Thriving it gets me by and supposedly works

997 Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder by Arianna Huffington

Thriving it gets me by and supposedly works. I had seen Arianna Huffington post several things such as quotes and what not on facebook about thriving and it hit me that is exactly what I do and what I have been doing for years now. Ten years alone and thriving has been an uphill battle and often quite life but it is my little life I have chosen and thriving means the world to me. Uphill, yes but full of self – directed recovery, hope, most often times peaceful, and full of faith that I have chosen to share in with The Lord our God.

I went to check on some favorite flowers of mine from last summer and they too are thriving. Reminded me of myself and these warm days that have set in where I too thrive just as these favorite flowers of mine are. Knowing that they will thrive until they bloom has captured my heart. When in full bloom they are fully loaded with beautiful red blooms and red boisterous blossoms. I plan to visit them every few days until I see a bloom and then capture them in some more rich deep photography that will truly capture their beauty from thriving to blossoming. Such as I have done. Such as I continue to do.

I will be graduating from The ACT Team and transitioning out over the next month. Today I met with one of my therapists Clinician Laneshia Sellers Wallace LMSW ACT Team and she has given me many new worksheets for self – directed care and for teaching at New Rock in the future. We went over a Self – Management Plan together today and worked on the Self – Management Plan with care while working on self – management and thought management. She worked the worksheets with me and spent a great amount of time to assist me in completing the self – directed recovery worksheets.

I will be going over the printed worksheets she has provided me and working in the booklets with the full intent on using my workbooks to also provide class time to my Peers while teaching in the future. The following worksheets are what she provided me with today and that I will be working on in  my spare time and during my project planning and project work for the PSI Peer Support Institute through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network. A project that I will present by the end of June to my Peers and to the State of GA. By and through my recent scholarship to the GPSI GA Peer Support Institute I have been assigned the task of PSI Peer Support Institute Project. I plan to do my project on the Five Stages of Recovery and present it to my class at New Rock and to the State of GA. Being a graduate of Newton County High, Dekalb Technical College, New Rock Day Program classes, The Respect Institute, and now an  ACT Assertive Community Treatment Team and including a GPSI GA Peer Support Institute graduate I will be presenting my project to my Peers at New Rock by the end of June. June 24th is the deadline. At this time I plan to go forward with my plans of the project of The Five Stages of Recovery and have it ready by end of June to present. Being very thankful for the scholarship and the opportunity to become a GPSI graduate and being able to deliver my project to my Peers has been very rewarding during this ten year anniversary of diagnosis for myself. A long ten years alone that has been spent day in and day out with self – directed recovery and devotion to my life, my personal whole being and to all my children as well. In and outside the courtroom for ten years plus. For a total of 20 plus years of advocacy for children and myself including young ladies and parent’s. To include : family violence victims, those that are parentally alienated, the mentally challenged and for parental reunification process that also includes those that are mentally challenged and alienated from their children. Of which I have made great strides and a strong point in a court of law with much success that has been had by myself and my daughter’s. Now with being a graduate of the GPSI GA Peer Support Institute, my next goal is CPS Certified Peer Specialist graduate. A goal of mine that I fully intend to continue with over the very near future in my life becoming a CPS for the State is my goal, hope and aspiration at this point in my life. Of which there have been : 997 Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001

Goal Setting

Mood Monitoring

Symptom Record

Medication Record

Stress – Vulnerability Worksheet

Early Warning Signs Worksheet

A Plan of Action

Behavioral Activation Worksheet Fun & Achievement

Weekly Activity Schedule

Coping Resources

Problem Solving

Workbook are the following:

Self Monitoring for Relapse Prevention

Self Monitoring

Mood Monitoring

Symptom Monitoring

Being Prepared

Early Warning Signs Worksheet

A Plan of Action

Charting Your Life

Module Summary

Behavioral Strategies for Managing & Preventing Depression

The Depression Cycle

Behavioral Activation Worksheet

Pleasurable Activities Catalogue

Weekly Activity Schedule

Module Summary

Cognitive Strategies for Managing and Preventing Depression

Feelings & Thoughts

Making the Connection

Improving How You Feel

Thought Diary

Module Summary

Cognitive Strategies for Preventing Mania

Cognitive Changes in Mania

The Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Preventing Mania

An Example of A (Balance) Sheet

Module Summary

Behavioral Strategies for Preventing Mania

Weekly Activity Schedule

Organizing & Prioritizing Ideas / Projects

Organizing the Ideas List

Module Summary

Coping with Psychosocial Stressors & Self -Management

Coping with Psychosocial Stressors

Coping Resources Worksheet

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Worksheet

Self – Management

Self – Management Plan

Module Summary

I am currently reading Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer given to me by Ms. Deanna Dennis of Turner Broadcasting but I plan to get Arianna Huffington’s (THRIVE) just as soon as I can. Especially considering it is what I do best. To thrive. To thrive is to live one day at a time, one month at a time, one bill at a time. Devoting ones’ life to self – management and to your children which is what I have done and have been under microscope my entire adult life and in advocacy for young ladies and children for 20 plus years. I thrive and pray with full hope and faith that I continue to bear good fruits and thrive in all my life’s journeys. A journey of thriving and with the passion of hunger for self – recovery and for my children and being a top advocate for the state and for my children, here at WordPress, Facebook and at my Covington News blog. Always devoted but often uncertain of myself. Trying and attempting to always fill the big shoes of my mentors, associates and friends alike. Thriving this Spring. Join me in a journey of thriving. A journey that over the last nearly 3 years has been at The Covington News as a top blogger. November will mark my 3 year Anniversary and I hope that you continue to follow me on this journey of thriving over the summer months as I plan my project and hope to one day be accepted as a CPS not only an advocate in the courtroom and at The Covington News but at work as well. A position that I certainly have big shoes of filling that never goes unnoticed by me that being Ms. Brenda Williams. My awesome mentor, CPS and dear friend whose door is always open and whose heart always has a patient hug for her clients. I look forward to sharing in my GPSI project with you and hope that you will continue to stay close by as the summer months unfold as we watch these beauties I have mentioned come to life very, very soon.

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