Project Planning for the GA Peer Institute & The GA Mental Health Consumer Network

“The major impact of a diagnosis of mental illness is a sense of loss and disconnection. The loss often involves the loss of friends, family, job, housing, money, children, meaning and purpose, but the major oss seems to be the loss in one’s belief that he or she can do anything that can have a positive effect on one’s life. ”

GA Peer Support Institute

I am responsible for presenting a project to my Peers and in my community. I have several things on my mind that I would like to choose from. The 5 stages of Recovery, The 5 Foundational beliefs of a Certified Peer Specialist and Recovered Dignity.

I am working on recovered dignity. I have been alienated from family members and it has really hit me hard. The scholarship for GA Peer Support Institute training is just the beginning of my journey to becoming a Certified Peer Specialist for the state of GA. Being alienated from family members causes a great deal of stress and anxiety and you feel as though you live through the death of a loved one each and every day that passes that you are separated from loved ones.

One thing I learned at the Peer Institute was that I need to focus more on my “Recovery story” as opposed to my “Illness story.” This is something that I need to work on. More of my accomplishments and goals met than the downside and sadness of my illness story.

I have known many “Glory Days”, and will hopefully get to experience these once again on my journey to becoming a CPS Certified Peer Specialist. I have been working on this endeavor of mine for quite some time now and plan to see it through.

I am a Newton County high school graduate along with my degree in Business and Legal Office and Paralegal Certification from Dekalb Technical College, Covington campus. I am a mother to 5 children three step – daughter’s that were adopted through the state of GA with Honorable Nation presiding. I have worked at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center as a daycamp counselor and have this rich history to stand on my faith in the Lord. I have survived through a mental diagnosis and sever marital abuse record. I am a graduate of The Respect Institute and have received recognition for “Inspiring others with strength and resiliency and working towards goals with increased stability.” I am a graduate of New Rock day services program where I have attended classes and taught many classes to my peers. I am now working on a project for The GA Mental Health Consumer Network to include my recovery story and classes attended at the GA Peer Institute. In the past I have worked as a Legal Intern for Esquire Mr. John Strauss and the Newton County Public Defender’s office, a Juvenile Probation Officer for Southwest Key Program, a legal office secretary and Paralegal, a Leasing Office Consultant Specialist and a Customer Service Manager. I am currently working my way back into the career world of the nine to five. My goal is to obtain employment as a CPS Certified Peer Specialist and work for The GA Mental Health Consumer Network. I have became very close with The Mental Health Court judge and have answered appropriately and timely to The Mental Health Court Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn without hesitation and without fail. Always seeming to have my life under some sort of microscope from the adoption of my step – daughter’s in 1999 to present day being an advocate for my youngest daughter and her health and well being. I have without fail been responsible and ethical to the family and mental health courts and to my community.

I have prayed strongly for the Lord’s Will to be shown in my life and know that he is guiding me to bigger and greater things as I struggle with alienation from my daughter and surviving the day to day problems that go hand in hand with missing a loved one. Even though the State of GA has in many ways and many times over rectified the decisions of the court and the alienation I still am faced with the alienation from her father’s family even though given in 20 plus years there has been no hint, suggestion, implication, or accusation as to any wroongdoing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife. There have been 930 Certified Peer Specialists since October 2001 and yet my life has been turned upside down and wrecked family life due to mental diagnosis and marital abuse diagnosis. Missing out on so much with my daughter’s and having them brainwashed against me and to believing statements and acts that are just simply not true. Praying for the day when I am able to share with my daughter who is now 15 and my older adopted daughter’s the truth of the matter and all the paperwork involved over the last 20 years of my advocacy for juveniles and my daughter’s. The Advocacy did not just begin with my own biological daughter it began at the age of 20 with my very own son and raising four children since the age of 22. Me and my son have remained very close over the years and continue to share a very special friendship and mother and son bond full of love and communication.

I hope to one day turn my Covington News blog into a Memoir for my children. Given the state has rectified the alienation time and time again I am pleased. But with each passing day I still experience the anguish, pain and wounds. So I continue day after day after day to share this story of marital abuse and parental alienation. I will never recover until I am fully reunited with my girls. To share or not share is the big question of my life. But ever since my relationship with Deputy District Attorney Mr. Richard R. Read and his guidance of advocacy and that advocacy is important I have always been a strong advocate for all of my girls and he taught me that advocacy is very important in life. This is why I call a page at my WordPress blog, Advocate Awareness. I had the opportunity and honor of working very closely with Mr. Richard R. Read and served on his election committee. I also had the honor and privilege of having Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn as my private family law attorney as a young girl so I have been very close with him over the years and have always answered timely, honestly and appropriately to Honorable Ozburn. His Opinions and rulings along with Honorable Stanley Rhymer have paved the way for parental alienation, marital abuse and the mentally challenged. I just hope to be able to share my story with others in hopes of strengthening everyone in the mental health field that I come across and enlightening the mental health courts that “Yes, it can be done.” I am living proof of this. My daughter’s may or may not understand the importance of advocacy at their young ages but the time and day will come when they do understand and that it is very important to stand up for parental right’s and to advocate for yourself and your children. I hope I have paved a way in the legal system that they never have to suffer without the love of their children and not have to encounter any type of marital abuse or parental alienation. Going from having a strong loving bond and open line of constant communication with my daughter’s one day to the next day being lost from them has been a horrific event in my life and most catastrophic experience. It has damaged me forever is what it feels like. Hoping to repair that damage as I begin to work on my “Recovery Story” healing and my project for the State of GA. Hoping to heal the damaged wounds with self – directed recovery, faith and hope in the Lord’s Will.

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