Last year as a family spent with The GA Force indoor arena league football team

Last year as a family spent with The GA Force.

I came across this photograph of me with my autographed GA Force indoor arena league football team hat going through old photos of me and my children for Throwback Thursday on facebook.

This year’s marks my ten year Anniversary of my divorce and parental alienation. Even given the state has rectified their mistake time and time again we have all suffered by the hands of this state immensely.

Our last year spent together as a family though was spent with the GA Force. Just me and my children. I was working as a Leasing Consultant and Contract Paralegal to The GA Force in Gwinnett County and took care of the team and their families day in and day out.

My children were able to enjoy the GA Force games every weekend. Just me and my 5 children. My ex – husband DID NOT attend any football games with us but we were there every weekend and they were able to spend time at the apartment community meeting the team and swimming. My manager felt it was very family friendly to have my children accompany me to work and to all the games. My youngest three of my adopted daughter’s was able to celebrate her birthday at The Gwinnett Arena with The GA Force on the field cheering with the cheerleaders. She invited many friends and had a wonderful birthday that last year we spent together. I hope she recalls it and cherishes the memory.

For an entire year from 2003 – 2004 me and my children spent it with The GA Force and their families. My being hospitalized occurred in August of 2004 for authenticated documented marital abuse and depression along with being a caregiver Codependent. Supporting other’s with their drug, alcohol and gambling habits being a caregiver Codependent. All records of which are authentically documented and have been presented to the Court’s.

Finding this photo brought up all the memories of that very last year as a family unit and full time primary care giver and full time mother to 5 thriving, flourishing children. Our last year was spent peaceably as mother and children at all the GA Force games.

My son Tyler now has the hat and takes very good care of it. I lost my entire life during my divorce. Even given the divorce marital property division that was awarded me, I received nothing. Nothing from my entire life’s history. I lost everything. It was never given to me and I chose to pursue custody and visitation right’s over my marital property.

That last year spent with The GA Force was a very memorable time for me and my children and I hope they can reflect and cherish those moments and the birthday day that was spent among the team and the cheerleader’s.

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Recollection’s and wonderful memories from that very last year as mother and children with the GA Force reminiscing all our wonderful time spent with the team and their families.





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