Covington honors and remembers Memorial Day 2014

The City of Covington is honoring and remembering those who have held the ultimate sacrifice for our great land.

I would like to give thanks and praise too all who have sacrificed their lives, time and lively hood for me and my family. Memorial Day is a time of remembrance to honor, praise and give thanks to all our great Veterans and those in our Military who serve us proudly with their lives and extreme efforts to protect, guide and serve this great nation of ours that we call home the USA and so dearly love. We owe it to this individuals to support and honor them this holiday weekend. May your time spent with your families and friends be that of honor, prestige for our Veterans and love for our homeland the brave and valiant USA. Happy Memorial Day to you and your families and those who we continue to validate and honor. Please join with the City of Covington as we celebrate Memorial Day in full honor of those who have served and those who continue to serve. The past as well as present Veteran’s and our excellent grand Military who protect us come rain or shine, day in and day out giving their all. Happy Memorial Day 2014. Remembering my mother who served as a Veteran’s Administration Hospital charge nurse LPN during her life and loved serving and devoted her life to the Veteran’s of our state. Now deceased but held in honor and love for her duty, liberty and love of all Veteran’s and her life at the VA Hospital.

2014-05-24 13.57.32


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