High atop The Mystic Grill Downtown Covington GA Home to The Vampire Diaries

High atop The Mystic Grill Downtown Covington GA Home to The Vampire Diaries

High atop The Mystic Grill this fine GA evening. Management tells me that in about 2 weeks The Mystic Grill will have rooftop seating with bar stools, tables and a couch. It is right next to The Clock Tower. I love this view. I plan to get many more photos of The Mystic Grill’s rooftop seating just as soon as it opens. There was already a crowd ready to enjoy at 5:00 this evening. Goodness I love this little town. And I stopped by Brendale’s on the Square Park today to ask about Miss Me Shorts and they are not going to carry them this season but I did find out that you can wear “white” “YEAR ROUND”, now! I was so excited to hear this! I love wearing white and according to (Brendale’s) you can now wear it year round no longer having to wait until after Easter! The Square Park was beginning to get all decorated up for Spring and Easter today. I caught the hint of a few bunny rabbits at Sherwood’s Flowers and will be back! It was such a gorgeous day out today breathing all that fresh air and warm sunshine in! We welcome March in just a few days now and less than a month to go until it is officially Spring. WOW rooftop seating at The Mystic Grill! Square Perk is my home away from home but I cannot pass up coffee on the rooftop being right up close and personal with the Clock Tower! Have a visit with Downtown Covington and take in the sights and come watch The Vampire Diaries filming. Mystic Falls Tours is now open on the historic Square.

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