Love endures Forever and Evermore

Love endures Forever and Evermore

To love and be loved. Is it what makes the world go round? I came across this card at The Monastery this week and it made me think of “Love”. The love I have for my children, the love I have for my Lord and “The Love” I long for in my life. A man who loves the Lord just as much as I. And adores me. This year marks the ten year Anniversary of the beginning process of my divorce to a man that i was married to for ten years and raised and adopted his three daughter’s and share a biological daughter together. I have a biological son of my own too. I have been on several dates over the last few months and just cannot seem to find the relationship that has substance and meaning. I have met a lot of new friends and stay in contact with most of them but just not “The One.” I have been alone and walked the world alone for ten years now and have not been involved in an exclusive type of relationship since my marriage. The one relationship I have been involved in with Mr. Mark Burton he is just one of my best friends. A very dear friend to me and very much a gentleman. I enjoy our time spent together and love spending hours in conversation with him. This card really has me thinking about “Love.” The love for my children and my Lord is strong but I have been wanting to meet someone and settle down again. Start a new family. Should I be in search of this love? Should I seek it out? Or wait for it to find me? I enjoy time alone. I suppose that I am so adjusted to it that it just comes naturally. But I do get lonely and have been dating in search of the perfect one. Seeking it out makes me seem desperate and destitute. Or maybe that is just how I feel at times. Either way I am ready to settle down again. I am not jumping the gun with just any Tom, Dick or Harry though. I have been very selective in my dating and will continue to be selective and hopefully Mr. Right will show up one day. I have so much love to offer someone. To offer a family. I feel that love wasting and withering away day by day that I spend in solitude all alone. I want to share that love with someone. Someone who can love and nurture me just as much  as I am capable of loving and nurturing them. 100% from the both of us. We all need “Love.” We all love to be “Loved.” We love our husbands, children, grandchildren, Our Lord. We all love to be supported and hugged and doted over. I have my children, college education and endeavors of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of GA to consider while considering the perfect mate. I have been praying everyday for what seems like the last year for the Lord our God to send me somebody special that will comfort, console and take good care of me. Both of us giving to the relationship nurturing and caring for one another and growing with one another. Even the Monastery has cards that reflect “Love.” Of course I prayed over myself the entire afternoon spent at The Monastery and for God’s purpose to continue to shine in my life and for the Lord to send me someone special. Sometimes when the loneliness sets in I get afraid that it will deepen into a greater state of depression. Always praying for a way for the Lord to pull me out my loneliness. I have met some wonderful friends over the last few years while dating but “no piece of the pie!” Not yet anyway. I keep telling and urging myself “You’ll get through this!” I recently picked up a book entitled this and thought WOW just what I need. “You’ll get through this” Hope and help for Turbulent times by Max Lucado. I have it sitting by my bedside just waiting for me to read it in its entirety. I skim through it but have not sat down and began to read it from cover to cover, not just yet. I have been working on advocating for me and my children and hope that they can understand the importance of advocacy and that the State of GA through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, they expect it. And I fully intend to continue to advocate for my youngest biological daughter. I advocated for over ten years and legally adopted my three step- daughter’s and NO LESS should be expected of me whereas my natural daughter is concerned. Her brother Tyler misses her and misses all his sister’s dearly and deeply. He grew up with them since infancy. So according to this card from The Monastery “Love endures Forever and Evermore!” I hope to find that true love that endures Forever and Evermore. Love wasted is in such sweet sorrow.



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