Rockdale Aware. RAV. Race Against Violence 2013

Race Day. RAV Race Against Violence Rockdale Aware.Race Morning was brisk. All the runners were very excited to be sharing in the monumental experience. Clearly Rockdale County and Honorable Bills are taking Domestic Violence seriously and into all new heights. I am proud to be an active part of Rockdale Aware and an advocate for family violence victims. I feel that I have set a precedent in this sate for Family Violence Victims, parental alienation and estrangement, parental reunification process and the mentally and emotionally challenged. By and through the courtrooms and opinions of Prepared proposed opinion of Honorable Bills 2004Honorable Sidney Nation 2008Honorable Stanley Rhymer 2010Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013We have another hearing set for Halloween wherein the Judge will hear testimony regarding my daughter being upset over seeing her photograph on the Internet for a law for Juveniles that I have been diligently working on for several years now. In today’s fast paced society, I have attempted to touch the lives and heart’s of law enforcement, psychiatrists, DFCS members, attorney’s and Judges alike. I feel that by and through the courtroom me and my children have left behind a lasting legacy for many. For many years to come. All of which are public records at the Rockdale County Judicial Center, Walton Judicial Center and Newton Judicial Center’s. The Alcovy Judicial Circuit and the Rockdale County Judicial Center’s have always supported me in my plight for the fight for my children. I hope and pray earnestly that the hearing next week still proves us justified, honest and good fruit baring. Please share the day with loved ones and visit the Olde Town Fall Festival for a nice homecoming treat. Thank you all for your continued support year after year. I am in high hopes of having my nearly 3 year blog put into print in the very near future. Needing many prayer’s and loving thought’s of such, please. Your blogging Laureate, April


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