Only 8 Friday’s ’til Christmas 2013

Only 8 Friday’s ’til Christmas 2013

I am getting my Christmas unpacking done this weekend! I am in the holiday spirit this season. Wanting to do something special for my children this holiday. Hoping to heal a lot of wounds this holiday season. Court went well today. We all came out a winner, I suppose. My youngest is now 14 and well on her way to being a young lady. I hope to one day in the very near future be able to share all the public record of our wins in court with all my children and that they can grow to understand how important they are to me and the foundation that we have laid in this great State of Georgia for family violence victims, parental alienation, parental reunification and for the mentally and emotionally challenged. An entirely different subject but while I am on it.

(Being diagnosed with depression among other diagnosis has not been a picnic. But I am in good company. If you go to and in the search engine type in famous people you can pull up all the many famous people who have suffered from mental illness. I am in good company according to NAMI. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. I was never diagnosed with a mental illness or depression until following a marital abuse issue that involved physical and emotional abuse and discord several years ago. I have since worked very closely with my private therapist in Dunwoody for nearly ten years now and with View Point Health for nearly ten years as well. I have been in school to become a CPS (Certified Peer Specialist) to accompany my degree in Paralegal that I obtained from Dekalb Tech in 2002. I also have all my State of Georgia Real Estate module classes. I am desiring to become a CPS and work at a hospital and help the mentally and emotionally challenged. It is the Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Project and the State of Georgia requires that you have a mental illness and that you are an advocate for the mentally challenged. You may google Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Project and learn more about my new career choice if you desire. I cannot hardly wait to obtain my certification.

Court went well. Me and my ex husband, Chuck Sasser, had words this afternoon on facebook over Charli Savannah’s LAW but I have no intention on caving into his abusive demands. I have been working on this law for juveniles for over 2 years now and have worked personally with Representative Mr. Rick Jeffares and Representative Mr. Andy Welch and fully intend on continuing with my goals of Charli Savannah’s LAW and hope that my ex husband can heed the Judges advice and be open and understanding to our full and open relationship along with having a conduit to help us along our way. I hope that he allows my daughter to have letters, journal entries, gifts, photography, etc. and that he will heed the Judges advisement and come to the realization that she need her mother in her life and that he should heal over the deep wounds that the court made mention to by being family loving, nurturing and understandable as to where we are concerned. I did no different for my older children during their upbringing as I legally adopted his 3 daughters in 1999 and have a biological son of my own. Destiny, Brittany, Amber, Tyler and Charli Savannah are my  children. They are all 14 and older and growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday that this Christmas photograph was taken. It was taken in 1999. My daughter’s very first Christmas at our marital home that we once shared in Conyers, GA.,

Me and my children have  left a lasting legacy in the court system since 1992 to present date and I fully intend on continuing with Charli Savannah’s LAW and obtaining each and every public Court Order win to our full behalf and having them placed into print for my memoir that I have been working towards. I began Journaling by cutting out clippings in magazines during my stay in 2004 at Peachford. I then went from magazine clippings to Journaling by pen and pencil, then onto my Word Press blog here and then onto My Covington News blog that I have had this November for two years now. I plan on including many of my Covington News Blogs in my memoir. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in social media print and am looking forward to the day very soon where I will hopefully be in paperback. I aspire towards that memoir. As She Paces.

As She Paces.

Getting out that Christmas stuff this weekend! Drag your’s out too! My theme this Christmas is SNOWMEN! I had Leopard Poinsettias and Snowmen last Christmas, this Christmas I think I will have strictly SNOWMEN. I am in process of hopefully moving into a new apartment this Autumn and will know something for 100% certainty in the next 2 – 3 weeks. I am still organizing my Christmas decorations this weekend! A possible date with Steve is in the works. A friend I met online a couple of years ago and I am in high hopes of passing my CPS Certification and will know something come Mid November. As there is no right or wrong answer to the test and it is all essay, I have been in fervent prayer that I get accepted to attend the training classes. Keep me in your thought’s please. Pining for Christmas!





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