On my heart and mind are Paperwhite Daffodils

Got outside today and took a walk through my favorite part of my next door neighboring subdivision. I love their trees and walkways full of Ivy. Along my drive I walk I noticed Paperwhite Daffodils and had to pick a few for my bedroom desk. They were so white I had no idea that Daffodils could be so white and then I discovered that they are called Paperwhite Daffodils. Spent all day Friday with my best friend Mark and missed him today. I hope it is just as gorgeous on Sunday as it was today. These Daffodils sure do warm my heart up as I have suffered seasonal effective disorder and had bouts of depression this winter from all this cold weather. So ready for the warmer weather to officially be here everyday. Currently reading Let Your Life Speak and the Gratitudes (the beginning) section of the book was written and published in July of 1999 I was pregnant with my youngest daughter at the time. Nearing my third trimester. I too am listening for the voice of vocation.

I have rewritten all the essays, most of them substantially. My aim has been to create a real book not just a collection of articles about vocation, but a coherent exploration of a subject that engages many of us for the better part of our lives.

Parker J. Palmer

2014-03-08 15.21.48Snapshot_20140308


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