Day 19 and I am grateful for my education and career path I have held

Day 19 and I am grateful for my education and career path I have held.

My entire educational background has been in Newton County, Covington, GA.

Kindergarten – The Little Red School House

Elementary School – Ficquett

Middle School – Sharp

High School – Newton High

College – Dekalb Technical College, Covington Campus

Continuing Education – New Rock and View Point Health – CPS Certified Peer Specialist (currently)

I have held very interesting jobs over the years as well. I was Attorney,  Mr. Strauss very first intern to The Newton Public Defender’s Office during college. I graduated with an A for my internship.

I have worked as a legal office assistant for Davis, Zipperman, Kirschenbaum & Lotiito

I have worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer for The Southwest Key Program reporting to Honorable Schneider and Honorable Waters.

I have worked as a leasing consultant.

I have worked as a Contract Paralegal for The Georgia Force indoor Arena League Football Team, leaving my position according to the Georgia Department of Labor as leaving work to take my daughter to the physician early without permission.

I have worked in the Customer Service Department and as head cashier and overnight cashier and floor supervisor for Kroger.

I have worked as a day care caregiver at several Day Care Centers in and around Conyers and Covington.

I have worked for a reputable dry cleaner in my teenage years, in my teenage years I also worked for Hallmark Cards & Gifts, learning to wrap gifts was  a great pleasure.

I have worked for Macy’s Corporate Offices as a Computer Analyst and for their Account’s Payable offices at Panola Road before they moved their offices to New York City.  I worked here after high school when my now 21 year old son was just a baby.

I worked for the same Day Care Center that my children attended as I met their father, my 3 adopted daughter’s, following my lay off from Macy’s because of their move.

I have worked as a Teacher’s Aide for Rockdale County Public Schools in the past.

I have also volunteered over the course of my life time on and time off. I am currently and have been over a year now volunteering at The Social Circle Rehabilitation Center in Social Circle GA.

I am currently a student pursuing my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification from the State of GA and take and teach classes each week.

I am also a graduate of Mr. Joel Slack and The Respect Institute of the State of GA.

I am grateful to have a college degree and to be able to attend continuing education classes in Newton County as well. My entire education has been in Newton County and I plan to work as  CPS in the Covington/Conyers/Atlanta area once I graduate and get accepted as a CPS.

I have always loved the library as well. I visit often. My aunt, Cleo Fuller was a librarian for many years who is now retired. Her son Allen Fuller takes care of his ailing mother.

Day 19 and I am grateful for my education and continuing education classes currently underway.



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