Working with THP Graphics Group on As She Paces for print

Working with THP Graphics Group on As She Paces for print. I met with the staff for over an hour about my ideas for paperback. I am going to have included in print, my Covington News blog entries along with synopsis of my life and memoir. I am going to have about a dozen or so put into paperback print and leave them on the Historic Square with the merchants. Journaling is a hobby very near and dear to me. What started out as ripping out clippings from magazines to journal has turned into 3 years at WordPress and 2 years at The Covington News. I am past ready for print. THP has agreed to help me with this venture and project of mine. An endeavor that is prayed upon to bare good fruits. After reading Deanna’s birthday tribute blog entitled (Last Year) at Deanna Dennis WordPress The Long Run I am inspired to continue my quest with blogging. Deanna of Turner Broadcasting, a dear friend of mine at facebook has given me added and renewed inspiration this week. After reading her blog entry and realizing that we never know how bad someone is truly hurting and in despair, it is so of utmost importance to reach out to other’s with a giving, loving and devoted heart. Not expecting anything in return. Being that light in somebody’s life that shines bright for all the world to see. Giving your love and light away to other’s  each day with each passing moment, raising each other to all new heights of a great humanitarian world that you can both share and cherish. Deanna’s blog truly caught me by surprise as I had no earthly idea that she was hurting so much. I think that she is a true hero of mine now for sure. She is so brave to share the blog with the world and to open up her heart so that other’s may support and care for her during her time of pain and her time for reflection of the last year. Very brave indeed. Please take a moment to read her blog that  I have posted and to spread love and light to everyone you come in contact with. Reading her blog has set a very high example for me and know that you too will enjoy it and come closer to the understanding of why therapeutic blogging is so important. As numerous therapist’s have directed me to do so. Deanna has been a shining light this week for me at one of the darkest moment’s during my life, too. Your reading Deanna’s piece should help put some perspective and shed some light on the many reasons and why I blog. Deanna works for Turner Broadcasting and celebrates her 45th birthday today, November 7th. She is on my friends list at facebook, stop by and say hello and leave her a word or two of encouragement. I have the link to her blog posted here and have shared the entry at my Covington News blog. Thank you Deanna for being such a motivational and friendly mentor to me, especially during this week and this month. It is truly a God send and a blessing in disguise for my life and for the lives of everyone her public blog touches. Working this weekend on my memoir. As She Paces. My memoir to include documented, authentic and open & public court records along with my Covington News blog with synopsis of my life and a little about me and the last 41 years of my life. Working this weekend to list the most important parts to be included in the paperback. THP was kind and gracious enough to work with me for a couple of hours about what all digital and paperback print is really all about. Spending time with the staff was most interesting and they welcomed me with open arms. This project of mine will commence very soon. With the holiday’s here upon us it may be after the first of the year. Not 100% certain but at any rate, it will show its pretty face, soon enough. Thank you for your continued support, kind words and visiting my world for the last several year’s. THP ‘s offices are in Conyers, GA near the Conyers Welcome Center and are there to serve all your print and publishing needs and desires. A desire of mine just about to come true. This coming to pass has been a long time coming and I hope that the Historic Square will fall in love with my first dozen paperback’s of As She Paces. Sitting at my desk at nearly 3 a.m. pondering long and hard over what all I should include in the first dozen paperback’s. I intend on leaving the Newton and Rockdale libraries a copy too. 3 a.m. and wide awake super excited over working this weekend on the first few paperback’s of mine. Covington being home to so many famous movies and actors/actresses and crew is certainly a plus for my paperback. The Paver’s on the Historic Square are just awesome. I hope to one day have a Paver in my name, too. I have loved the Square and the Historic Courthouse from old enough to remember way back when, I was a young girl being adopted by, Mr. Mayron Fuller in the 70’s of The Fuller Family Farm’s at Old Atlanta Highway, 1 – 20 and Almon Road. My father has passed away but I still visit my Aunt and have some beautiful and breathtaking shots of the Farm, the train tracks and aerial views of all our family’s land. The Courthouse and the Square are home away from home for me. Posting over the weekend of my lists and things to be included in my first dozen paperback’s. As She Paces. The motto of The Covington News being, “The Story of Your Life.” It certainly has been. If you visit my blog you can take special note to see where I won a free oil change from Bulldog Tire a while back at The Health Fair Expo because I was the one and only person who knew the motto of the Covington News. The contest was fun and I loved winning it. You have thought’s that matter give them a voice and be known to all your loved ones as that one person who gave voice to each passing moment. Leave behind that lasting impression for all your loved ones to relish and cherish in for all your days to come and throughout history. Your thought’s have a voice, give them wings and leave behind your story for all to remember you by and hold near and dear far and wide.




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