My beloved friend Christy from Hawaii sent me Santa this year!

Santa Claus came to see me thanks to my beloved and dear friend Christy from Hawaii. I opened this up late last night and everything smells so wonderful. I slept curled up with the scarf it smelled so good. It smells like a herbal and candle store. I slept like a baby and went through everything sitting by the Christmas Tree in amazement and so happy at all my lovely gifts. She sent me a Dolphin wind chime, Healing Angel Cards, Lady’s Choice Hot Tea and diffuser, Incense, Rose Lip Balm, A new beautiful set of Amethyst jewelry, she knows my birthstone is amethyst and picked out the greatest jewelry. She gave me a necklace sometime back with an amethyst pendant that I wear everyday and so many people love it. Now I have a new one to go with this. It is so lovely too. A rock that says All things are possible with God and a beautiful piece of Amethyst Rock that I will cherish and hold dear and near to my heart everyday as I look towards Amethyst for its healing powers. I could not ask for a better friend or facebook friend, and to be all the way in Hawaii. Christy has make my Christmas wonderful and bright. I have lots of new and shiny gifts to enjoy this holiday season. I am so thankful for her gift and will hold it all very dear to my heart. I will wear my warm and charming scarf everyday the rest of the winter. It is so pretty and has the greatest design ever on it. It is turquoise and gray with black adorning it. Thank you could “never” be enough to express my joy over this care package. Christy sent me the best card that says “May divine grace be always upon you” Amen, As I truly do need divine grace and she knows this and still loves me with all my flaws and misgivings. Christy, you have made Christmas possible at my house and I could never thank you enough. You will see me wearing my necklace everyday and cannot wait for all the wonderful compliments I know I will get. I love you my dear friend and you have made my home a heavenly place of warmth and divine love. Your love is beyond measure one of the greatest I have ever seen over the years as you always support me and show your love. May divine grace be always upon you too, Christy. May it shine strong upon your face as you do my heart everyday.



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