A Christmas to remember for a lifetime

Our last Christmas spent as a family was in 2003 as mother and children we spent our last year together attending all the Georgia Force games. Our last year spent together was spent at my place of business while I was leasing consultant manager and contract paralegal to the indoor arena league football team The Georgia Force. This last year in 2033 – 2004 was spent with me and my children only at my place of business and in attendance at all the Georgia Force games. We spent this last year just the five of us as mother and child and with them celebrating birthday’s with the indoor football league team The Georgia Force on the field with the cheerleader’s. We had a magical last year spent together. This Christmas photo is of their last Christmas as siblings at my place of employment in its lobby in 2003. A Christmas Tree that I decorated and was given the liberty of photographing my children in its beautiful lobby. It was Christmas 2003 and it was a magical time given I was a very productive leasing consultant manager and contract paralegal and got paid lucratively and spent it all on my family for Christmas. My children got everything that their heart’s desired. This was the last Christmas that they spent as siblings after ten year’s of growing up together. I photographed my five children in the beautiful lobby that was home to The Georgia Force and their families for the season of 2003 – 2004. A Christmas Tree that I loved decorating and spending time with my children during that last year of our lives as a family. We spent the season together and they had a blast every weekend and brought all their friends to the Georgia Force games. I had no idea that this would be the last year I would spend with my four beautiful daughter’s, but it was. A Christmas to remember and preserve forever. My divorce began in February of 2004 following that amazing Christmas and by August I was hospitalized at Peachford for emotional diagnosis and marital discord and abuse, of which has all been officially authenticated for the court’s. Their last year spent with me was a very lovely time for all of us spent with The Georgia Force and their families and on video at all the games at the Gwinnett Arena, just me and my children each and every weekend and them in attendance week in and week out at my place of business with me as primary care giver and mother. I hope that they have clung tight to this last year of memories made as mother and daughter’s. Me and my son have continued to maintain a very close, caring, open and loving relationship through the year’s and he has always been a dear friend of mine and has grown into my being my best friend through the year’s. My son has carried me when I have been unable to at times even carry myself. As authenticated by The Georgia Department of Labor I was released from my place of employment for leaving work early one day without permission. My youngest daughter was sick at the time and I did leave to take her to the physician having to lock the office and rush off one day. It was a very memorable last year spent as a family. I often have a hard time separating the two. My last year as leasing consultant and contract manager and the last Christmas my children would spend together as a family and unbeknownst to me the last Christmas I would spend with four daughter’s. I will know no healing until our relationships have been fully reestablished and a full reunification process has taken place. I have found no healing since 2004 and it has been nearly ten years now. This is our tenth anniversary separated. On this our tenth anniversary Christmas separated I wish for my children bright and beautiful lives. Lives of wishes that come true to life and for them to be blessed and held close by the Lord our God. I cannot seem to be able to separate the two, it being the last Christmas we spent as a family. Not being able to separate my job position and our last Christmas spent together has caused me great stress and anxiety over the last ten years. I have carried a huge burden in my heart for ten years now and see no end in sight. The State of Georgia did make right a wrong and a grave injustice that was bestowed upon me and my daughter’s, finally they made it right several years ago but we continue to be alienated and estranged from one another as we have not had a reunification process since 2004. I am left to wonder what they have been told about the true cold hard facts of our estrangement. As there has never been any wrongdoing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife to ever be presented to this state of Georgia, I am left to wonder and ponder what exactly they have been told as I have fought long and hard in and out of the courtroom to continue to maintain a true and proper relationship with all my daughter’s, just as I have with my son. I’d give them the Christmas present of love. Love for themselves and love for other’s and in hopes that they would grow into the humanitarians that I raised them as. Knowing my son has but left to wonder what my daughter’s must be like. What they love, what they enjoy. I am left to ponder all these questions and wishing to give them the Christmas present of my love once again. A love that has remained very strong and true and has never died, not even for a single moment. My love has carried through for all five of my children, greater and stronger each and every year since our separation in 2004 with that our last year in Christmas 2003 ten years ago. Ten year’s has came and went by so swiftly, sometimes I cannot believe it myself as it seems just like yesterday that we sat around the Christmas Tree together as a family celebrating with life and love that our last Christmas in 2003. Out of all the gifts I could give my daughter’s it would be the gift of love  and my love for the Lord our God and my love of mankind. I feel that given this was our last year together, spent among my place of business and with The Georgia Force and their families and that I have never had any wrong doing on my behalf to be presented, not ever, not as a mother nor as a wife and the fact that I have never given up on seeing them and being a part of their lives and with my court appearances and community involvement and my education that I have spent the last ten years making a wonderful life for myself. One of great friends and even better mentors. I feel that as I have been a blogger at The Covington News for over two years now that I have spent a lot of time actively involved in my community and left behind a lasting legacy for my daughter’s in the O.C.G.A, in and out of the courtroom. I hope that one day I am able to show them the true chronological sequence of events that have actually taken place. A time line that has left me empty handed even given my hard struggle and hard fight. A state that has made everything right over the year’s, but still with no end in sight for our relationship and no end in sight for my distress and anxiety over our distressed relationships. Wishing for you and your children a day of great comfort and joy. Take full advantage of every moment ceasing never to love and hold one another close as you never know when it may be your last. Merry Christmas my children, my daughter’s.  A Glorious day to each of you and your families. Merry Christmas, I hope you all take the time to visit me for the last two years of my life at my Covington News blog and know that I have never abandoned you and have always had your best interest at the forefront of my heart. A glorious day to each of you, my daughter’s. May the wind always be at your back and may you experience love and the love of mankind as you grow older and into young ladies.  We love you, Love April & Tyler




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