I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.

I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.

When I post photography or even quotes on facebook they are telling a story. The life I lead as a storyteller. I try and only post what is true to life and true to my heart. Even in the quotes and icons I share on facebook and at my Covington News blog. I try being a story teller and showing you and sharing with you my life and life’s events from day to day. I also love to have a photograph to accompany a story or a life event. The two go hand in hand very well and adorn each other with love, laughter and the joyous time you are having and the joy you are showing off by sharing your life with others. I will be the first to admit that I know exactly what it is like to not have a life. There was once upon a time where all I did  was stay in my room and write correspondence to everyone I could think of regarding the injustice to me and my daughter’s. I had no life and robbed myself daily of so much joy. I still feel frightened and timid at times and try not letting myself become overwhelmed with this fit of frightfulness. Being a young single mother and going it alone it often times becomes very scary and how overwhelming it can get if you are not careful. I had to pull myself up and pull myself together not only for myself but for my son’s sake. I was fighting religiously for my daughter and at the time years ago not doing very much for myself. I have learned that you have to make time for yourself and for those you love and to let them know of your love for them. I was missing out on so much in life. I still often times hold back but have came a long way in such a short time period. Me and my son have traveled this world alone over the last few years his friendship often times being the only thing holding me together. He is still my best friend to this day. With my son, Tyler and my best friend Mark at my side I could not ask for more in life. I was able to spend this beautiful March day with both of my two favorite men and it made for  a very enjoyable day. I listened while in conversation and learned a lot and hope to apply it to my life. Their words are like honey to me. Like gold. I love you guy’s and thank you for a beautiful March day!

aprilandtylerspring2014 aprilspring2014 aprilspringwithtyler2014


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