Two cases that make me very proud. But the Civil pertaining to my daughter still lingers

I have never truly blogged of my past experience of being on probation due to an intimate relationship with the other party. I have however been released of any and all probation stipulations per The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. I am very pleased with all aspects of the case and for further review or knowledge it cannot be expunged without my explicit written permission. I hope that one day me and the other party can come to a mutual understanding of a complete Expungement. It cannot be expunged however without my application for expungement. It will not hinder me in my future career choices though as I have been insured by numerous offices that I can have and hold a job in the future at any given time that I so desire.

I have also had any and all rights per my children fully established. However, the therapist has been attempting to making a home evaluation due to Mr. Sasser’s direct contempt of these issues that are still pending. She is in process of written concern to the Honorable of the issues.

I have became very concerned over the safety and welfare of my two children and hope that in the very near future that they will be safe in my loving arms once again. I do hope that they can all learn to be friends once again, however, I am not certain if they can ever mend their family differences and be more like the family that they know and love, as siblings.

Ms. April Christina Ramey Fuller Sasser

2005CR1541 – 3


Civil Action File Number

11 – 0723 – 3


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