Thriving this July

 Thirve: The third Metric to redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well – Being, Wisdom and Wonder.
by Arianna Huffington (Author)
As I think about thriving this book comes to mind. Arianna Huffington posts of Thriving on her facebook page and it brings cheer to my heart to know I thrive. Thriving can be a  difficult task to accomplish and I want to do more than just thrive. I want to live. Thriving is good. It is good for the soul but it can be so difficult in only thriving. I plan on getting this book to add to my collection. I want to live too.
I have been watching these flowers since early Spring when they were just babies.They have grown so tall but still no blooms. We have now reached July and I am wondering how much longer until they blossom with their bright red blooms? I hope soon. I have loved watching them thrive. Reminds me of myself in many ways,
My neighbor and dear friend William bought me Carnations as a way of an apology for a disagreement we had about a week ago. I was not expecting flowers. What a great start to July! Flowers on the first day of July. Hoping July will continue to not only be a month of thriving but a month of living.

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