Journaling and Blogging lead to being published for View Point Health and the State of GA.

Unable to upload the photography here at the Covington News. Please join me at facebook to view the photograph and the published make over that was used in the View Point Health Bulletin for the Quarter. leads to being published for View Point Health for the State of Georgia. Even given all my health ailments and concerns of my children, I have always tried my best to put my best foot forward. Thank you for your continued support as well. My photograph was published in the View Point Health Directory for the entire State of Georgia and the USA. I was so thrilled! A Day of Beauty at New Rock. View Point Health, A total Care Perspective. By Ijuan Landry On February 21st and 22nd, 10 New Rock Peer Support women participated in a two day Glamour Self Esteem Workshop. The peer support women received hair do’s and makeup by three community volunteers who specialize in hair, make up and self-imaging develpment. On the second day of glamour, they were educated by Candace Johnson and Sophia Neighbors on helathy skin care tichniques. As R&B oldies played in the background, they danced and indulged in applying a facial mask followed by having their make up professionally done by make up artists Sophia Neighbors and Kia Delayne. The glamour didn’t stop there! After all make-up was applied and hair was curled to perfection, the ladies jumped in front of the camera for a mini photo shoot sponsored by JasPhoto. Photographer John and wife, Tanya rooted the ladies on as they posed with lots of attitude and personality to capture their inner and outer beauty through the camera lens. The ladies’ smiles brightened up the entire facility as they walked just a little taller down the hallways of New Rock. Special Thanks To : John & Tonya Stevans, Sophia Neighbors, Candace Johnson & Kia Delayne. Quindlen, who wrote this month’s “Facial Expressions,” came to accept her resemblance to her mother, both physical and otherwise, long ago. “Women always defing themselves in opposition to their mothers when they’re young,” she says. “But many realize what heroines their mothers were when they have hildren themselves. Once I had kids, my goal was to do a Prudence Quindlen imitation every day.” Her latest book of essays, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake (Random House), is available in paperback this month. (Allure) April 2013

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