Tichelle Florence walks the 1 mile in the City of Covington Police Department Fuzz Run 2014

I am a member of The Thrive Global Network on facebook and was able to listen to the weekly show Thrive Weekly Magazine Fuzz Run this morning. With Mary Nichelson, Kellye Davis Williams, Chip Shirah and Tichelle Florence discussing the Fuzz Run.

This is the 31st Annual Fuzz Run in Covington Georgia. Tichelle walked the 1 mile with Kellye Davis Williams by her side and her fiance Jeremy Thompson.

The Fuzz Run was created to help Officers killed in the line of duty. The Covington Police Department offers support for Shop for Kids at Christmas and the Washington Street Center and also raising money in support of officers.

At the time of the Thrive Global Network telecast there were 1, 849 registered runners for the Fuzz Run.

Chip Shirah got his start from following in the footsteps of Captain Malcom and his efforts in community outreach.

The Fuzz Run has been voted the best 5K in the State of Georgia.

This is Kellye Davis Williams 4th year running in the Fuzz Run and she has 54 registered through her business Kellye Personal Fitness.

The Fuzz Run organization and charity is in actuality called Police in Care.

Tichelle Florence has been training for months now. This is Tichelle’s 3rd race that she has participated in. She has participated in The Bacon Chase in March and the Loco Glow in May and now onto the Fuzz run this September 2014.

She has walked a mile twice now while in practice.

The amazing and inspirational story is that Tichelle Florence suffers from Friedreich’s ataxia and has been wheel chair bound for years now. This is miraculous as Tichelle has been in her wheelchair with no walking for six years now. She has been training for the Fuzz Run for nine months now. Tichelle also walked a mile on her treadmill at home. Tichelle says she does a lot of endurance workouts. Just up to 10 months ago Tichelle was wheelchair bound and is now miraculously and inspiring others walking.

Tichelle says it is unbelievable to her as she is used to not doing anything.  Kellye Davis Williams states that Tichelle is inspiring others world wide with her miraculous efforts and has gained a lot of media attention from all over the world. Tichelle stated she gets facebook messages from people all over the world as well encouraging her.

One of the miracles of this situation is that Friedreich’s ataxia is degenerative and she should not be walking but Kellye Davis Williams her personal trainer states that even her heart has improved during her training with Kellye Personal Fitness.

Tichelle says that people on facebook ask her what her secret is and she tells them “I workout with Kellye!”

Kellye stated that after Tichelle walked the practice mile that she was just in awe and began to cry afterwards.

Kellye stated that Tichelle has been bench pressing 60 pounds and also planking while training.

She pushes through her workouts and sets goals for herself. And her outlook on life has changed.

Tichelle sees her Cardio physician on the 29th and will be proudly wearing her Fuzz Run T Shirt as she wears her race T Shirts for her physician visits.

Tichelle is hoping that she is an inspiration to others and that they will get up and push forward for themselves after hearing her story.

Kellye stated that Tichelle always  helps others in their personal situations as well.

Mary Nichelson stated that Tichelle Florence is “A walking Billboard for Hope! ”

Thrive Global Network

Thrive Weekly Magazine

Mary Nichelson and Kellye Davis Williams.

April Fuller Sasser

kellyepersonafitnesstichelleflorence2 kellyepersonafitnesstichelleflorence


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