Working on being happy again. A never ending chapter to my story.

Oh one more day to go and I get to spend the entire day on Sunday with my best friend, Mark. Mark has moved to Loganville and I have not seen him in almost 2 weeks during this moving process. I plan to spend the entire day on Sunday with him and get used to the route so I can spend even more time with him once I get the directions and mileage down pat. I have felt so lost without him. I have felt so saddened by his move. I was so scared just the other day about his moving until I found out he is only about 14 miles from me. It felt a lot better finding out he was not that far away. Having a best friend in Mark over the last couple of years has been awesome and he has taught me so much rich history and in his nursing along with his mother being Mayor Mrs. Allene Capes Burton. He has been a wonderful mentor to me since the inception of our friendship. Since our beginning days he has been a wonderful friend, teacher and confidant. I cannot imagine life without him. Being in pain, in depression where nothing penetrates you is a very unhappy place. Being heavy burdened and feeling helpless, hopeless, tense, scared and easily to cry are terrible heart wrenching feelings that I have experienced over the last couple of weeks. Finding out he was only about 14 miles from me made me feel so much better and had such a sense of relief and release that I cried at the enjoyment and happiness, too. Describing your experience with depression and getting in touch with how if feels can be the first step to overcoming the feelings. This is a mental, emotional and physical fact.

Working on steps to feeling happier. I am a self – help fanatic and am working this weekend on finding ways to ensure and find happiness. Feeling and knowing I will not be happy again until I am seeing Mark regularly again. But working hard to make sure  I am my best for him. Here is a list of steps to feeling happier that  I have penned about in my journal  from Peachford in the past.

Monitor Your Negative Thoughts – Negative thoughts are powerful, automatic and can quickly distort your thinking. Negative thinking is one thing that can destroy your self esteem. Talk to yourself in a positive way. Remember that all behaviors are governed by reinforcement. Positive self – talk really works.

Dispute Your Negative Self Talk – Learn to challenge the negative self talk. Focus on what you are accomplishing and give yourself credit for the things you are doing well. Remember that it’s all in the attitude.

Practice Assertiveness – Learning to speak up in tactful and diplomatic ways to the source of your stress is very important. You might not get what you want, but t least you made an honest attempt and effort. Holding thoughts and feelings inside can be very dangerous to your emotional health.

Get Rid of The Anger – Anger produces all kinds of physical and mental ailments. Learn to reduce your anger. Talk it out with a friend or confront the source of your anger. Remember that chronic repressed anger is a killer and can result in depression.

Talk Your Frustrations Out With a Support Group – Confession is good for the soul. It is important to connect with others who understand your issues. People who are empathetic to your problems can help you reduce your daily irritations just by listening.

Maintain a Sense of Humor – Learn not to take yourself so seriously. Perfectionistic and highly critical people lost a lot of happy living by their seriousness. Laughter is wonderful medicine for problems and it help you put things in perspective..

Participate in Some Exercise Program – The benefits of active exercise cannot be extolled enough, Positive physical changes, mental well being and the accomplishment of a goal all help to reduce stress. It is important to develop this habit on a regular basis.

Develop Interests – Everyone needs a passion. This gives you something to look forward to during the day and it keeps you vibrant and interesting. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you enjoy it.

Learn to Let It Go – Whatever your worry , will it really be that important later on ? How important is it in the big picture? Remember to choose your battles, only worry about the things you have control over and let the rest go.

Practice Relaxation Techniques – Deep Breathing with positive images reduces tension and anxiety. Practicing the techniques daily will help you develop this skill. You can learn to control your mental and physical tension this way.

Not even feeling interested in doing the things I love the most has hit me really hard over the last couple of weeks and I intend to nip it in the bud and get back to my normal outgoing and loving nature. Full of life and happiness. I know that once I am back on a regular schedule of spending time with my best friend a lot of my depression and anxiety will disappear and get better but I have been so worried that he would be a million miles away that it has worked myself into a frenzy and frazzle as I have been trying to cope with the fact of his moving. Going through all our many photographs this evening and seeing how much loving time we have spent together brightens up my heart and spirit. Brightening up the spirit is my quest this weekend. I will see him on Sunday and we will get to spend the entire day together. There is no greater a love and bond than the love of a best friend.




Difficulties prepare you for victory. Failure prepares you for success. Poverty prepares you for prosperity. Ignorance prepares you for truth. God is the one who sends whatever it is you need to be prepared.


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