The beauty and faith of a bloom

When the Azalea blooms is going to mark a new beginning for me. Hopefully every year just as in this weekend.This past weekend I did some work for LifeWay Christian book stores in Conyers. Working with Lifeway once again has been a wonderful and uplifting experience just as was working at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center as day camp counselor in the summer of 1990.Working with LifeWay on their inventory for the season was a blessing for me. A couple of days ago  began this blog and am just now getting around to posting my photo of the beautiful Azalea.  I spent all day on Sunday with my dear best friend Mark and began to feel a little better about the situation in him moving to Loganville. It was only about 14 miles from me so the drive was not that bad. I cried tears when I saw him and felt better with his comforting. I have felt uneasy over the last couple of weeks and still felt an uneasiness about the air not being able to figure out exactly what was wrong or to put my finger on it. Just today Mark found out that a very close family member of his had passed away. I am betting that my uneasiness has been God’s way of preparing me that something awful was about to happen and to tell my heart to get ready. As close as we have been I feel in my heart of hearts that God has been speaking to me over the last couple of weeks preparing me to be able to help my dear friend through this terrible time and the Angels guiding me along my way helping me to be able to help Mark sort through all of this of his moving and now his family member passing away. The good Lord above has been enlightening me as to the sadness that was about to hit and the Azalea blooming to mark and pin point his moving and now his brother passing away. I will always remember this time of year as to when the Azalea blooms it marks a new beginning to a saddened terrible ending making way for a brighter tomorrow one full of faith and hope. Faith and hope in a world where there seems to be so little humbleness and loyalty among everyone. The Azalea blooming will always hold a special place in my heart and hold very strong significance that the Lord above is watching over me guiding me in all that I do and holding Mark in a special place in my heart and life. This Spring I have taken several photographs of the blooming trees along with a few Daffodil’s taking in their full beauty and appreciating Mother Nature for her rare moments of beauty that seem to only last a few days but are one of the most beautiful times of all. The blooming trees and Daffodils blooming only once for only a few days has marked a special place in my life this season and now to watch the Azalea bloom for only a short while yet be so majestic as to give off a world full of hope, a world so full of hope that you see God’s hand in all this Spring handy work. I have photographed white and pink flowering trees of the season and Daffodil’s and have now spotted a yellow blooming tree along the expressway line at the access road and want to take the time this week to get a photograph of its beauty before the blooms die out. Everything in bloom gives me strength and courage in faith and knowing that I can pray to God anytime and anywhere and he hears my cries. Knowing full well that Mayor Mrs. Allene Capes Burton is watching over her son as and angel high upon the throne and showing me that with loss comes life. Spring life. Marking this time of the season so that I will always remember it well and hold close to my heart. Knowing she truly is an angel and has sent the beauty of Spring to me to reside forever in my heart and in my life as a reminder of her love of life, love and the beauty that lies within poetry as she served as the Poet Laureate for Newton County for many years as well. The Poet Laureate is still speaking from within the grave and has truly touched my life with her son, Mark, my best friend being a mentor and loved one in my life. Her presence is certainly still with us. Mark gave me the poem “To My Love”, from Lines from Life, I will share it here. I keep it close at my desk so I can hold tight to its beauty. Working with LifeWay on their inventory for the season was a blessing for me. Working with the music section seeing all the various artists brought back some amazing memories and wonderful feelings of love, peace and laughter and a time in my life in 1990 where working for Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center was the only thing in this world I wanted and aspired to achieve, and did so with the Lord our Master’s help. A lot of the same Christian music acts and artists that were so very popular during my upbringing are still making CD’s and even their older versions are still selling. I ran into Mr. Hoyt Baker of Oxford Baptist Church, an elder in the congregation when I was growing up. He remembered exactly who  I was and we spoke for a while about ourselves and family. It was wonderful seeing a loving face and special elder and mentor from my childhood.

The beauty and faith of a bloom shows us that their is the possibility of new life and hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that is full of honesty and openness with what lies deeper than just the surface. A surface that I fully intend on digging beyond to a better place and time full of self – directed will power and hope. Awaiting the results of my scholarship application for Certified Peer Specialist for the State of GA and awaiting the States response as to my scholarship application. Hoping to know something any day now. Praying  I get accepted, and if not I will try and try again until I am accepted. Daydreams of digging beyond this surface to a better place and time. To my Love If every heart could know a love So true as this our own, Each man within the world would be A king upon his throne. If every heart could know a kiss Much sweeter than a dream, There never would a woman be less than a cherished queen. If every heart could know the joy within a sweet caress, There’d never be a hurting hand but only tenderness If every heart could know a faith So true as guides our way There’d be no lonely, broken hearts nor dreams to go astray. If every heart could dream a dream So sweet as you and I, Joys within the world would number enough to touch the sky. Mayor Mrs. Allene Capes Burton Poet Laureate Newton County




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