As She Paces. Your blogging Laureate since November 13, 2011

As She Paces. Your blogging Laureate since November 13, 2011. The Covington News. > community > april sasser I am so pleased that my 2 year Anniversary is fast approaching. I can remember clearly that I attended the Thanksgiving feast at Ficquett Elementary where I attended primary grade school for the Community dinner and also helped to serve and clean up afterwards. What a happy day it was. This will be my 3rd year helping at The Thanksgiving Feast and cannot hardly wait to attend. Lots of folks of all ages come out to celebrate Thanksgiving with our fine community. I have blogged of many community events over the last 2 years. From The Vampire Diaries to Oxford College to The Monastery to Floyd Street and everything in between. You may join me this next month to catch up on my last 2 years worth of blogging and all of the discipleship and self – help I have been a part of and contributed to over the history of my being blogging Laureate. I often post at a moment’s notice so you never know when or where I may pop up at. Year’s ago I did not even have the motivation or inspiration to day dream much less to put my thought’s to paper. I have since grown and learned to begin Journaling with Magazines, journaling on paper and then in digital print here at The Covington News. I have been in hopeful process to be in paperback for some time now. I know that digital print is today’s society in full force and up to speed but still I dream of being in true paperback for the world to enjoy. From my hometowne of Covington, GA., USA to the entire world’s length and span. As She Paces. As She Paces will be the name of my paperback. I cannot hardly wait to be in print. I have also longed to be a part of the Southern Distinction magazine and hope to be in print with their fine staff very soon, as you must purchase your own ad, I am in hopes of a Sponsor to run my ad in Southern Distinction in the very near future. I have intentions of inquiring with View Point Health if they may run and sponsor me in Southern Distinction. I have full intent to begin inquiring into sponsorship next week.I have madeapplication for CPS Certified Peer Specialist once again and will know come November if I have been chosen. I should know by the week of November 11th if I am chosen. This will be my second application and I am in high hopes that I will be chosen and can begin a new career as a CPS. There are many choices in the State of Georgia for CPS and I intend on becoming a great one and continuing in my life’s ambition of self – help and discipleship to other’s just as I have done here in digital print for nearly two years now. is the mission of the Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Project to identify, train, certify and provide ongoing support and education to consumers of Mental Health Services to provide Peer Supports as part of the Georgia Mental Health service system and to promote self determination, personal responsibility and empowerment inherent in self directed recovery. I am only half way there but I am in full pursuit of my CPS Licensure and for my digial print to be in paperback way around the globe!Happy Autumn Weekend all! Your blogging Laureate, April

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