Whitney Posey Capps lectures on The Life of Moses through BSF Bible Study Fellowship

Bible Study Fellowship BSF with Whitney Posey Capps. The Life of Moses.

I attended the First Baptist Church of Conyers Womens Day Bible Study Fellowship to hear Whitney speak. I grew up with Whitney for many years at Oxford Baptist Church and she has turned into such a remarkable young lady. Her presentation and lecture were great. The holy spirit was definitely present.

We need to be standing on a firm Foundation and have the breath of God Almighty. Through his Grace, Grace, Grace.

There are 400 enrolled and a welcome class for newcomers. Nancy Head was my group leader.

BSF Bible Study Fellowship has been active for 50 years and in 38 countries.



2.Discussion Group

3. Lecture


Matthew 2 : 1 and 7

Whitney Posey Capps

http://www.bsfinternational.org and BSF is also on facebook. At Bible Study Fellowship Conyers Womens Day

God shows his faithfulness through brokenness. Moses first talks.

Gods purpose is not our happiness but to be convicted of selfishness of our own heart. With the worship of God and the commitment to his Word.

3 Divisions

1. Glory of God

2. Glory of his Word

3. Glory of his Son

What makes God happy?

Acts 17:24 God is fully satisfied within himself.

Seity. God is completely by himself and satisfied within himself.

A divine attribute. He is Lord and has servants who glorify his glory.

To reflect back onto him the glory he has revealed to us. God is satisfied in his character.

Exodus 3 : 14

Geneses 12

Isiah 48 : 10

God refined Moses. For my own. Sanctifies for his sake that we can fully embrace God so that he is satisfied.

For his own glory. For his own sake. A God worthy to be glorified.

Those who glory in God will be deeply satisfied. Satisfaction is rooted in confidence of God. Satisfaction is rooted in the revelation of confidence in God.

His divine perfect revelation.

Bible study is hard but it is worth it. God is the inspired Author who breathed the chapters through Moses. He was the human channel.

The parting of the Red Sea is a miracle in the Old Testament. Along with Moses and the words he penned.

And the Lord said to Moses all that he had commanded to Moses. God delivered the Law to Moses. Moses saw aspects of Gods character and treasured Gods Commands.

Hew as intimately involved with God. A friend of Gods treasured communication. Deuteronomy 4 : 5

Direct communication or from a Holy  God that transforms lives. We are changed by the word of God and Bible Study Fellowship is committed to the doctrine. Right thinking leads to right living. Those who treasure his Word will be profoundly changed.

Study the Word illuminated by the Holy Spirit he will bring conviction and we will be changed. The Old Testament The Law casts shadow towards the New Testament. 2 Corinthians 3 4

That we would be bold.

Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

The Veil remains. Penned his hope and faith on a bridge the gap between humanity.

Moses understood by faith their faith was sufficient.

To be changed to be like Jesus to be sanctified. To let his righteousness sanctify us more and more like Jesus.

John 17

Redemption so that God can be glorified. Redemption multiplies the opportunity. Redemption exists that God might be glorified. Those who glory in the work of Christ will be eternally minded.

I have the course material and the scriptures shared at BSF Bible Study Fellowship today and have placed a call to Bible Study Fellowship in San Antonio Texas to see if it would be okay to share the material with my Covington News blog and facebook readers. I am awaiting their call anytime now. I would love to share the course materials with you. Thank you and hopefully you can attend next Wednesday at First Baptist Church of Conyers from 9:30 – 11:30 on The Life of Moses.


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