The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints State Conference and the Atlanta Mission Conyers Georgia Stake Stake Conference General Session 8 September 2013

The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints State Conference and the Atlanta Mission

Conyers Georgia Stake Stake Conference General Session 8 September 2013

Presiding President R. Scott Johnson

Conducting President R. Scott Johnson

Organist Sister Pauline Hullinger, Conyers Ward

Chorister Sister Dawn Bourdonnay, Conyers Ward

Opening Hymn # 66 Rejoice, the Lord is King

Invocation Sister Sonia Rosales, Yellow River Braanch

Stake Business President Linwood D. Jones

Special Musical Number My Grateful Spirit Sings

Donise Hall, Jackson Brach. Accompanied By Sister Debra Wallace, Conyers Ward

Speaker President David P. Trust

Speaker Sister Sonja Casey, Jonesboro Ward

Sister Brother David Wimpey, Stockbridge Ward

Congregational Humn # 131, More Holiness Give Me

Speaker Sister Nancy Posey, Atlanta Temple Matron

Speaker President Stephen D. Posey, Atlanta Temple President

Speaker President R. Scott Johnson

Closing Hymn # 107 Lord, Accept Our True Devotion

Benediction Brother Kevin Privette, Covington Ward

A Spiritual Peak


Moments and Opportunities to find Spiritual Peak Trials, Trespass and Hardship.

Profound Joy for God and others. The forgiving spirit and comfort and joy abiding in the comfort and joy.

1. What caused us to feel?

2. How do I feel now that I am in a Spiritual Peak?

3. How do I remain or stay near the spiritual Peak?

Book of Alma Chapter 5

Behold Brethren sufficiently attained and remembered ever longsuffering. The atonement of Jesus Christ. The first Principle of faith and repentance. No Peaks without the Atonement. Only Valleys. Expressions are Contagious. Countenance spills over for Pain and Suffering and Anguish. When someone looks at or when someone looks at you can they see Christ in your countenance. Where is the Spiritual Peak in Comparison to where we are now?

Am I slipping? Does not take much to lead to spiritual doubt. First class devotion to lessor causes shortcomings of early church leaders. Mahoot looks and seems as though he is in control. Bod choices turn into habits and transgressions and sins as well. Sins have taken us away. Conyers, GA. Stake Spiritual Renewal family basics. We need to be engaged in Spiritual Renewal. Take actions necessary to lead to Christ. Only rough the atonement can we be saved. In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Happier is he who is praise worthy and learning

Luke 10

the gospel from the needful. Good Better and best. Family that binds together family expects world of over scheduling children. Church rates have dropped 33 %,

Forego some good things as the head of us a closer to the Lord for he tried to choose the Gospel that was the greatest attribute and every thing else will fall into place.

The Book of Mormon renews our Spirit.

Ch 1 v 3 The book of Mormon

The Scriptures were preserved by the hand of God.

A physical strong emotion Ch 4 v 5 – 6

A Spiritual Renewal Spiritual Wakening Jacob 3 v 11

Harken to my words. A true conviction of the Gospel. To come closer to God

The book of Nephi Ch 1 v 13 Awake

We do not see the true purpose of Life The book of Mosiah Ch2 v 38 Pray continually and ponder upon the Scriptures

Prayer is the most simplest grand form. A Prayer in our heart.

Our Heavenly Father hears our prayers. Meditate and Contemplate. Prayer is a conversation. Use the Language of Prayer.

Thee. Thou. Thine. Always express gratitude for your blessings. The Lord our Heavenly Father. Pray for guidance. Spiritual prompting. Promptings through the Holy Ghost. Pray specifically. Pray out of Love. Recognize opportunities. Guide you through daily. Day to Day basis. Your heavenly father knows what we need better than we do. Give the Lord any according of yur daily activities. Pray to overcome temptation. Guides us with the Spirit. Scripture Study. Learn daily. Believe that God will hear and answer prayers. Power of Prayer is amazing. Pray to Commandments.

Alma 5 v 13 14

C.S. Lewis


Christianity. Repent. Forgiveness. The arms of Mercy are extended to meet God?

Tride and True? Come to the Temple and enjoy the Sweet Spirit. Reflect Covenants that are sacred. Saints in the secrecy of the Private Woods. Brothers and Sisters. Power of the Adversary is real. Cunningly. The Dark Angel of Darkness.

Pleasure and Entertainment rather than the things of the Spirit to have precedence. More Christ like (Alma) Fathers and Saints together. To apply the teachings of the Master. May burdens be light. Stand as a light and a witness to God. So you may have Eternal Life. Good. Bad and Indifferent will be resurrected. Eternal lifing with The Lord our Jesus Christ.

Serve him and keep his commandments. Covenant of Baptism.

I have been baptized twice as a Southern Baptist and am now venturing into other religions and their world and worlds of Missionary work.

The Holy Ghost might lead and direct you. The Covenant of Salvation to pattern our lives after him. Having forsaken all. Having the Covenant. Holiness of Heart. Presiding high. President Johnson

Grasp the gravity of his message. When thou are converted. Strengthen thou brother Sunday members?

Is your Sabbath Holy?

The Saviour called the 12 Apostles

John – Branches and Vines. Laying down your life for another. Give ourselves for another’s Stake. Receive calling and assignments. The Songs of Redeeming Grace. So that your fruit shall remain Christ Like. Our father in Heaven knows us. Blessings. Faith and Repentance.

Great burdens to shed. Anticipate the opportunity to rise up from the water.

Emerge clean, unpure and unburdened . Struggle to find the Atonement. The Savior lives oh the Sweet Spirit. President Jukes. Blessings – the book of Mormon. The Senior Jesus Christ. Testimony heard from youth. Sacrament Meeting agents to Act. Powerful principle. There are no more strangers. Apostle Paul. Saviour was here on earth.

Brothers and Sisters.


The principle of Obedience. Loving Heavenly Father. Experience Joy into this Life. Old Testament Joseph – Faith and Obedience showed his dreams with his brothers. Brothers were plotting to kill him. I despise you. Lord for allowing this to my inner. God’s Purpose. Me and My. Steadfast. Bless and strengthen. Renewed Spirituality. Power to the faint. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Sometimes we have to wait upon the Lord. The time has come as I have had end each of your Jesterly. What will you take from this Conference?

I testify of the Living Breathing Jesus Christ.

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