God is hopefully granting the Serenity

I had a very good day today. Better than I expected. A very warm, loving and fun filled day. I had school today and taught a class on The meaning of Gratitude and we discussed being grateful and the many different areas of our lives in which we have to be grateful and to remember each day. I lit candles and we all had an open discussion as I led the class. It was a very good class today and I learned a lot from my classmates about their lives. I go to school with all walks of life and really love being a part of their life and learning more and more from them with each passing moment of class. I take particular notice to speak to and get to know each and everyone as best I can always speaking to everyone and I have in the past last year at the holidays taught a class on Suicide and offered everyone my numbers and email address to reach me if necessary. The class did well with the group and Ms. Ijuana sat in on the class and helped me out and kept things moving along as we had a large class to cover. I enjoyed her presence and guidance.I noticed afterwards that she was in conversation with several of the classmates and felt the class must have touched her and I hoped that she enjoyed the class and really felt touched

2013-11-12 16.31.42 by her actions too and in speaking one on one with my classmates. The class was good and I cannot wait until my next class that I get to lead. I want to arrange a tour of the Historic Square Courthouse for my class and will be working on this over the next little bit. I want to show off the Historic Courthouse and its mighty clock tower. Home to The Vampire Diaries. No, Mystic Grill is not a real true restaurant, it is set up for looks. Ha Ha Ha! It is so neat seeing the filming everyday. They were there today as a matter of fact filming in this cool and chilly Autumn air here in Covington, GA., USA I left class and went to Brian’s. Me and Brian went to the Square to walk his German Shepard, Willow and to get some pictures with the clock tower and The Vampire Diaries were there. There was no getting on the Square today. It is a circle. It is called The Square and yet it is round. The stores are in a block format with 4 Corners. My favorite 4 Corners of the world.

So, we went to another little lovely spot that I know of that not many people are allowed to venture around at. I ask every time I have gone there and am allowed to venture around the property. It is a secluded area in town that I enjoy and have gained inspiration from on several accounts. We got the photos taken and stopped by The Covington News too for a photo, given my blog is celebrating its 2 year anniversary and the upside is I have already been in talks with THP Graphics in Conyers to help me with a paperback version of As She Paces. Only online and in digital format at the moment.

We then left the park area and went and had dinner together. Cheeseburgers and Chili. Yum on a chilly evening like today. It was perfect for dinner. We decided to go back to the Square and was going to walk Willow if The Vampire Diaries had cleared out but the wind was so forceful and had picked up so we went into the Ice Cream Parlor, Scoops and talked for a while. Square Perk is just right around on the opposite corner of Scoops and we went and had some coffee and sat in the back on the couch and read the paper and had a very nice conversation. We finished our coffee and then went on the hunt for a few new Christmas ornaments. I did not find anything that I was crazy about for my tree. My Christmas Tree theme this year is Santa Clause and will have lots of Santa Clauses on it. I already have 8 porcelain Santa heads in Red, Wine, Hunter Green and White to adorn my tree. I have plans to decorate it next week, probably following the Christmas Tree lighting on the Square, if not I will do it on Thanksgiving day this year. Me and Brian are planning to spend Thanksgiving together atleast for a while that day.  We have not decided where yet, but I look forward to his company, he is such the sweet guy. Do not know if sparks are there or not. That should not be a question, huh? No. Not a lot of sparks, but a divine friendship has been made. Sitting at home now by candlelight with my warm spiced apple cider blogging and posting the photos from today’s adventures. It has made for a very wonderful holiday evening. It has been well spent and wholeheartedly has been a delightful evening. Finish up my pot of warm spiced apple cider and snuggling up only to be in an arctic blast come tonight and in the morning according to Atlanta area weather reports. I have already gotten my gas this evening as I did not want to have to stand at the pumps tomorrow and freeze to death. A meeting with my family law attorney in the morning is what I will be doing. On the Historic Square once again tomorrow. Wish me well. Good night.



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