Essay exam for my Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) for the state of GA., (check)

Essay exam for my Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) for the state of GA., (check)

The essay exam for my CPS Certification has been turned in to the State of GA., as I have been attending classes at New Rock for a while now and teaching classes weekly to my Peer’s this is my second essay exam to be presented to the State of GA., I suppose I will submit it 100 times if necessary. As there is no right or wrong answer you just have to hope and dream that your essay application will be accepted by the State. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Development Disabilities with Mr. Frank W. Berry as the Commissioner has sent out the Training Announcement for Peer Specialist Certification training and all applications must be submitted by November the 11th to the State. In partnership with the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, I have worked very closely with my Peer’s attending classes and teaching classes alike for some time now. It is the Georgia CPS Project.

The training will be held in Decatur in December. I have had high hopes, aspirations and dreams of becoming a CPS for quite a while now. I am in good company with Ms. Brenda as my CPS mentor and friend. I have taken many classes from Ms. Brenda and taken lots of notes from her classes and developed a great number of transferable skills to accompany my resume.  I have also taught many classes to my Peer’s, often times at a moments notice. I feel that I will make a great CPS one day in my future. Hopefully soon. Not soon enough for me.

I have attended classes through New Rock, taken classes, taught classes, been a part of The Respect Institute of GA with Mr. Joel Slack as mentor and graduated the program. I have also studied long and hard the CPS materials and a large number of self – help books, handouts, workbooks and worksheets. A large number to date. My education has been provided me by Newton County my entire life. From the Little Red School House as my private Kindergarten to Ficquett Elementary, Sharp Middle, Newton High and Dekalb Technical College where I received my degree in Business and Legal Office and my Paralegal Certification.

I was so pleased to read the Georgia CPS Project, Sharing the Hope brochure. It is so heartwarming and welcoming for a young lady such as myself.  As of March 2012 there are a total of 712 CPS ‘s who fill key roles in the public mental health system. Certified Peer Specialists are responsible for the implementation of peer support services. CPS ‘s also serve on Assertive Community Treatment Teams and as Community Support Individuals. Taken straight from the manual – CPS ‘s work from the perspective of their lived experience, or “having been there.” They lend unique insight into mental illness and what makes recovery possible. The training and Certification process prepares a CPS to promote hope, personal responsibility, empowerment, education and self – determination in the communities in which they serve. Recovery is no longer only about what clinicians do to consumers, it has become, with the assistance of CPS ‘s, what consumers do for themselves and each other. A critical role is supporting consumers in developing their recovery goals and specific steps to reach those goals.

How to become a CPS : taken straight from the manual

Candidates must have a diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness Current or former consumer of mental health services.

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or a GED, and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

Must be well grounded in recovery.

It is the mission of the Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Project to identify, train, certify and provide ongoing support and education to consumers of Mental Health Services to provide Peer Supports as part of the Georgia Mental Health Service System and to promote self – determination, personal responsibility and empowerment inherent in self – directed recovery.

The Georgia CPS Project – Sharing the Hope.

Working and playing outside today. The weather is extremely nice here. Getting some fresh air to my body and soul. Working on what class I will be teaching next at school. I plan to teach on Holistic healing, guided self – help and healing. I plan to light some tea light candles I got. Little Rose tea light candles in the shape of Red Roses and possibly play a piece of instrumental healing and peace music for the class. Studying outside today in this amazing Autumn GA air and a lighted Tea Rose tea light candle is most nurturing and peaceful. I will be sharing the experience with my class over the next few days along with teaching a class directed at Holistic healing.

I have done everything I can over the last then well rather 20 to bare good fruits for me, my children, my grandchildren and my community. You can catch up on the last 2 years of my community involvement and school activities at my Covington News blog that will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary this November the 11th. I am also at WordPress and facebook whereas I plan to be published in paperback one day in the future. What started out as jounaling by ripping my favorite articles, photos and gems from magazines then developed into journaling by pen to paper and then onto WordPress for 3 years now and the Covington News for 2 years now. I know that social media and awareness and advocacy in the social media world is the way of the world, but I would love to now progress into paperback. For starter’s to be sold around the Historic Square in my hometown then around the world. I have spoken to THP Printing in Conyers and they are willing to help me get started on the first dozen or so to be printed. This is a project that I will hopefully be able to accomplish after the holidays. Leaving a dozen or so paperback’s around the Historic Square for a very minimal charge. I have intent to start out with about a dozen and see if they go like hot cakes! I have had a lot of readers, mentors and support from all walks of life since being a blogger and it is proven very therapeutic and I have been instructed by many a therapist to continue blogging. As the court systems are aware that I blog I hope to reach the Mental Health Court Systems of The Historic Alcovy Judicial Circuit with my goals and aspiration and accomplished achievements and shine through with the good fruits that I have bore over the last ten plus years of my life. I hope to make my children proud and full of love and light for our healing and our mother, daughter relationship’s at hand. As the Judicial system has expressed time and time again that therapy is of the utmost importance, I fully intend to continue with therapy and with self – help reading and studying on a daily basis as I feel that the advisement has been wise and has proven prosperous in my life. To come later this week, my class on Holistic healing and expanding your horizons of the road to becoming a CPS for your community.

Thank you for stopping by my world today. Happy blogging. Happy Autumn.  Me as we  speak. Step out and take in a big breath of this amazing Autumn air and exhale. Exhale the good stuff as you reflect upon the day.

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