Happy New Year A new beginning to begin again 2014

Happy New Year 2014. I am not very fond of Olde Town Conyers as I often took my children there while they were growing up and the Offices of LaMalva & Oeland are in Olde Town. An attorney that was neglectful and ruined my life and livelyhood. I pay a visit to their door everytime I go to Olde Town Conyers. Being so neglectful as to never have had reported family violence and allowing mine and my daughter’s lives to be ruined and ripped apart by the seems. As there has never been any wrong doing on my part of behalf, none to even ever be presented to this State as a mother nor as a wife or my motherly or wifely obligations, the attorney firm was negligent in reporting the full and true accurate record to the courts. But as I visit Olde Town a flood of memories come rushing in and I get this overwhelmingly feeling of sickness and sadness. I enjoy visiting the   Celtic and The Pointe and so I decided to spend my New Year’s Eve ringing it in fighting a battle head on that has always lay close to my heart. Visiting Olde Town. I am bound and determined to climb this mountain and overcome my hurt and anger for this town.

I spent the evening watching Karaoke at The Celtic and playing pool at The Pointe Tavern with a friend and rang in the New Year at midnight with a toast of champagne. Bound and determined to overcome my pain for this town as I sat thinking on where has the time gone? A ten year history now at this point that has left me shattered and broken. I am praying with the New Year that it gets a lot easier to visit Olde Town and to be a part of this community again. I feel that I would much rather live in Covington than in Conyers. I hope to be moving sometime by the Spring back to Covington. I hope that your New Year is full of many brand new days and bright ones. Wanting to make the most out of this year by continuing with my blog at The Covington News and hopefully making ground with my life. Hoping to have a fresh new start, a clean page to grow and learn from. I actually really enjoyed playing pool at The Pointe. I may go more often.

Hoping your New Year is full of prosperous decisions and is full of love and good cheer. Make the most of every moment as for me a ten year anniversary has came and is now upon me and I have been left to wonder and ponder on where the time has gone and how the next ten years will be. Hopefully your New Year’s day is the beginning of a new era as we enter into 2014.

Happy New Year!



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