The path I traveled

This path I traveled today has me up in all sorts. It has me bound and determined to make it but yet depressed and longing for more in my life. I went to Factory Shoals yesterday and spent the evening at Everett Properties Park today. Between advocating for myself, my daughter’s and searching for work along with my recent hospital stay I feel so exhausted and mentally and physically drained. I am so excited about a new job that I just landed and will hopefully start my training this week and this will occupy my time. A lot of my problem is just pure depressing boredom. I lead a very active life and have just returned from the GA Peer Institute training classes and have completed my project. I went to the Swingin’ Medallions concert on Friday night and toured The Alley gift shop to The Mystic Grill. It is such a lovely place. I think once I get my training going and work started some of this boredom will wear off and begin to get better for me. I traveled this path today and it looked so beautiful. A dirt path paved with rocks and foliage and surrounded by trees. It made me think of life and how we travel paths and that each one of us has a journey and destination to meet. I have been in search of my vocation for sometime now and am just plain exhausted with the fact of trying to find myself once again. Where I belong. Where I fit in at. Whom I belong with. Being alone for ten years now and ready to meet the love of my life and settle down. I have just not found Mr. Amazing and refuse to settle for less. I have several male friends but none that are the icing to my cupcake. Except now for my best friend Mark Burton but we are only best of friends and nothing more. As I relax going to sleep tonight I will put myself on this path and remember its beauty as I walked it today and pray fervently to God to show me his purpose and will for my life. In need of God’s divine intervention to pull me through and reveal his will for my life. You can catch up on the last couple weeks of my life at my Covington News blog. I know for a fact that I am in a healing phase and am anxious to reach the other side. Where the grass is greener. I plant my own garden but love to share flowers and in hopes of that garden being returned.



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