A summer evening stroll down Floyd Street Covington GA

I took an evening stroll on Floyd Street’s sidewalks. I came home and pulled out my copy of The Glory of Covington by William Bailey Williford in 1973 by Cherokee Publishing Company. I got a really nice photograph of the gate of the Swanscombe built in 1828 that adorns the front cover of The Glory of Covington. The front cover goes on to say how, while Madison, Greensboro, Washington and Athens are known far and wide for their ante-bellum houses, Covington has until recent years been off the beaten path for tourists and seekers after the old and beautiful. Cherokee Publishing Company P. O. Box 1081 Covington, Georgia 30209Covington has long been the Hollywood of the South and has many residents to date. I feel very fortunate to be able to visit the Square downtown and have family and friends alike that all know my name and are wonderful to me. Having Square Perk cafe, Scoops ice – cream Parlor, My Sister’s Closet, Perfect Fit Lingerie, and of course the Square Park that features towering Magnolias aside the historic courthouse clocktower. And now The Mystic Grill and Mystic Falls Tours for Vampire Stalkers. The Alley gift shop to The Mystic Grill is now my favorite gift shop. They Mystic Grill features roof top dining and entertainment. Having the sidewalks of Floyd Street to be able to stroll along is always a delight and I love to admire the homes, foliage and the little detail in the gates, mail boxes, and flowers. Unfortunately so many more than likely take it for granted to live in such a beautiful town full of such rich history. So many probably never get out and tour downtown like I do. The Square itself is actually a circle with four corners. My favorite four corners in the world. Locals though we call it The Square. Get your copy of The Glory of Covington and come have a tour with such inviting sidewalks as ours. Floyd Street Covington, GA USA

Join me at my Covington News blog for a summer stroll down Floyd Street



2014-06-20 18.17.30


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