In, about and around downtown Covington GA this lovely August afternoon

I watched as they poured the sidewalks today on the Historic Square for the beautification and construction that is underway. I cannot imagine too much more beautiful than it already was. The construction workers were hard at work and we spoke briefly snapping their photo. I just love being downtown on the Historic Square. Having attended school here in Newton County my entire life from private kindergarten at The Little Red Schoolhouse to college at Dekalb Technical College and having the honor of doing my internship with the former Public Defender Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr., it makes me very proud to call Newton County home. I am currently living in Conyers but within the next 2-3 months I am scheduled to be moving back to Covington only a short distance from the Square with a sidewalk that leads all the way straight directly to the Historic Square. I am super excited over my upcoming proposed move into my brand new apartment community in Downtown Covington.  I intend on having a home warming party and invite everyone I know and introduce them to the new community being built off Washington Street just up from where my father Mr. Mayron Fuller prior to his passing owned Hy Tec Machining off Washington Street. Working with my uncle during his illness with cancer at Nunley Machining off of Kirkland Road. I plan to throw a very nice home warming party and hope that everyone I invite will attend and be proud for me. In the beginning stages of my newest Certified Peer Specialist essay exam  application. I will be beginning on this over the weekend as the applications will be ready on the 25th. The training is not until October in Savannah but I want to work extra hard on this essay exam for the State of GA. I can and I will do this for me, my peers and my mentors.

In love with all this beautiful foliage. IMG_1511


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