The importance of Advocacy and the 9 essay questions to becoming a Certified Peer Specialist

The importance of Advocacy and the 9 essay questions to becoming a Certified Peer Specialist

Good Morning during these wee hours of the morning. Just put on a fresh pot of coffee. Trying to decide whether or not to submit my application this Spring for my CPS Certification. Only 9 questions standing in between me and my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification. 9 essay question & answers. Please note the blog where I have shared the requirements taking special notice to the fact that being an advocate is part of the States requirements. I have led the perfect life of advocacy since my early 20’s for myself and for all of my children including my adopted step daughters. Advocacy is a state requirement and so very important. The last two applications I have submitted the very same application. This time I will be submitting a fresh new set of answers and a fresh new application if I decide to submit at all. Still on the fence about it. I may want until the summer application where testing will be in Augusta. I am trying to make the decision now. I have been working closely with the ACT Team in my community and have been discussing with the Vocational Specialist the fact of obtaining my bachelors degree online. This is another goal of mine that I hope to achieve in the very near future. Being a part of View Point Health, New Rock Day Services program school, supported employment  and now the ACT Team has been very rewarding for me. I cannot stress enough how important advocacy is. My advocacy did not just begin. I have been an advocate for all of my children since 1992 to present. Advocacy is not only important but is a requirement of the State. Advocacy is  a business I have been a part of for 20 plus years. Working closely with the ACT Team and in high hopes of obtaining my bachelors degree online in the very near future. I never expected to obtain a college degree at all with 5 children but I made it through and now have the opportunity to receive my bachelors degree with help from the ACT Team. With Honorable Ozburn as my private attorney as a young teenage girl I was able to develop a stable home environment and able to graduate high school. A fact that was very far from coming true before his legal representation and that I will forever be indebted for and very grateful of. That experience saved my life and I will forever hold his judgment and opinion in the highest regard as I always have.

I have the qualifications, educational background and experience to becoming a CPS I have just got to get my words right on the essay exam and application.

If you care to you may use these links to read up on becoming a CPS :

Intentions of working through some self help worksheets from Peachford this weekend and my WRAP book (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support.

active support, esp of a cause

As I study up on becoming a CPS these are the questions on the Pre – Test that must be answered.

1. Why do you want to become a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)?

2. What makes you a good candidate to work with other consumers in the mental health field?

3. What does recovery mean to you?

4. What were some of the important factors in your own recovery?

5. What types of experiences have you had in advocating for consumers of mental health services? Please describe in detail, listing efforts in letter – writing, personal advocacy, public testimony, programs you began, or the work you are doing now. Be specific.

6. Why do you think it is important for CPS s to tell their recovery stories?

7. What will be your most difficult challenge in attending this training? How will you deal with this challenge?

8. Describe your current employment (or volunteer situation). If neither applies, how do you spend your time?

9. Is there anything else you would like us to know in considering you for the Peer Specialist Certification training?




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