PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I am somewhat upset today given the fact mine and my children’s private therapist feels that I have PTSD. I know that I have a hard time grieving over many traumatic events in my lifetime. I hope to believe to work through these traumatic events and become an even stronger lady and mother. The pillar of the community that I have always been. I am so very pleased with any and all court records pertaining to me and my children. As I have never had not one single attorney, authority figure, or judge to question me pertaining to any abuse, neglect or remiss pertaining to my mothering or my marriage to Mr. Charles, (Chuck) Sasser. I feel that I have handled myself a lady and have always been the mother and wife that I should have been. As the open court records can prove such. Rockdale, Newton & Walton counties. I will be continuing this blog into the afternoon if anyone would like to stay abreast to my posting today. Thank you.




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