Claiming the Prayer of Jabez over mine and Ken’s Life

Claiming the Prayer of Jabez over mine and Ken’s Life

Little Prayer. Giant Prize.

The Prayer of Jabez
9Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother named him Jabez saying, “Because I bore him with pain.” 10Now Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!” And God granted him what he requested.

Ken and I have been in church together for nearly 10 months now at Eastridge and at Celebrate Recovery together. I am tonight going to once again read The Prayer of Jabez and claim this prayer over our life for our immediate future.

Ken having Parkinson’s and in need of physical and occupational therapy and I myself with Alpha 1, COPD and depression and on full disability per Judges Order we are coming together tonight in prayer over our lives. I am hoping that by claiming the Prayer of Jabez over our lives that September will be a wonderful and wondrous month ahead for the both of us. Please join me this evening in fervent uplifting prayer as I claim the Prayer of Jabez over our lives and turn our current circumstances over to the Lord our God asking him to seek and search our hearts and to seek us out and recognize our heart’s and faces and to help us with our patience and faith in his perfect timing. A prayer that I have prayed often in my life always having prayer delivered and answered in my life. For I am imperfect and not without flaws believing in a faithful, mighty and just God.

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So in welcoming September

So in welcoming September today it was an especially warm day for Autumn to be upon us. More like still the dog days of summer with the Lotus still in bloom just a few days ago.

Ken and I were able to watch the preparations for Dolly Parton’s new upcoming movie Jolene I believe is the name. They were preparing today in “The Little Store” and the store will be closed through Tuesday. It was very fun and neat getting to watch them prepare today for a scene from her childhood. Asked could I sneak a few photos and lovingly was told yes. Cannot wait to see the scene from her childhood that we watched them prepare for today.

Fall officially arrives in 23 days now and I must say I am so ready for boot and scarf season. Pining for Autumn but not looking forward to the winter months especially all the ailment, coughs, sluggishness that comes along with being a carrier of Alpha 1, having COPD and depression. I am so prayerful that this week will bring a new auto somewhere, somehow, someway. I have just been so scared that I will continue to thrive without a way to get to and from work when called upon, a way to the physician, picking up prescriptions, clinician appointments, Ken’s appointments regarding his neurologist and his Parkinson’s along with recently being told he needs to begin physical and occupational therapy. We have truly struggled over the last few weeks. Very prayerful that this week holds our answers and that we will in some fashion be blessed and be able to put this behind us and continue to thrive. We have walked several trips into town and back and thankfully have caught a few rides from friends and/or business owners on the Square that truly care for us and our well being and safety. I sat last night and shut down and just cried and told myself with the coming of September I was going to just let this go and not blog nor visit facebook anymore for a while given all my pain and hurt I was experiencing last night crying myself to sleep. But today I thought so much about the fact that I have already divulged to the entire world that I am on full disability per Judges Order and am only able to work part time as a nursing assistant when needed and that I am a carrier of Alpha 1, COPD and depression. I just felt so naked and vulnerable last night. Feeling a touch of embarrassment too in telling the entire world of my problems but given I am attempting to go into Stephen Ministry and beginning a step study program in September for the ladies of Eastridge I feel it necessary to be open and forthright about my life and my problems from day to day as I continue to grow and try to help others along my way. Having been given much positive affirmation and feedback and great love and concern over the last few days has been very uplifting from the ones of you who have offered a kind word. Please know that you are appreciated and that you will be remembered and prayed for and given thanks for. With September comes so much. The ladies Step Study class at church, The Fuzz Run, my 6 month follow up appointment with my pulmonologist that I missed at the end of August due to not having an auto and Ken missing his appointments for physical and occupational therapy. I try so hard being the positive caregiver and dear friend to him that he needs in his life helping him in anyway I possibly can and by always lending my time no matter what. Giving freely and unconditionally of my time. We have grown together over the last 10 months and have spent the last 10 months in church together at Eastridge serving the Lord together me being re – baptized at a re – dedication to the Lord by Pastor Brad Rutledge of Eastridge at Celebrate Recovery. So grateful for Ken and I for our relationship and walk with the Lord together that we have kept and grown strong in for each other and with faith that the Lord our God will see us both through somehow. So thankful that we both have each other to lean on in times of trouble, stress, heartache and growth in the Lord. I am prayerful that this weeks brings us answers and answers our faith can rely on. Hoping your 1st day of September was excellent as it was a very pretty day on the historic Square and very warm too. Left wondering when the weather will actually begin to change as flowers are still in bloom everywhere and yet Halloween is up everywhere you look in Downtown Covington. I thank you all for your great warmth and understanding as I share in my life’s path per doctors orders to journal and pen my life story always remaining hopeful of going from The Covington News into my memoir. Perhaps a blog to book love story from “The Hollywood of The South, Covington, GA. USA” It is possible as no one would have ever thought I would have spent the last year as a nursing assistant nor the last 4 blogging at The Covington News. So grateful for all the success and good health that I have had that I want the Lord to examine me fully and search my heart totally so that I am living life to his purpose, plan and will for my life. Prayerful that you will continue to stand beside me on my journey. In his loving name, April

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There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to have the lotus.


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September greets Georgia USA

September greets Georgia USA

September has arrived with the coming of Fall in just a few short weeks but we are still having tank top, shorts and flip flop weather here in Georgia. I can recall last year even while visiting the Pumpkin Patch and Farms at Mitcham Farms it was still very warm outside in October. The Square is fully decorated with Halloween and now Pumpkin Spice Season at Square Perk Cafe has finally arrived. I have not had any luck at all in finding a reasonable, dependable and feasible auto. My friend William does have a Ford F 150 but he cannot get it to turn over, crank nor run for that matter. No luck at all today attempting to get it started and running. Prayer would be nice that perhaps we can get it up and running this week. It does need a headlight assembly and tags and taxes and a couple other minor things but I am in desperate need of an auto and was looking to pay my friend monthly for the auto and get the headlight assemble and taxes and tag paid for. But unfortunately at this time we cannot get it up and running nor to turn over for us.

Ken and I walked up to the Square today and along our walk I still saw many many flowers abloom even considering Fall is upon is in 23 days. Still very pretty abloom and warm here in Georgia. I am ready for boot and scarf weather. Not really fond of the winter months but am certainly looking forward to the Autumn. I can almost guarantee that the Autumn season will be very short lived just as it was last year.

So very scared at the moment needing transportation to and from work and to and from physician appointments and for picking up prescriptions and attending church and Celebrate Recovery on Thursdays. This is just something that I am going to have to let go of and turn over the the Lord and pray his purpose and plan  is being lived out and that I will be able to remain patient and keep the faith while Ken and I struggle with no auto and no way for either of us to get back and forth to the physician. Between his Parkinsons and my Alpha 1, COPD and depression it requires a lot for us to continue to thrive healthy and happily.

You may follow along with the last 4 years of my life at my Covington News blog and feel free to visit my Go Fund Me account for any further background information on me. I thank you for standing by me and I thank you for allowing me to share. Welcome September! So very prayerful I will be able to attend church and the Women’s Step Study program coming up. Enjoy your new month ahead.

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Pumpkin Spice Season has arrived

On this September’s Eve brings a new month upon us. A fresh new chapter in our book. A bright and shiny new white, fresh and clean page to begin with. And of course Square Perk’s beginning season of all things Pumpkin Spice beginning September 1st 2015. Pumpkin Spice Season has arrived and I for one am truly excited to see Fall come. Not so much looking forward to the winter months but lovely Autumn, yes! Prayerful that perhaps my friend William will get his Ford F 150 to turn over and crank up. That would be nice. Thank you all for continuing to share in my story and journey with me and hopefully and very prayerful that something feasible and dependable will come along soon. In the meantime I suppose I am needing to turn it over to God and let it go. Just such a very scary thought to try and swallow the fact that at the moment I am no longer able to fend for myself as I usually have been over the last 10 plus years of my life. I thank you for your continued following and sharing of my life and am truly grateful to those who have given kind consideration to my crisis and the turmoil I am struggling and suffering through. Looking for a fresh new month ahead and praying for a positive outlook on the fact that the Lord’s purpose and plan for my life is being lived out by me in his divine name and to his pleasure and liking. A friend shared this scripture today and it touched my heart.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord My Rock and My Redeemer.

Psalm 19:14


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Our exhausting afternoon walk that turned into nighttime

So this weekend I have been home and have given much though to taking back my maiden name. Fuller. As opposed to continuing to use Mr. Sasser’s name. My married name. 3 of my 4 girls are adults now so I have given much thought this weekend to going back to my maiden name. I may possibly wait until my youngest daughter who is now 15 and will be sweet sixteen this autumn I may wait until she is an adult and/or married but have given much thought this weekend to taking back my father’s name of Fuller. From being adopted into the Fuller family in the early 1970’s. I have given an awful lot of time devoted this weekend to prayer and quite devotional time with the Lord. As Ken and I were unable to attend church given my auto is down at the moment it was very depressing to have to miss church on Sunday. So Ken and I took a walk into town.

Feeling much better today but I thought last night I would have to call emergency services to assist me with getting Ken home from our walk. I think only the short walk to the Square with his Parkinsons is all he can handle. First Ken loses his truck in our accident at Easter that injured his spine and now my auto’s transmission goes out. It has left us in a serious bind and very scary circumstances with no way for me to get to and from work and no way to get to scheduled doctor visits or to church or anywhere for that matter.

I keep praying as I know many others are praying for us as well that something feasible will turn up and be laid on my doorstep here really soon. A dependable, reliable and affordable auto.

On our walk yesterday we were on Emory Street and I ran into Officer Ms. Baker who was an angel and God send into my life over 10 years ago that I will forever be indebted to and could never repay her for her constant care, concern, consideration and daily encouragement. God put her in my life not by accident but by divine purpose and for his will to be served out. I can never repay Officer Ms. Baker for all the good deeds done in my life and as I hugged her and thanked her once again yesterday it came to thought over just exactly how much I have been able to accomplish and how much success I have truly had over the last 10 plus years given her mentor, guidance and friendship and lifting me up daily with words from the heart and of the Lord. I will forever be grateful for Officer Ms. Baker and truly indebted as she saved me during a time of my mother’s passing suddenly and befriended me in order to help me cope with the tragedy of my mother passing suddenly and me being left all alone with no one and no support whatsoever in my life. She was an excellent mentor with just enough touch of friendship and purposeful meaning to really touch and further my life. She is an amazing woman and wonderful pillar of our community.

I have had much success in the courtroom per my girls along with success at working and the last year with a career as a nursing assistant along with blogging for the last nearly 4 years for The Covington News. When there was a time not only was writing taken from me but so was reading any book whatsoever. I have went on to graduate New Rock Day Program along with The Respect Institute and study and make application for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification with the State while working as a nursing assistant. I have not been without an auto for 10 plus years now and have single handedly taken care of all my needs and put a roof over my head, food on my table, clothing, community involvement and taking care of my son full time. Officer Ms. Baker made this path and road possible for me with her mentor, uplifting and encouragement and physically lifting me up daily to a higher ground one that I could not reach on my own and was very emotionally, mentally and physically ill and suffering.

I have accomplished much and had much success even given I am a carrier of the disease Alpha 1 and with COPD and a mental diagnosis of depression and codependency as the caregiver. I feel that I have came a long way in the last 10 plus years and for Officer Ms. Baker to hug me each and every time we meet and to tell me just how good I look and how proud she is of me really touches my heart.

I feel God put her in my path yesterday while on our walk to remind me of darker and uglier times and a phase in my life and just to simply reflect upon all the success over the last 10 plus years of my life while on my walk back home last night. It did my heart good to see her and spend a little time with her.

I sure do appreciate everyone who has shared in my story and continue to follow me through this hardship. I am attempting to get a car on my own but have been told by several dealerships that I am going to need a substantial down payment which I do not have as I live on disability fully disabled per Judges Order and cannot work at the time due to no transportation of any kind and no one in my life that can even get me to church much less to work and home safely. I thank you for your continued prayer and ask that you be patient with me and please understand that at this point in my life I have really disclosed a lot of my life to the public, my family and friends and am working hard on telling my story and giving my background and history and working towards getting some type of auto to get me from Point A to Point B. My Impala has been really good to me and is now not worth attempting to save. I will gladly keep you all updated daily and thank you for bearing with me through this stage of my life as I pray for God’s purpose and plan to shine down on me and for him to be with me and work with me on my patience level.

Thank you for allowing me to share and prayerfully will have this worked out soon so as that I am not bothering anyone with my problems or my life either for that matter. Thanks again for allowing me to share today.

Waiting to hear back from one dealership now. Or perhaps a prayer that my friend William can get his Ford F 150 running so that I can attempt to manage with it. Your prayer and kindness and understanding is greatly thought of and appreciated.

Prayerfully, April

Blogging with daily updates to be posted at The Covington News

April Fuller “Sasser”


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Happier times at Chimney Park this Summer 2015.

Thinking this afternoon how during the summer of 2012 I was homeless at Chimney Park and the Newton County Library and ended up spending a few days at Factory Shoals Camprground and in the hospital parking lot. In the last 10 plus years I have not been without an auto but in the summer of 2012 I was homeless for a brief period. I prayed so hard in the garden at Newton County Hospital by the Labor & Delivery entrance. I got on my knees in the garden and prayed. My prayer was answered within just a few short days and I received my very own apartment and have been able to keep up my very own apartment and pay the rent and utilities all alone ever since keeping a roof over my head. Chimney Park was a savior to me and I rested in the woods and visited all the fairy houses and all the decorations as they must have just recently had an exhibit because the woods were fully decorated.

Since that prayer in the garden I have been able to provide for myself an apartment and utilities, food, clothing, an auto, auto insurance, prescriptions, medical appointments and have been blessed over the last year with a career as a nursing assistant along with a re – dedication and baptism at Eastridge Community Church. I do not want to lose any ground I have gained and am in a very scary situation at the moment that I will lose all the ground I have gained over the last 10 years. I am very thankful to the Lord our God for providing for me a way in this world and for placing the right people in my life that have helped me along my way. Namely View Point Health and the ladies of View Point for without them I would not have an apartment to call my own nor would I be a graduate of New Rock, The Respect Institute, The GA Peer Support Institute, a conference at St. Simons Island, The ACT Team and the Supported Employment Program where I found my own job as a nursing assistant. I do not want to lose this ground I have made and no longer be able to thrive. I have also had much success in the court system whereas my daughter is concerned giving weight and merit to the O.C.G.A. leaving my mark and not settling for less than me and my girls deserved. All the while battling with Alpha 1, COPD and depression and codependency as the caregiver. Being able to attend Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights is very near and dear to my heart. As I was recently re baptized by Pastor Brad Rutledge and moved my letter of membership to Eastridge from Oxford Baptist Church after all these years and many years of attending Oxford Baptist Church.

I am in great need of having my faith in humanity restored. Clearly at this point all I can ask from you is for your understanding and prayer that the Lord will work his purpose and will for my life and that someway, somehow an auto will come my way that either I can afford monthly or at little to no cost to me as I have no support system in my life during times of such crisis as this. I am thankful that yesterday my brother sent his wife to take me to a couple of auto dealers as I could not even find not one single person willing to take me.

I have many “friends”, a host of family and many church ministry partners in my life but yet still no strong support system. This is something that I have thought about for years now and continue to pray over each and every day. So very grateful that I have met and known Mrs. Deb since last November who has clothed me and helped me with clothing from her and her girls along with kept me looking beautiful and pampering me with facials and make overs as often as she possibly can and has provided me with transportation to and from errands that needed to be taken care of. Also Mr. Bruce who has given freely and willingly of his time to help me when he could telling me yesterday that he loved me made me feel so wonderful.

I am attempting here to upload a video from Chimney Park of much happier and brighter days at Chimney Park since that summer of 2012 and being homeless and spending my summer inside the park and at the library and at Factory Shoals. Every time I visit Chimney Park which is often I think of that summer and just how far I’ve came since then and how much I have truly grown and matured since that summer. I am not wanting to lose any ground I have gained in my life or in my career nor with my church family.

I do not often discuss being declared fully disabled per Judges Order at the Newton County Disability courthouse but over the last few days I have discussed being declared fully disabled and being a carrier of Alpha 1, COPD, depression, codependency as the caregiver and PTSD. It has been a struggle to continue to thrive day in and day out but with the Lords grace and precious timing I have been able to accomplish much. Applying myself and devoting myself to a better life and to my community spending as much time in the community and blogging of my events has been such the wonderful experience for me over the last 4 years while being a blogger at The Covington News.

Clearly at this point asking for your prayer and understanding is all I can do and all I can and evidently should expect. I prayed long and hard last night not to have any expectations of family, friends or fellow church members that way I am not in high expectation of these people in my life instead focusing on the Lord, my prayer life and his purpose and plan for my life in his gracious and precious timing. I can only pray that the Lord continue to shine down and me and not hide his face from me protecting me and guarding over my days and nights answering my prayer as he always has came through  for me.

Happier times at Chimney Park this Summer 2015.

Needing my faith in humanity restored.

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