This page has been created to help encourage Traci Mask through this journey

Nothing destroys self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love faster than denying what you feel. Without feelings, you would not know where you are in life. Nor would you know what areas you need to work on. Honor your feelings. Allow yourself to feel them.
AboutThis page has been created to help encourage Traci through this journey. Thank you so much for your support!DescriptionOn Tuesday 11/12/2013 Traci was diagnosed with a intracranial meningioma. She has had motor seizures for the last year and a half and thought these were related to a pinched nerve in her neck. Upon getting her MRI this week, of course they have determind otherwise. These tumors are almost always benign. Her tumor is large and will require major brain surgery, which she will undergo within the next 2 weeks. Please show your support for her and her family by leaving comments and prayers on this page. Thank you so much.

Traci Mask, a friend of mine for several year’s now has found out that she has a brain tumor and is planning surgery. I met Traci through my friend of 40 years, Christy Ridling Southard Stowe and through American Realty Professionals where I took my GA Real Estate module classes in 2002 and 2003. Traci was her husband, Shane’s personal secretary and helped out with the school. Please take a moment this week to visit Traci’s honorary facebook page honoring her and with an open heart for the community to deliver her much support and prayer’s. Traci tells me that she feels the prayer’s and just knows that everything is going to be okay. Please contact Traci with a great support system to help pull her through the next couple of weeks as she and her family await surgery. It has my eyes swelled up with tears to even think of this young mother and friend of mine to be grief stricken with a brain tumor to contend with. Many prayer’s and much love and thanksgiving for you, Traci, the wonderful soul, always full of belief in Karma and the doting wonderful courageous mother that you have always been, putting your children first, in all that you and Shane do. We love you and keep you uplifted, Love, April and Tyler

I have had my natural grandfather to die of a brain tumor cancer several years ago when I was living in Chamblee/Buckhead. I had to visit him at Tanner Medical during his illness and knew that the would be passing soon of the brain tumor cancer and held his hand as he told me how sick he was. Several years before this I visited him and my uncle, his son at his home in Villa Rica GA and took a bible and prayed over my grandfather, the alcoholic and very abusive man he once was. I wonder to this day if the Lord our God saved him in his last dying moments. I can only hope so.

I have often wanted to share mine and my family’s medical records with a gentleman that crossed my life’s path about 10 years ago. We never actually met, but did come in contact with one another, and I have longed to share mine and my family’s medical history with and my medical records with him and his family for history’s sake and have often thought of setting up a foundation in the name of all this above. For mine and his family. He is an amazing young man and I so wish I could have been a part of his life feeling that we were put together for a special purpose in the Lord’s name and glory, but never got the opportunity to share in this. Cancer is a terrible disease and I have lost all 6 of my grandparent’s and my father of The Fuller Family Farms in Covington to Cancer, including my 43 year old first cousin to breast cancer. With my natural grandfather passing of brain tumor cancer. Cancer scares me to death and I always hold a special place for it in my heart of hearts, given my natural grandmother passed of cancer too when I was at the age of 10. I would love to join or set up a foundation and medical record’s log for history of the importance of protecting one’s health and the great importance of protecting and preserving family and land’s sake history.  I do not know if I will ever be given the opportunity to join in with or start this foundation and to have another share with me the history and protection of our families, but I can hope and let other’s know of my honest, sincere and thanksgiving attitude and wishes that I carry for this possible foundation, and have for year’s now. A foundation in the making.

Please remember Traci and Shane and their children this week as she and her family need all your support and uplifting. As she struggles through this brain tumor surgery, I know she will love and does greatly appreciate all the communities help and support. I truly hate it when cancer effects anyone, but to have it so close to home, is terrifying. We uplift and raise you higher, Traci.



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