Prayer for the Ebola patients being treated at Emory

I just simply could not imagine being alone, scared and terrified in another country far from home suffering from the Ebola Virus. I am so glad that the first individual has safely arrived home and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the second. They both need nurturing caring love and healing at Emory here in Atlanta. I pray for their comfort and healing. I do not know if it is the humanitarian in me or my love for other’s but I feel such a strong urgency to have both individual’s, both patients back safely at Emory. I have written to Channel 2, 5 and 11 asking when the second patient will arrive safely and have not yet heard back from them. I would be so scared and terrified if I were in their position and our community needs to pull together to offer these two individual’s love, caring and a hope for a brighter and healthier tomorrow. Something that I imagine they have been living without. Comfort, care and love. A promise or a hope of healing. Hopefully coming home to Emory they will be able to receive the treatment they so desperately need and grow to a state of recovered health and happiness. I feel such a strong sense of anxiety, stress and grief stricken over these two patients finally getting to come home and be with loved ones and obtain the proper medication and healing that they so rightly need and deserve. I watched on facebook today as Dr. Kent Brantly, the first American Ebola patient, arrived at Emory. I am anxiously awaiting and praying for the safe arrival of the second and final individual to reach Emory’s doorways. I am in fervent prayer for their healing, comfort and safety as they take the time each day to heal. Being alone in a foreign country in a depressed state of mind and sickness of health has to be pretty tough to endure. I pray for the team of physician’s at Emory to be able to give them the best of care and safest of conditions for healing as praying for their guidance while caring for these individual’s. I pray for the staff, the patient’s and this great state of our’s that we are all protected as we bring heroes home to live and survive another day. Please take a moment to share in prayer and reflection for these two patient’s and their loved ones as they begin to heal where they need to be. Safely at home in the states receiving the best care possible by the credible hands of Emory. I wish there were more I could do.  Prayerfully, April Fuller Sasser

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