First Baptist Church of Covington testifies on Square every Friday night

Last night while at the Swingin’ Medallion’s Concert on the historic Square in downtown Covington me and my neighbor and dear friend William ran into Mr. Allen Rogers of The First Baptist Church of Covington. Right on Main Street. He had a handful of postcards to pass out on learning your 10 Commandments. He told me that they pass them out every Friday night on the Square or at Stevie B’s Pizza Parlor. What a very nice gentleman and took the time to share his love of the Lord with me and William and to testify to us on The Ten Commandments.

The postcard consisted of a yacht on the front  in a Cove with a Mast and Bins. There is a boat with four BINS. The name of the boat is HONOR. The boat has a MAST and is docked in the COVE. Remember these four words to help you learn the 10 Commandments. Exodus 20 1 – 17.

B: Have no other gods BEFORE God.

I: Do not make for yourself any IDOLS.

N: Do not use the Lord’s NAME in vain.

S: Remember the SABBATH and keep it holy.

HONOR : HONOR your father and mother.

M: Do not MURDER.

A: Do not commit ADULTERY.

S: Do not STEAL.

T : Do not give false TESTIMONY. Or do not life.

COVE : Do not COVET.

There are two ways to get into Heaven. The first is to obey the law from birth to death. Have you done that? 1 Cor. 6: 9-10. The only other way is to repent and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone. Repent means to turn from your sin and to start thinking about your sin the way Christ thinks about it. The way you know how God thinks is to read His Word, the Bible. Since you did not pass the first way, the only other way is the second way. Have you repented and trusted in Jesus Christ? If not, today is the day of salvation. You may not have tomorrow.

Be a Luke 19 :10 Christian

First Baptist Church of Covington, Thank you for such a wonderful postcard and testimony of your love of our fine community. 2014-06-13 20.19.57


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