My Journey to becoming a Georgia State Certified Peer Specialist 2013-2014

My Journey to becoming a Georgia State Certified Peer Specialist 2013-2014

Advocacy is a grand part of becoming a CPS. I have over 20 years experience with advocating for not only myself but for children. My very own and my three adopted step daughters during my marriage to their father, Mr. Sasser and the adoption process.

Georgia CPS Project Sharing the Hope

How do I become a CPS?

Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED

Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre test which is part of the application.

Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

Must be well grounded in recovery.

The Georgia CPS Project has been an active part of my life for sometime now. I have had the desire to become a CPS for several years now. This marks my third attempt at applying. Your essay exam application must be hand chosen in order to attend training. I imagine I will continue to apply until at which point I am finally chosen. My CPS Ms. Brenda Williams is a great mentor and friend. She has informed me that she also failed at several attempts to become a CPS and among other endeavors that have crossed her life she has not always passed the first go round. Her inspiration and encouragement keep me going and prompt me to continue with my dreams of becoming a CPS. I am now currently also working with The ACT Team of GA and am in high hopes of continuing my degree from Dekalb Technical College, Covington Campus, Business and Legal Office Administration and Paralegal Certification by continuing my education online to obtain my bachelors degree from the State of GA. We have been discussing it during my ACT Team meetings. I want to pass my CPS Certification first and then progress into obtaining my bachelors degree.

I never dreamed I would have any high school or college education and within the last 40 years have managed to do both and with 5 children to care for and working full time. I am gradually getting back into life. The nine to five world as you would call it. It will take me some time but I will get there. Hopefully sooner than later. Being separated and alienated from my children in 2004 nearly killed me and killed my life, my livelyhood and my spirit. What was once a thriving, productive young lady with 5 children attending college, working and no diagnosis of mental health illness turned completely around for me. It was all shattered within a few days time. Never to return. Not nearly killed me, it did and the fact still remains yet I work through it daily. I have worked through it daily for ten years now. On my way to becoming a CPS.



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