The November Thankful Challenge

Me and Father Anthony. New photography of The Monastery of The Holy Spirit coming up this evening. For each day in November you should challenge yourself to think of the many things in your life you should be thankful for. Each of us have friends, mentors, family and loved ones to be grateful for. Experiences that have led us to new heights. Experiences that have led us to new dreams and aspirations that have led to accomplished goals. Take this challenge and share it here on your blog or at facebook. I have seen many people posting of this challenge I have shared. Take a moment this month to reflect on the everyday things that we all too often take for granted. I enjoy the simplistic and the complicated. I take heed to mother nature and cherish in her beauty. Trees, flowers, acorns, leaves, spiders and their web homes. Journaling and reading. Being a blogger here at The Covington News for 2 years now has been most rewarding as I have posted of many community activities that I have been a part of. As I sat in Square Perk yesterday, me and Brian spoke of the Hightower Willow trees that were planted last year. I recall sitting there having my coffee and noticing the Landscapers pull up. I rushed out and got some amazing photographs of the tree bulbs and got to watch first hand the trees and their bulbs being lowered into the ground and planted. I always pay care to admire and speak to the Trees! November is a special time of year for me. Given the fact that my grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving in 1982 it is a hard time of year for me as well. I was 10 years old and my best friend was very sick with Cancer and passing away right before my eyes. I visit her grave site at Lawnwood often and take her fresh flowers when I can. The last bouquet was of red and white carnations with 3 small USA silk flags. I took it in honor of my grandmother and mother who was cremated. My mother passing a highly decorated Veteran’s Administration Hospital Nurse. I found the bouquet at The Antique Shop off of Pace Street near the Square and fell in love with the silk wonder. Being November is the passing celebration of my grandmother’s death I often get melancholy this time of year. Not to mention. Not to mention, November is the anniversary of my last marriage too. November 24th was my marriage date. We always visited Gatlinburg to see the Holiday lights. We would sometimes take our children and sometimes visit alone, together. I have not visited Gatlinburg since our last visit in 2003. We visited for our anniversary and found out later in the year that we would be filing for divorce. A divorce that came suddenly and swiftly. To have celebrated Mother’s Day, our Anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas beautifully we ended up beginning divorce procedures during the month of February, my birthday. Shortly following the first home game of The Georgia Force where I was a contract Paralegal to the Indoor Arena football league during  the 2003 – 2004 Season. My explanation to The November Challenge is ultimately about being more of a humanitarian into humanitarianism and being grateful and thankful and to reach your heartstrings and the heartstrings of others by being yourself and giving and loving unconditionally. Being raised with an unconditional nature towards one self and towards others has often left me heartbroken but yet so rewarding too. I am optimistic that my humanitarian nature will shine through over the holidays. I am so looking forward to the holidays this year and in visiting many activities in the community and being a part of many awesome and awe making outtings. Given the month of November is a time for being thankful, I hope to reach many individuals with the fact that:You should be open minded to other’s feelings and their experiences as you never know the hardship or hurt that they may be carrying. You should be heartfelt in your emotions and in the way that you handle other’s and their feelings given you have no idea what turmoil that they may be dealing with whether inner or outward hardship that they may be carrying. You should be open and willing to a loving and nurturing nature as opposed to always being so negative and cold. You should try and not be so negative and cold by making a conscious decision to practice friendship and concern within all your actions.You should try and overlook many other’s shortcomings by being a positive role model and caring, kind and humanitarian mentor, mentoring other’s and being mentored by giving weight to the importance of other’s stories and their lives path.Given the Mental Health Court Systems of Newton County firmly believe in therapy, you should be open minded and willing to follow in the advisement of each and every Honorable of our fine community by speaking to a professional and not only speaking to one but being willing to be cooperative and willing to bend. Bending to meet the feeling’s and emotions of others.You should be of a good moral nature by nurturing, advocating and firmly believing in family love and the love of family. You should be respectful towards your children by being respectful of each parent and/or grandparent that the child has. By doing so you will nurture the child into being a respectful and grateful humanitarian. You should show support for each other as parent’s and be open and willing to share each other’s lives with your child(ren) so that they are fully aware of their lives history and each parent’s life and their full and complete genealogy You should hold close and cherish each and every photograph of the child and or loved one by sharing in each special moment. You should honor Jesus Christ, The Lord our God and the Trinity. And share these attributes of Jesus with your children. I could go on and on and on. I am off to get ready to visit the Monastery of The Holy Spirit today. It has been a while since I visited The Monastery and posted some excellent photographs last year. You may join me here for the last 2 years of blogs or at WordPress for the last 3 years of blogs. I love being in digital print as social media is the way of the world but I so desire to be in atleast paperback! Being a writer is a most pleasant stress and anxiety reliever of mine and is most therapeutic. Beginning by cutting out clippings of my favorite images and articles from magazines and then progressing into Journaling by pentopaper and then onto blogging, I have progressed nicely over the last few years. Given mine and my children’s many wins in open court in this great state since 1992 to present, I hope to one day show the world in paperback my true, admirable and undying love and devotion for my 5 children, grandchildren and family. Show those in your life you love them, do not be afraid to open up. Treat a stranger with the utmost humanitarian nature as possible. That stranger may actually end up being a best friend or sharing in common ground with your very own life. Off to finish my coffee, enjoying the Autumn view of Apple and Pecan trees and to pay a visit and show my respects to The Monastery of The Holy Spirit. I will try and post a few new photographs today along with sharing the blog once again from my last visit to the Monastery just incase you missed it. Happy Sunday,Your blogging Laureate,Since November 13, 2011April .


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