouts and must have them finished by tonight.
Okay. I will try you tonight then need to get of before I use all my data
Okay hun.

08/05/2014 11:59PM

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

08/06/2014 5:31PM

Thank you

10/19/2014 8:13PM

how have you been

01/13/2015 7:43PM

If you ever get up this way, you should come visit me.
I would love to. Miss you. Right now I have to find a roof first
How are you
Well, I could be better. Okay, I’m not doing well. What do you mean a roof?
what do you mean not doing well
me…I am sorta…..ummmmm homeless
Physically and mentally. I came really close to taking my life in September. I am getting there but it’s hard. I might go inpatient if I don’t get better real soon.
I have a room you can have but it’s a long way from you.
hugs….what happened?
funding is a problem too…no job and the PD is getting worse
Just finally had a meltdown. All the stress and crap from the last few years just came to a head.
Can’t you get disability?
trying but lengthy process ie could take years
I can’t help you with money, love, but I really do have a room for you if you need it.
Yeah, unless you go through a lawyer which is what I am about to do.
Why not stay with your mom?
I may take you up on it if I have no other avenue…
would have to get there…and there are other reasons
Other reasons? Why are you homeless?
no job…no money no place to stat…have a hotel this week thanks to Rockdale Emergency Relief…trying to get into a shelter/care program
be baack in a little bit
I’m sorry, hun. Okay, I’ll talk to you when you get back. I tend to go to bed early these days so If I am not on, I will talk to you tomorrow. I hate you are going through this. I will help in any way that I can.

01/16/2015 3:50PM

Can’t you stay with your mom?
not at the moment
Oh. What’s really going on, love? I’m worried about you.
Im okay. Mom moved in with sister
Oh, I see. You are a great person and you don’t deserve this. If you can’t find a place to live then figure out how to get here and take the room I have available. I know money and job is a problem but you can contribute in other ways around the house. I’m here for you. You were always there for me.
I’ll let you know. for this week I have a hotel room thanks to a relief agency

03/18/2015 5:04PM

Want to make about $300? I you still have the truck, that is. I might be able to give you an extra hundred depending on gas.

03/20/2015 12:19PM

tell me more about it i could use the money for sure
I need someone to go to Illinois pick up Tyler Nick Robert in my camper and bring it down to Lake Wales Florida
when do you need me to do it. i cant this weekend but i can during the week
That’s fine it does not have to be this weekend
okay where at in illinois are they….404-934-7165 that is April’s phone number. I still dont have a phone at the moment
we can definately do it for you
Oconee Illinois by Pana
That’s really great I appreciate it so much
it’s no problem hun
Let me know what day is best for you. And do you need gas money to get to Illinois or can you get to Illinois and then get gas money?
I can get to Il we can leave here monday
Okay that sounds good. I’m on the run right now got doctors appointment for the girls so let me get back to you later thank you again
ok it’s no problem hun

03/20/2015 2:12PM

Can you please get in touch with us at 04-934-7165 about heading out first thing Monday morning.
Let me call you when I get home because I’m at Walmart right now
Okay that would be fine. Thanks.

03/20/2015 6:49PM

Sorry hun had to get home and then get supper done I just sat down. for directions I’m going to have to give you Tyler’s number and probably when you get there you’re going to have to call him and he’ll have to meet you down the road somewhere which probably about 2 miles 3 miles because it’s really hard to find and GPS won’t will not pick it up
I will call you as soon as I can I promise
Okay sounds good. Thanks.

03/21/2015 6:47PM

Could we please get your sons number? We were planning on leaving early on Monday morning. 404-934-7165 Thank you.
Shoot. Im sorry. Been running like crazy. 256 294 8219. Thats Tyler’s number. He knows you will be calling.

03/21/2015 8:44PM

Are you planning to get up there spend the night and leave out Tuesday morning or what it what were you planning to do

03/22/2015 8:17AM

Are they going to have to ride in the camper?

03/22/2015 5:04PM

I’m planning to leave tomorrow from there arrive in FL tuesday. I’ll either take a nap there or stop and grab a nap along the way

03/23/2015 5:54AM

Less than 10 miles from cub, momma bear slightsmile emoticon will have them home soon

03/23/2015 9:16AM

Ok thank you keep me updated

03/23/2015 3:16PM

We have been here for a while now. We are about to head out. I tried talking Tyler into coming. See you by this time tomorrow atleast depending upon Kens sleep.
Y’all be careful and take it easy. Tyler will have to sleep in the bed he’s making. I’m really upset about it.

03/23/2015 5:33PM

We tried to convince him. See you soon

03/25/2015 3:13AM

I am so so sorry

03/25/2015 8:37AM

How are you doing hun? Things like this they do happen sometimes. its ok. at least you all are safe
I still feel like a Train wreck but doing better. Just so thankful Robert, Nick and April werent hurt
Yeah that’s true. Did they find out what’s wrong with you
They found a spot on my spine but attributed yesterday to my parkinsons and the bump on my head causing a bod “reset” but I have to follow up with a nureologist about the spot on my spine and I am on a cath right now so have to follow up with a urologist.
Well I hope they can get you all straightened out
Ill get there. when will Nick and Robert be there? I made Nick call you I knew you would want to hear his voice
They are in Orlando right now we’re about to leave to go get on because the bus from Orlando to Lakeland doesn’t get there until 1 this afternoon
and yes I was glad to hear the voices
glad to hear they are there and you are going to et them. love you
Love you too honey and you get better

04/01/2015 9:07PM

how are you?
I am okay. How are you?
healing slowly…waiting for follow up with general surgeon urology and nuerology. how’s robert and nick
They are okay. Nick is having back trouble and Robert has what feels like torn muscles under where that big bruise under his arm was. But I am taking them to the ER in the next day or so to have them checked out.
oh no frown emoticon I am so sorry. keep me posted
I will hun. What is going on with your truck? Have you gotten it?
no not yet.I think it was totalled. but have to call tomorrow
I’m going up there to get my stuff soon and I hope I can get into the truck to get my meds.
You should be able too. I hope. Im sorry they got forgotten. they shoulld be in the glovebox
Its not your fault they were forgotten. You all were far more important.
I just feel horrible that it happened though
Well, stuff happens. You are all alive and that’s the only thing that matters.
thank you I’m more happy Robert Nick and April are alive
God was with you all.
I have no doubt. I saw a bright warm light no one else seems to have seen
going to sign off for now. will check back with you soon
Good night hun

04/27/2015 8:28PM

hey just wanted to check on you and see how everyone is

05/15/2015 9:21AM

Okay I guess. ust having problems with my depression and stuff

05/15/2015 1:35PM

hugs I can relate you have my number if you want or need to talk to me

05/15/2015 3:34PM

Okay. Thanks. How are you? Have you heard anything from the twoi
towing company?

05/16/2015 12:23PM

I’m still hurting but learning to live with the pain. I have not heard anything from the towing company

06/15/2015 4:27PM

I know we havent talked lately but we are homeless now and the internet here sucks bad.
hugs I am sorry to hear that. I still feel extremely aweful about what happened. what can I do
I know you do hun. I don’t guess there is anything you can do. I was hoping that we might get some money from the semi company that hit our camper so we could have a home again. I can’t sue because I have no pictures or anything. Unless you became a millionaire recently and can give me a loan there isn’t anything you can do hun. LOL
LOL I wish. The Semi Company is sueing me. not counting your camper and my truck Im already looking at $80,000 in bills
Sueing you? Explain that.
Don’t worry I wouldn’t sue you.
everything was written up as being my fault by the state trooper. so they are suing me for damages
thank you sweety but I still feel terrible about it
Oh, because you fell asleep at the wheel?
Still, the semi company should have no complaint. They did more damage to the camper and probably have no damage to the semi.
I didn’t fall asleep is the thing. there was another semi that caused me to loose control
Did you tell them that?
yes I told the trooper exactly what happened but he wrote down the lie from the driver of the van which the van rental com[pany is also suing me. he said he was two car lengths behind me and I ran off the road. not even close to what happened and had that been the case he would have been the one to hit the camper. I can still feel the heat of the exhaust from the semi that did hit the camper. and if the van had been that close I don’t want to think about what would have happened to Robert and Nick
Yeah, me either. Some people just see an opportunity and jump to get something
yeah. I have no idea how to contest a police report.
I would start with calling the Captain over his department
I could hear everything and everyone and feel everything just couldn’t move or talk….once I could I wanted to see Robert and Nick with my own eyes.
I am waiting for a response from the captain. Obama phones suck
They were bumped around and bruised but they were fine. We might have a problem though with Nicks back..we are waiting to see.
I have an obama phone..so I know. lol
Lord I hope Nick’s back is okay. I prayed I was the only one hurt
He has some bones out of place in his spine. He is going to see the chiro first and if that doesn’t do it, he may have to wear a brace the rest of his life or we can try surgery….but we are not their yet. But I guess the reason I don’t fault you is because you are my dear friend, whom I love, and I know it was an accident and Nick is alive…no matter what happens with his back..he is alive.
I love you too and still think of the boys as my own
I know. So just remember…everyone lived and thats the most important part.
I know. I thank God for that every day

07/13/2015 7:51PM

Hey, do me a favor. Get April to get on your profile and flirt with me. lol. Long story
I odn’t want to ask you to do it because April might get upset and I don’t want that.

07/13/2015 9:54PM

just put some flirty stuff on my posts would be fine. I’ll explain later. Amy will get it once I explain it. lol

07/14/2015 6:47PM

okay just got mail
okay so what’s up

07/15/2015 9:27AM

There is this guy I like, he claims to like me too but he’s taking me for granted thinking I am going to sit here waiting for him. He’s giving me whiplash with the way he acts everyday. One day he’s liking me and the next day he’s indifferent. I’m tired of it. I need him to think that I have other options if he don’t get his crap straight. I don’t trust anyone else to ask for help because they might take it wrong or take it way to far. I appreciate your help. He needs to get with it or get away. You know?

07/15/2015 9:40PM

I understand that completely. I will help anyway I can. but I will give my .02 cents cause I do still love you. If he doesnt get it together and get it together soon drop him like a hot tatter cause I dont want to see you get hurt. grin emoticon

07/16/2015 7:40AM

Oh, I will. I’ll play his game for a minute or two but if he doesn’t get his crap together very quickly then I will bounce him. slightsmile emoticon

07/16/2015 4:14PM

okay, I don’t want to have to bring my shelalie down there after him slightsmile emoticon and you know
I will
LOL. Yes, I know you will. No, I’m trying to show him he’d better step up or step off.
Okay, well just let me know if I need to step up the flirting
I sure will and I appreciate it. Sometimes it takes another man to make a man see better. lol
some times a man is just STUPID. all I gots to say about that wink emoticon And some times he’s just in the wrong place
Hugs. Yeah, true. How is Amy?
Hugs. Still think about it. I haven’t spoken to Amy in a while. Didn’t appreciate the way she turned her back on me and April
I meant April. I’m sorry. We have a girl named Amy here and I guess I was thinking of here. I still think about it too. How is April?
She’s doing good.
Well he better get his act together. I’ll be watching slightsmile emoticon
Awesome. I’m glad ya’ll are doing good. Thanks for your help …his name is, ironically, Ken. LMAO
LOL that is funny. Well atleast you know THIS Ken <—- Loves you
LOL..Yes, and I love you too.

08/23/2015 8:38PM

How are you? How is April?
She is doing good. Im having good and bad days. I hate PD lol. How are you sweetie? Miss you
Miserable, really. Putting up a good front. My godmother is in ICU and not going to make it much longer and (if you can believe it from me) kinda lonely. Ive always loved being alone but there is just that missing void showing up. Makes me mad. lol
Hugs, darlin. I actually kinda understand. Life is much better when someone truly understands you. I miss having that.
Yeah, that is true. I just have been determined to stay single so I built that wall up so that I didn’t want to deal with any man but now, somehow, that damn wall is falling. Smh. lol
LOL those walls somehow seem to have a way of doing that. Just like nostalgia has a way of creeping in wink emoticon
Yeah, no kidding. I’m here and my whole childhood is all around me. I found myself looking up people that I had left behind. Being here is really doing something to me. I can’t wait to get back home.
I can imagine. Still feeling really badly about what happened.
and still wondering what could have been from time to time
Don’t worry about that. It wasn’t your fault. And yeah, me too.
I have to give up the computer for a little while. hopefully will see you on later or maybe tomorrow.
Okay, sweetie. Good night

12/30/2015 7:09PM

Hmmmm…what should I ask? LOL

12/30/2015 10:32PM

What do you feel up to asking?
I have no idea. I was just kidding. wink emoticon
How are you doing?
and you
What’s wrong?
And how are you dong?
I’m doing alright. Trying to get things straightened out .
What alll?
The shelter here is closing so we have to find some place to go and a way to get there. Other than that, we are good.
Something is off about you. What’s going on?
Nothing wrong here
Wondering what you wanted to ask
Honestly, I was only joking. I’m sure I can think of something to ask though. Why? Do you have a question?
And you want to ask?
Are you happy?
Are you?
Just asking my question. You have to answer, not ask why. LOL
Is that your question?
I suppose
Yes, I am happy but there is a void in my life.
I suppose I am happy, are you?
You never answered my question.
Void of what in your life? I suppose am happy,
Just a void. Something missing, you know what I mean?
Something as in what dear?
I guess I mean Love. I’m happy being single but there is that open, unfulfilled void there.
I see.
God will take care of it, I’m sure of it. slightsmile emoticon
Are you happy?
I suppose. why though?
You there? Why?
I guess I was just curious if you were happy
Okay. I suppose.
Just don’t settle, you know? Make sure you are happy.
Why are you concerned I am settling?
Oh no, I am not saying you are. I am just saying from experience to make sure you are happy and never settle for less.
Good night

APR 27TH, 11:21AM

What’s going on sweetheart?
Don’t be stubborn talk to me
Remember I love you
April and i broke up. I got tired of her mental abusiveness. Now shes posting and telling everyone that i was abusing her.
You would never abuse anybody and anyone who knows you knows that. I’m so sorry that you guys broke up but then again I’m glad because you don’t deserve to be treated that way
I just reached the point. Where the straw broke the camels back.
That’s good. A bad relationship is just a very bad place to be and yes you know it sucks to be lonely but it’s better not to be abused and disrespected and mistreated because that is no kind of relationship
True. Im just gonna focus on me and church. Thats the worst part. Her trying to shame me into leaving the church by spreafing lies
Well it might become extremely uncomfortable for you to share the same church and no one would blame you if you switch to another church people would understand the important thing is that you don’t leave God and I’m always here for you no matter what
Thank you sweets. I talk to one of the pastors about it yesterday. Im not goong anywhere. They. Dobt want me to leave either. They are considering addong me to staff as director of videography when they have the budget
That is absolutely wonderful.
Thanks. After things settle down i may try to come see you. Budgets gonna be tight for a while though. Just had to buy a vehicle today so i can get to and from
Understand we are strapped ourselves. The shelter closed down and the new owner is trying to throw me out because of my dogs of course if I came up with $139 I could register them as emotional support dog and there wouldn’t be a damn thing he could do but we have to move at the end of the month so it’s just stressful trying to pay the rest of our rent for this month so yeah money is so damn tight I don’t even know what it looks like anymore
I only have floor space available but trust me if ever you need it I’m here for you
I know its tight for you. I would have been sol if it wasnt for mom helping me. Anyway i see she just posted about me again
I’ll block her how are you just for your own sanity baby
If I were a friend of hers on Facebook I would definitely respond to her accusations but I can’t respond another friend
No dobt want you to respond. Im just gonna save everything so if so ething is said i can show all her posts and her blowing up my text and anyone will be abke to see i didnt respond.
I just posted on your Facebook some words of advice remember to do what Jesus would do not to do as others do do not engage in her back biting and lying do not respond to her Jesus would not and you are not to do so
I remibd myself of that about every 5 minutes. She pushes buttons so ijustkeep reminding myself. My phone battery is getting low and i still have a couple hours wait so im going to sign off for a while to save battery. Ill talk to you more later. Thanks for the encouragement
Your welcome and I love you. And when you’re ready I strongly suggest that you block her that way you can be the bigger man and ignore everything she has to say what you don’t know won’t bother you

APR 27TH, 7:11PM

I really can’t believe that she thinks she owns you and can forbid you talking to other people. I loved you before she even knew you and you are one of about 5 people that I would do anything for, always pray for and will always be here for. God does not speak of this kind of behavior when he is guiding us. I love you so much and I am crying for you right now to put up with this. You should never have to deal with this. If it weren’t for Jodie, we would still be together and I am a Christian and I know that this kind of behavior, her behavior, is a sin. Anyone with a Bible can tell you that. I wish you had never got mixed up in her mess.

APR 27TH, 9:47PM

I know hugs and thabk you

APR 27TH, 11:26PM

I just got home from church and then getting a bite to eat. Finally getting a xhancw to read a little. Im sorry. Shes gpne off the deep end with this.
Sorry, drifting off and on. She sounds unstable. Be careful around her.
Yeah. Shes doibg her best woe pittiful me act and people are believing her. The truth will come out in the end.
Yes it will. I can’t believe she doesn’t see how wrong she is putting all her lies and stuff out there like this
In her mind im doing all this to her
Yet she is the one causing all the drama and I can’t believe she thinks God is OK with all this
I know and her sponsor is a friend of mine and on my facebook. I will give her full access if she asks for it but i believe she can see it without anything from me.
Yeah I’m sure she can. I hate this for you. I found it very odd that you’re both listed as single yet she thought that she could tell me I couldn’t talk to you I’m going to tell on you like you’re a child I don’t know but mentally she just seems very unstable
And she listes as single first but that is beither here nor there. I should have seen this sooner and honestly i think i dod and just ignored it
Yeah I’m sure you saw some red flags but you know when we love people we try to ignore the things we don’t want to see
ignoredAnd yes had it not been for jodies interventiob you and i would still. Be together
yes I know we would
And you know me ill take more than most
That’s very true
Well im going to try to get some sleep havent had much last few days. I will talk to you more tomorrow. Love you
Yep me too. I’ll talk to you later love you

MAY 10TH, 10:22PM

So jodi messaged me out of the bkue today. Havent answered her. Just thought is ket you know

MAY 11TH, 9:07AM

Please tell her you don’t know where we are if she asks.

MAY 11TH, 11:46AM

Im not even sure i plan on answering her but would never tell her that if i do
It’s funny that just messages out of the blue but I would like that so I assumed she was fishing for info she may be she may not be who knows
Idk but it came across as strange to me
Yeah me too

MAY 18TH, 1:29PM

Why are. You in conversation. With ken qnd him lying to me and the whole world? Fine. Just. Fine.
Do you know what a certified peer specialist. Is?
I am a studying clinical psychologist yes I know what a peer specialist is and the reason I’m talking to Ken it’s because he’s one of my best friends and he will always have a place in my life it has nothing to do with you

MAY 23RD, 6:28AM

How are things going, hun? You have been in my prayers! Her too, because you both need it but I’m worried about you. How are you doing?
I’m at wits end but I’ll survive
Tired of the crap
Yeah did you see where she hacked into your Facebook and message me?
yeah I saw that….and that she emailed our entire conversation to several people at the church trying to say you and I are having an affair
Well I don’t know if it would help but if anybody at your church wants to talk to me they are more than welcome. I don’t do favors I don’t believe in breaking someone’s relationship and home I just don’t do that. God would not approve and I’d be in big trouble with big man
I tried calling you and I texted you but I didn’t know if she had your phone or not so I didn’t use my name as my middle name which I figured you would recognize
I know. I didn’t get any texts. what number did you send it to
my number is 4703384628
Oh okay
Wells worried about you so I called a couple times the other number no one answered so I text I said hi this is Darlene do I have the right number and no one answered so I didn’t push it further I got the number off your Facebook
yeah that was my number before I was homeless. I went through the other night and updated everything
Okay I got you stored in my card text now that’s good I worry about texting or calling because I don’t know if she’ll have your phone or not so I’ll probably use my name darling if I text or call you or I may just say it’s Nick
And the only reason is that I just don’t want to cause you any more trouble
we are not together and she does not have my phone. had to threaten to call 911 for her to leave my house yesterday
That’s terrible. But it’s pretty common for the actual abuser to blame the victim. That seems to be What’s Happening Here. Everyone can tell who the most at fault is just by looking at Facebook you don’t respond you don’t bash her and she’s all over you it’s easy for people to see that you’re the good guy so don’t worry so much about that and God has you in his hands and her I pray for her too because I feel like she needs it most
Here’s what I don’t understand so I was wondering if you could clear it up for me. If you’re broken up why does she tell me I’m not allowed to post on your page and stuff like that I mean where does she think that power is why does she think she has that power
meeting with one of the pastors this morning because she has already spread this crap and got people hear at the church talking about me behind my back
I gave it one last go and then this. She is a very controlling person
I’m not encouraging you to leave the church because I know you love it but I fear that one of you was going to have to leave or else there will be no peace. I know you been working with pastors and stuff so that’s great and if that helps and it brings you both peace that’s great but if not I just feel like one of you is going to have to make a move
That is what I am meeting with Brad about this morning. I don’t know what to do or what I am going to do at this point
Well my number is 863 968 313 six and anyone is welcome to call and talk to me if they want to get my side of the story about the nonexistent affair
Well I understand because you cannot keep allowing the toxicity in your life. It will not bring anything good and it will drain you emotionally and physically and you just don’t need
thank you. I’m going to show Brad all the texts and blogs and Facebook posts and this conversation where you and I supposedly had an affair going on
Well you know you and I hardly spoke while you were in your relationship and then when you broke up we start talking more but that was only because I’m here to support you as my friend now you didn’t really need me when you had your relationship but we talked occasionally to keep up with what’s going on with each other but now that you’re in need and I’m one of your best friends or at least I consider you one of my best friends I have to be here for you and God has laid it on my heart to speak with you and try to help you not to hinder you
I only want your happiness and if I need to go if that’s what’s decided that will make your relationship great then I will I’ll block you but I won’t block you for this kind of emotionally abusive relationship
You are one of my closest friends and have been since we reconciled. I don’t talk or should I say didn’t talk to anyone hardly because I wasn’t allowed to have friends
And that’s one of the traits of an abuser sweetheart why don’t you look that up I can’t find my wheel right now my computer is acting stupid but look up the wheel for abusive Partners or something to that effect
I know…and I know I overlooked it for a long time. Not going to accept it anymore or ever again
I know says for women but as we both know men are abused all the time too they just showed less likely to report it
Jeremiah 29 11…. Says he knows the plans he has for you. So try to find peace in your your heart I know that your past will work out just as God intends
It will. Just have to figure out what the next step is if it is here or somewhere else. The sucky part is I really enjoy serving here and Ive worked very hard to build the video here at this church
You know and maybe it will work out where God actually wants you to stay there and he makes the path for you but you must accept the fact that he’s prepared you’re here for a placement elsewhere
Prepared you here at the church so that you will be ready for placement elsewhere is what that’s supposed to say
I know. we’ll see what lays ahead over the next few weeks
Meanwhile if you’re not already turn to your Bible and also try meditating but not really meditating just relaxing clearing your mind and letting God speak. We have to be still we have to be quiet and wait to hear him so be patient. I’m always here for you
I know thanks. I have to go for now. need to go to the store then meet with Brad. Then Im gonna see if I can pick up 10 -15 hours a week at aldi
Hey what’s your email address I just found something awesome to send to you that was sent to me this morning it’s not spam
Sent. Believe.

MAY 26TH, 8:29PM

How are you doing?


Stop sending messages to Ken. You have caused enough trouble. We are engaged now as you have seen. I will spea with him also about this believe me.

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10 2 4 Dr. Pepper


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July 11, 2016 · 1:43 am



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John 3:16


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July 11, 2016 · 1:41 am



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July 10, 2016 · 9:19 am


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My children’s last Christmas as a family. 2003. Photography by Ms. April Fuller Sasser




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