Rockdale Aware. Love is kind, Love is patient, Love is not supposed to hurt.

October 2013 is Domestic Violence Prevention.I am feeling a little better this week and have been out and about in Olde Towne Conyers, GA. USA visiting with old and new friends alike at the Old Timey Drug Store and at the Historic Rockdale County Courthouse. I have taken a few pictures of the Month of October being Domestic Violence Prevention Month and am anticipating to Advocate even further into the month of October. I will be advocating for my family and all my children. I have tried and tired to come to a reasonable solution to ourfamily problems time and time again in open court. Given the fact that there has never been any wrong doing as a mother or wrong doing as a wife during the entire time I was married and even to current I feel that my children, especially my natural children have suffered pure torment in the process. I have met with our private therapist today and have been informed that my youngest daughter, even given I have won each and every hearing is apprehensive in seeing me full time. I do not for the life of me understand her apprehension and I am hoping and prayingthat she has not been influenced by other family members to intend to harm her even further by damaging our loving relationship that we have always had and shared. I always had a very loving and nurturing relationship with all my children. I do not for the life of me understand why Honorable Ozburn continues to tolerate this abuse to me and my children, I was told by Esquire Matt Ledbetter that Mr. Sasser was going to be forced to comply with the reunification process or either be incarcerated for a long period of time. A case that began years ago with my children’s lives being ruined in the process. I feel that Honorable Ozburn has tried time and time again to ensure that Mr. Sasser and his family complies with the court order’s but I am not certain that he has been 100% honest himself and hope that he does not tolerate anymore abuse or further scarring, as from his own mouth to me and my natural children. The therapist has informed me that she is going to request meetings in her office or at the attorney’s office for me and Mr. Sasser and our daughter to speak and to get to know one another per the reunification process that has been ordered. I did have the opportunity to meet Honorable Nancy Bils at church a while back and felt as though she was sincere in the fact that she being the Director of The Domestic Violence Task Force that she was full of empathy and sympathy for being a part of the role that Paul Oeland took to ruin our lives. I feel that Mr. Oeland was very incompetent given all the true, accurate and proper court recordsfrom Rockdale to Newton to Walton. At the time, me and my father Mayron Fuller went to Micheal Waters and he did get me a lot in the end. However, I did not get any of my personal property and marital assets. I have been more concerned with maintaining a constant contact with the court’s about the visitation and custody along with the mental, physical and emotional needs of the children, including their personal health and personal safety. I feel that as a single mother I have given my true heart time and time again. Wholeheartedly I have given of my self in its totality and entirety a million times over and have proven myself time and time again in open court and have never had not one eyelash batted at me in the wrong direction as any abuse, remiss, neglect, adultery, theft or otherwise as a mother or as a wife and as a matter of fact as a mother I am totally fed up with this state once again and its neglect towards my health and the health and safety of my children.  As a mother and Pillar of the community I feel that me and my children deserve more respect than what we have been given over the years. I feel that especially as the years have dragged on and on and on that me and my natural children deserve the respect and admiration. I feel that even given law enforcement is very proud of me and my son that we should be very much respected and heard very loud and clear that we love one another and the siblings. My son loves and admires all the siblings and is tired of all of this disrespect towards me and my youngest daughter. I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and grief beyond belief and I feel that at this time it is time to go forward with the therapeutic blogging and to continue my goals as I have always had them set and to continue to fight for the right’s of me and my children as the rights of mother’s and children in the legal system as we are afforded by law. We will prevail in its totality and entirety one day in the very near future. Mark my words. And if I end up dead or injured due to Paces Properties, RAM Partner or View Point Health, or Michael Bone or Elvin Giddens or New Rock or the Nunley’s then my children will know that I fully have loved and honored them with all my heart, mind, soul and every breath. We will continue to prevail.

The photography is me and The Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office.

2013-10-04 13.21.59 2013-10-04 13.22.18 2013-10-04 13.28.45 2013-10-04 13.29.53 2013-10-04 13.31.26


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