Blooming Wisteria and a walk of faith

I took an extra long walk yesterday clearing my head and thinking over the month ahead to come. Life right now seems so uphill. Working so hard to balance my life and budget my low income that it becomes overwhelming at times and I end up being left with very scary feelings towards life. I have been taking care of myself for the last ten years now and live month to month often times left wondering where my next meal is coming from. I know as I use my breath to complain about life being so hard someone somewhere is breathing their last. I try everyday to be so appreciative for what I do have. So far I have not gone to bed hungry and I have a roof over my head and can worship to the Lord each and everyday thanking him for my small, humble yet sometimes worth mentioning life. The walk as well as the past few weeks with Spring upon us has had me thinking of God’s creation and how beautifully wonderful it truly is. The flowering trees that I have photographed have been just awesome and the blooming Azalea has captured my heart. I was so shocked yesterday on my walk to stumble upon some blooming Wisteria. There is a little spot in town I keep watching for to bloom but so far it has not. It has started but it is not clear down to the sidewalk just yet. I hope I do not miss it in bloom. Seeing the Wisteria yesterday reminded me of just how beautiful and sacred God’s creation truly is. Leading a life where you walk by faith and not so much by sight. Another walk is in order today.

2014-04-08 16.43.53 2014-04-08 17.23.36


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