Snowed “In” 2014

So very happy to say I am Snowed “IN”, snowed in and very warm and safe during this Snow blizzard of 2014. I was out and about during the afternoon hours and had (no) traffic problems whatsoever. There are those less fortunate who have been stuck for hours. The traffic stories in the state have been horrific and terrifying. What a mess this Snow blizzard has caused for the State. I watched the 11:00 news in amazement at all the terror around the State of GA., and have friends who were and are still during the wee morning hours of Wednesday stuck in traffic. I have been so fortunate to be able to enjoy the snow and its beauty. Cherishing each moment of mother nature that the good Lord has provided us with. Like a brand new page, a fresh new Chapter, a bright  new beginning. So crystal clean and beautiful. The good Lord certainly blessed us with the newness and purity of Snow. So much fun to enjoy when home safe and warm. I hope this blog finds you safe and in the warm comforts of home or with loved ones. Enjoying the snow in and around Covington today has been a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I ventured out. Prayerful that Wednesday brings a much better day to all and provides you with the comforts of safety, warmth and love with loved ones and not out stuck cold and wet. I want to get back out and about on Wednesday but am really scared to attempt driving in the snow covered ice. It concerns me that it will still be treacherous. I can imagine that the Square is a white blanket covered beautiful sight to behold right now. On facebook I saw the abominable snowman all around Covington, making his way to all the lovely places around town. So cute and funny! Check out Downtown Covington, GA Main Street’s facebook page and check out the abominable snowman! If you get out please be careful. I may just be spending Snow day 2 in the comforts of home. Prayerful for the warmth and safety of everyone. Me and Mark had lunch at Waffle House and the entire City of Covington road crew was having lunch getting ready to save the towne! How neat to get to see all of them getting ready to go hard at work for the City of Covington at Waffle House! Perhaps a few more pictures today, we shall see. Enjoy the love and warmth of comfort and loved ones today as we are still snowed in. The entire State of GA has been declared in a state of emergency so may be best to stay home and be snowed “In!”

snow2014markscabin snow20142IMG_0974


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