A winter wonderland Chimney Park


Chimney Park was all lit up this evening. Everyone from near and far came to enjoy in the experience of the BonFire and the Christmas lights. It was a beautiful sight and was so much fun around the BonFire roasting marshmallows for Smores. Chimney Park had lights at every corner and had workers who were helping others with hot dogs and hot chocolate. A pianist was on hand from Michael’s music and played beautifully as everyone stood around the BonFire listening to the pleasure in his Christmas tunes. The children were having such a good time with the marshmallows and screaming with delight at the reindeer all lit up. Chimney Park will have their lights lit up every night from now until Christmas. The admission tonight was $2.00 a person and was well worth it. Chimney Park also has wreaths for sale too. Homemade Christmas wreaths from ladies in the community. Newton County has certainly outdone themselves this Christmas season between the historic Square and Chimney Park everyone should take the time to experience both. Having a rosy Christmas and enjoying photographing my hometown. Merry Christmas.

Note: It is taking a while for the browser to upload the photos. I will be done with them this evening, keep checking back for the full detail of photographs of Chimney Park.

IMG_0791 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0812 IMG_0835 IMG_0848


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