Good Night from Covington GA USA

As I sit here after midnight now awaiting to hear from my missing roomate and friend Carolyn I wanted to take a moment this evening to say Good Night. I went to the grand Christmas Tree and Courthouse lighting last Thursday in downtown Covington and it sure was a beautiful sight. I got lots of photographs so please join me at my facebook and my Covington News blog for all the photographs of the event. The Festival of Trees Newton County is awesome this year and has many Christmas Trees and wreaths to bid on. They have some delightful areas called Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. Children were making Arts & Crafts and they also have  a yard sale where they had some very pretty items for sale for $1.00 $2.00 and $3.00. A very nice spot to pick up some Christmas ornaments and even to take your children shopping at. This little Angel touched my heart when I came across her and I fell in love with her. She would look great on a mantle or in a child’s stocking or for an elderly loved one that may need the spirit of the season. This little Angel brought a lot of joy to my heart the night I saw her. And just know someone will have a lovely little Angel to call their own this Christmas. I spoke to a gentleman that I have known since middle school over the weekend. And I hope to get the opportunity to talk to him over the week again. His photographs really struck a cord in my heart and left me with the feelings of his warmth and sincerity for life. Had me thinking about what a go getter I am and how I hope that I touched him somewhere deep inside. I have been doing lots of soul searching this month and celebrate the passing of my grandmother Dora’s death today, the 24th and 25th. As she was very sick with Cancer and passed on Thanksgiving day in 1982. This little Angel girl is for you maw maw. I miss your friendship that you shared with me and I am sorry that I do not pray often enough anymore through you to the Lord as I did when I was just a child. I think of you often and have you on my heart a lot and promise to keep your memory alive and healthy this holiday. As I was thinking about what a go getter I am I came across several quotes on facebook that caught my attention. One being Create a Life that Tickles Your Soul. Dr. Suzanne Zoglio

I fell in love with this quote and thought I wonder why the whole world is not like this. I am and often times the world does not conform and I am left to wonder why the whole world does not have the heart of gold that I have. It can often times be gut wrenching and painful when the horrid world does not share in your joy for the exuberance of life and friendship and happiness among one another. This holiday has me thinking of what the humanitarian I have become and how much I love mankind and hope to touch the soul of another before my passing days are upon me. I hope to find that soul mate of mine somewhere in this big wide world and share my life with them. They must be out there somewhere. They have to be. I have so much to offer the world that I get torn up and shaken up when I feel at a loss in the world. When I feel a loss of life and a loss of love, I get upset and begin soul searching even deeper, searching for the root and heart of me. The root and heart of me that exists in my dreams and in my world that I so long to share with another, to share with the world. I enjoy sharing my life with the world and try my best to be open, honest and include everyone on my day to day life. Keeping my spirits up and working hard daily has become a mindset and a life long goal of mine is to enhance my humanitarian love of mankind and to strengthen those that cross my path by sharing my life experiences and advocating for myself, my children, children of this state, family violence victims, those parentally alienated, the mentally challenged and physically and mentally disabled and the elderly as I have been a volunteer for some time now. Leaving behind a lasting legacy in and out of a court of law for my children and grandchildren to be proud of when they become old enough and strong enough to understand my points and my point of view. Only that time and distance has kept us apart and nothing else. A love and a bond that was once so great that no one could have torn it apart, only to be shattered in a moment’s notice. A bond that is still in the healing stages and process. Relationships that once were very strong and no wrongdoing on my behalf ever as a mother or as a wife to ever be mentioned of in this State. Only that time and distance have made its way deep into our souls leaving behind alienation, estrangement and harbored feelings frayed and tossled around us. Praying that this little Angel makes its way into a loving home. Good night from Covington GA USA and get by The Festival of Trees Newton and pick yourself up an Angel.  2013-11-21 17.45.24



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