Updated open letter and correspondence of 2014 to The Alcovy Judicial Circuit

In the process of gathering up all the many year’s open Court Order’s and presenting an open letter to Honorable Ozburn and correspondence to the Mental Health Courts of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. I plan on presenting the many wins to mine and my daughter’s full favor and behalf with providing the open Court Order’s along with correspondence through the year’s to the court’s. There have been many wins to our full favor and behalf and I plan on remaining in active and full correspondence with the court’s. I am putting together (another) book of correspondence for the court’s to have at their fingertips along with my deepest sincere feelings, wishes and fact’s to accompany the open court ordered wins. I plan on providing the same booklet I have been using for years which contains the following correspondence through the years :

Photographs of me and my daughter’s where my daughter’s are all very happy, healthy, nurtured children and siblings.

Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence named Georgia’s Task Force of the Year.

Domestic & Sexual Violence in Georgia.

Open letter dated February 2009.

Prepared, proposed Opinion of Honorable Nancy Bills (Mr. Sasser’s attorney at the time of May 2004) awarding me custody of my youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser NOT to interfere in the relationship of me and my older three adopted step – daughter’s. Awarding me custody of our youngest daughter and stating that Mr. Sasser shall not act in any way to restrict or hinder my visitation with the children. Presiding Honorable Sidney Nation

Rockdale County Simple Battery Case Number 08-05-2004 #0414569 authenticated letter from Lt. John Mumford.

Letter of diagnosis of marital discord and marital abuse from Northside Hospital and Peachford Hospital of Atlanta GA., .

Letter from Behavioral Solutions and Dr. Asaf Aleem stating that I am not a danger to myself or other’s and exhibits good judgment and concern for my family dated September 2004.

Final Judgment and Decree dated November 2005 Honorable Sidney Nation. Whereas there is NO record of wrongdoing on my behalf as a mother NOR as a wife, through the many year’s of marriage to Mr. Sasser and NONE during the course of the divorce proceedings NOR NONE during the course of the custody and visitation issues surrounding our four daughter’s.

Letters from Atlanta Legal Aid Society and Georgia Legal Services Program denying me assistance whereas I had to proceed to file a Pro Se case in open court in Rockdale County all on my own regarding my daughter’s, of which was accepted and ruled in our full favor and behalf.

Letter from Dekalb Community Service Board with diagnosis of a long history of marital abuse and concerns of not being able to see my children dated March 2007.

Open letter of my concerns dated March 2007

Open letter to Honorable Samuel Ozburn dated June 2007 of my concerns.

Public blogs of my daughter’s.

Interim Order in our full favor and behalf of Rockdale County, Honorable Sidney Nation dated March 2008.

High school Diploma.

Order of full and complete Adoption of my three step – daughter’s.

Notary Public.

College Diploma and Certifications.

Excellent employee evaluations.

Photography of volunteer work for The Prevention of Domestic Violence.

All authenticated, documented, open and public Court record’s of our many wins to our full favor and behalf from 2004 to present.

I plan on also including in my correspondence awards from View Point Health and graduation certification from The Respect Institute along with my educational background and leading classes during the course of my application to becoming a CPS Certified Peer Specialist for the State of GA., of which I have studied the manuals and made application twice now. Of which, I plan to continue to make application to until I am accepted as a CPS for the State of GA.,.

My educational background from :

Ficquett Elementary

Sharp Middle

Newton High

Dekalb Technical College

New Rock Day Programs – All of which are located in Covington, GA.,

Along with many other marital abuse and therapy records from 1994 to present.

I plan to present to The Alcovy Judicial Circuit this updated and authenticated booklet and correspondence in the very near future. I have pretty much kept very accurate record’s of the sequence of events from 1992 to present and plan on showing my children this book one day in the very near future as well. These facts and record’s do not lie. They tell the story in chronological sequence of a mother that has lost contact with her children for no verifiable NOR JUST cause reason. There has been NO wrongdoing on my part NOR behalf as a mother NOR as a wife during the course of these proceedings, NOT EVER and I have usually documented of the fact’s and have often left out my feelings and how devastating this has been to me. It has been truly a horrific and terrifying experience to have to endure and has caused me much pain, grief and anxiety through the years with five lives being ruined for no apparent NOR JUST reason. I have been in a constant state of turmoil since August of 2004 to present regarding my daughter’s and have NEVER healed from being hurt all these many years even to current and present date. My feelings and life have been turned upside down and shattered for NO JUST REASONING. Even given our many wins in open, public court record’s through the man years, I have still had NO relief or resolution and continue to suffer immensely. I will be working on this updated authenticated booklet over the next little bit getting ready to prepare another booklet with open letter and correspondence dated 2014. I plan on remaining in a constant state of contact with the Court’s and with mine and my daughter’s therapist, to hopefully have that reunification process with my daughter’s one day very soon. Acting as primary caregiver for many, many years and spending our last year together as mother and daughter’s with all 5 of my children and me spending time together at my place of employment in the position of Leasing Consultant Manager and Contract Paralegal to the indoor arena league football team, The GA Force. Our last year together in 2003-2004 was spent at my place of employment and at all the games together, just me and my children, alone, with an excellent employee evaluation, with above average ratings while employed.

I plan to get this updated open letter written along with correspondence and updated booklet together and mailed out very soon and will post of the open correspondence once I get it written and ready for mailing. Thank you all for your continued support and outpouring of love that I do receive.

My daughter’s will know and be made aware of my love and my support in and out of the court room’s for the many year’s of marriage, motherhood and suffering I have been forced to endure with no healing in sight.





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