Loving my best friend

I took a walk this afternoon at one of my favorite spots to sit and thought and thought and thought. I have so much on my mind these days. From my daughter’s to our last court appearance and what the future holds for us to my Certified Peer Specialist nomination scholarship for training, my son Tyler’s future and onto my best friend Mark and his health. I already had so much on my mind and now Mark tells me he will be moving away from Conyers / Covington area. He will be going into a Senior Assisted living arrangement and his Ataxia and side effects of the stroke are worsening. As is I was not already feeling lost enough over the last couple of weeks now this. I am devastated and so upset and worried for him. I don’t think he will be too awfully far away but I so feel like I am losing a best friend. I cannot help but let the tears pour. I have been holding them in for weeks now and finally tonight I just could not take anymore. After we hung up I buried my face in my hands and am still crying. I am so worried about him and so worried of losing him. He has been my best friend for a long time now and I can not imagine life without him. A life without my best friend will be a terrible existence for me. I pray he stays near. He is such a beautiful soul, Why oh why does he have to be so frail and with such limited movement and mobility. He is in good health he just has such limitations in his ability to care for himself and the doctors evidently do not want him to be alone. I hate him being alone but at the same token do not want him to move away from me. Being so close to someone and having them move away is a very scary thought and I will have to make special arrangements to visit with him and take him out but I will make those special arrangements and go get him as much as I can. I will certainly miss our days at Square Perk and Mama Maria’s. Oh we have had some of the best times and most excellent talks as he has been a great mentor of mine and has shared his rich history in nursing and in his Mother’s days of being Mayor of Covington. He has shared some very rich history and wonderful things with me since our being best friends. I have been so luck to have him in my life and just don’t want to miss him and not get to see him as often. Praying for both of us tonight as I want him happy and healthy. I love my best friend, Lord. Thank you for the many precious moments we have shared and please give us the happiness of sharing many more.

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