An ice day!

The last time I went ice skating in Olde Town Conyers was in the winter of 2004 when I took all five of my children. I have a beautiful photo of all five of my children in their ice skates enjoying the rink. This was one of the very last things that my children did together as all five siblings. It is my ten year anniversary approaching so I decided to face it head on and venture back out onto the ice today. Being in Olde Town Conyers always brings up a flood of memories for me and usually hits my heart pretty hard. I live in Conyers but would much rather spend all my time in Covington. A place I love. One that has not tainted my life and livelyhood. I do not know if I will ever be able to visit Olde Town and not be upset within my soul. A town I once graced with five children A town that held my marital home near the Georgia International Horse Park. A town that I used to love dearly. To go from five children on a regular basis and me as acting primary care giver to only one son has been devastating for me. A last year together that was spent at The Gwinnett Arena with the indoor arena league The Georgia Force that I was leasing consultant and contract paralegal to the player’s and their families, A beautiful Christmas spent among mother and children and the ice skating trip in the winter of 2004. To go from spending an entire year and an entire ten years together to diminish to nothing has been very traumatic for me. Even given there has never been any wrongdoing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife, not ever to even be presented, I have suffered estrangement and alienation even though the state did make right a terrible wrong. 6 lives to go from very open, caring and loving to nothing in a matter of overnight has been the worst nightmare of my life. The worst nightmare of anyone’s lives to lose contact with  their child(ren) over night. I went ice skating today to celebrate the ten year anniversary and to hopefully overcome some of my fears and anxiety about the town. In 2008 when I filed my Pro Se case against Mr. Sasser a lot of that anxiety was removed by Honorable Sidney Nation ruling in my favor based on my Pro Se case. My children are 14 and older at this point and it will not be long before me and my son get to spend some very much needed quality time with my youngest daughter, his baby sister. I keep telling myself that it will be here before you know it as she is going on 15 years old now and will soon enough hopefully want to be an active part of our lives. Going skating today and reminiscing over the ten year anniversary was a happy moment and was filled with very fun ice skating. I did not fall not once. It was a very pleasurable afternoon spent in Olde Town Conyers. The rink is open until February 2nd 2014 and is full of fun to be had by all. The little ones were so cute as they hurried and hustled by, often falling and getting right back up and trying again. Enjoyed the afternoon ice skating and reminiscing over my ten year anniversary of the last winter spent with my five children. Hopefully they recall all the wonderful memories just as I do. All their photographs being clean, happy and wholesome children and siblings. I hope they remember their ice skating trip that winter and cherish the fond memories that I hold so dear. The ice was nice.

IMG_0897 IMG_0906


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