My plans to enlighten the Mental Health Court’s of Newton County

As I am currently in school to become a CPS Certified Peer Specialist. I will know next week whether or not I was chosen for the Certified Peer Specialist training. I want so badly to become a therapist. As there is no right or wrong answer and it is all essay questions, you just never can tell if you will be picked. I cannot wait to get my therapy certification. If not chosen, I will continue with school and apply again at the next application and training date. Just about to read over some self help worksheets and see if it will help to clear my mind and heart. A new blog always helps when I’m down. So here goes. As I am currently in school, I take classes and teach classes every week. I ran into Honorable Ozburn at the drug store this evening and it began to weigh even heavier on my heart the fact that my daughter has expressed that she no longer wants to be a part of my life. The Court’s continue to express how important therapy is and greatly encourages it. With Honorable Ozburn being head of The Newton Mental Health Court’s, I intend to enlighten him on the many aspects of View Point Health and the many programs they offer. Along with my class information and to include the fact of graduating from The Respect Institute just this past year and continuing my education locally to become a CPS therapist to accompany my Business and Paralegal degree from Dekalb Technical College. I firmly believe in therapy too, just as the Court’ s have expressed their belief in it too, year after year after year. Including during my childhood with Honorable Ozburn representing me in a family and domestic issue of mine and my families. I still have full intention of following through with my goals and aspirations of the law for Juveniles that I have spoke with State Representative Mr. Rick Jeffares and State Representative Mr. Andy Welch. I fully intend to keep this dream and goal of mine alive and well. The was that my case was handled years ago and me and my 5 children falling through the crack’s of this State has been a nightmare to say the least. As there has never been any wrongdoing on behalf or part as a mother nor as a wife, NOT EVER and always being a pillar of the community as I see it. I feel it very important to remain in contact with the Courts and to express how Juveniles need their own attorney during the course of a divorce, as opposed to the divorcing attorney whom is not out for the  best interest of the child. For me to NOT have ever had any wrongdoing on my behalf or part as  a mother nor as a wife to even be thought of being presented to this State it is a crying shame that myself and 4 beautiful, healthy,  and happy children in over ten years worth of photography have lost touch with one another and have such an estrangement and gaping wound and scars to our name. I feel that Honorable Ozburn made the best decision in our case regarding our full and open relationship that was ordered over 2 years ago as he had a hard decision to make and had to consider my youngest daughter’s wishes and the therapist’s testimony that it upset her to know that I had been working on  a law in her favor. Truth is, me and the Sasser family have always been in the public eye. Me and my older 3 girls I adopted were always in and out of the legal system, me defending and adopting them against their natural mother’s authenticated, full and truthful public court record’s and bad behavior’s, including remiss, neglect and abuse. All public and all authenticated. I was always an advocate for Mr. Sasser’s 3 older daughter’s as well and then began my own advocacy of all of my daughter’s in August of 2004 to current. Honorable Ozburn ordered our full and open relationship be established over 2 years ago, his decision this past week was a hard one for him to make and he is still encouraging our full and open contact with one another and continued family therapy according to the Order. As Honorable Ozburn has always for as long as I can remember since a young girl believed and felt firm in therapy, I plan to include the court’s in my life’s path of education on becoming a CPS Therapist, The Respect Institute that I am graduate of and the many programs of View Point Health and the fact of just how important therapy and journaling and blogging really are and how effective they have proven to be. I became interested in the Peer Specialist program through the State of GA when I was in attendance to St. Simons Island and took many training classes and self – help classes. I intend on remaining actively involved in my community as I have been now for over ten years. My whole life actually. I had just graduated college and The Paralegal Program and was working as a leasing consultant and contract Paralegal at the time of my divorce. My children got to experience a year full of fun, life and great things with me as contract Paralegal to The Georgia Force indoor arena football league. Even celebrating birthday’s on field with the Force Cheerleader’s. I have continually been an active part of life and my community and plan to include the court’s in my continued educational path and what all this State truly has to offer for therapeutic purposes. I have over 10 years worth of photography of my children where they are all from a very young age, to young adult’s, very happy, clean, healthy and involved in community activities with me as primary care giver. I will not be using their names while blogging but intend on continuing this path and quest with the court’s hand in hand so that they are always aware of my full intent to be the best mother ever as it has always been and has proven to ring true. It has at times been just like the death of a loved one and you never find peace. It is often times madness being estranged and alienated from a child that you love so dearly. I love them all just as if they were all mine and have always supported all my children in and out of the courtroom. I have always maintained a very open, full and loving relationship with my son. He is my best friend. Now 21 he is a young man and remains to be my best friend in life. He has expressed his sadness in missing his sister’s that he was raised with for over 10 years. At the moment I feel that this holiday is going to be complete and utter madness for me if I do not get a grip on my emotions and clear my head and heart and keep an open mind for my son and for my education and for my intent to continue to work closely with the Court’s and the State Representatives. Honorable Ozburn has been a great mentor of mine since a young girl and I fully intend to continue to make him proud and involve him with my life’s path of continued education and to enlighten the Mental Health Courts on the therapy that this State has to offer and how  it has influenced and effected my life. Striving to continue to be the best of the best, with big shoes to fill, I remain strong and steadfastly determined to continue to make my children and my community proud. It is not easy being an alone, single mother and advocating for yourself day in and day out. This State has an obligation and a right to know about the relationship between me and my children and the truth of these matters and to know that I will continue to try and be an active part of my daughter’s lives, with the court’s Orders in mind and following it to the letter along with continued therapy as directed by the Court’s or rather encouraged for all of us involved as the court feels it in everyone’s best interest and for the best outcome of mine and my daughter’s relationship over time and with healing that should be evident and pertinent in all our heart’s for these scars to ever mend themselves. The holiday season is upon us, please find it in your heart to say a small yet significant prayer for me as I walk through this holiday alone, more than likely, only being able to give presents and not my full act of love. I want to hear the Angel voices of Christmas, oh night divine, oh night like when Christ was born. Continuing my daily walk with the Lord and a daily devotion and fervent prayer for my children and their lives. Thank you for my continued reader’s and I pray for your holiday to be divine too as we pray to experience the touch of the heavenly and holy Father from above.

I will post a few photograph’s here from my trip with class to St. Simon’s island and my first attendance of the Respect Institute that I am now  a graduate of.

respectofgeorgia respectinstitute3 respectinstitute5stsimonsisland2012



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