Whitney Posey Capps lectures on Moses and The Burning Bush October 1st 2014

Whitney Posey Capps lectures on Moses and The Burning Bush October 1st 2014

I had the great pleasure of growing up with Whitney at Oxford Baptist Church as one of my very dear friends. Me her and Sharon Buckalew were the best of friends. Alan Posey Whitney’s father was our pastor and we grew up together in the same youth group. Oxford Baptist Church being my foundation of support and a firm foundation that I could always lay my head on. I was at church for many years at Oxford each and every time the doors opened enjoying spending time with my youth group and studying the Word of God. We often visited Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center on youth trips and I had the honor to work at Ridgecrest during my Senior year of high school as a day camp counselor leading other young children to the Lord. It is a great pleasure to hear Whitney speak so fervently on the Lord and her love for the Lord and knowledge of the Bible certainly shine through in her lectures. Whitney’s love of the Lord certainly set my faith on fire today for just how truly blessed I have been over the last several years and how much I owe God the true glory for my many blessings.

We started out with Holy, Holy, Holy and on Holy Ground. Two very beautiful hymns that we sang all the verses to which I enjoyed very much. We then broke off into our separate classes to discuss Moses and The Burning Bush. Ms. Karen Shiver is my Bible Study Fellowship leader and the class was very enjoyable. I am going to hit on the notes that we discussed today.

Have you ever felt abandoned like Moses felt while in the desert?

God hears the groaning of his people and God will go ahead of us.

Exodus Burning Bush

The power of God. God told Moses to take his sandals off as he was on Holy Ground. The Angel of the Lord that appeared to Moses was the Lord God himself. He shall go get the Israelites. 40 years Moses waited but God did not forget him. We are his people and he keeps his promises. Moses said Who am I? Who do I say you are? Questioning the Lord our God.

“I am Who I am and I will be with you.”

Healer, Developer, Comforter.The Lord our God is all sufficient. Jesus referred to himself as “I Am”

John 8 58-59 is a good start to learn to understand the Trinity. Blessed Father all three in one. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All three in one blessed Trinity.

Moses kept objecting. Stating people would not believe him. That he was slow in speech and not very eloquent. God gave Moses the Staff. When we are broken that is when God does incredible works in our lives.

Moses prepared his family. Spoke to his father in law. Moses was told that all who had wanted to kill him were dead.

Moses was to tell Pharoh about Israel as in Exodus 4 18-31 and 22/23.

Moses brother Aaron was godly and well spoken. Moses and Aaron carefully obeyed the Lord went to Pharoh and took the people to the Land of milk and honey.

The insight into God’s character you can use in your everyday life. No matter your age or failures God can use you and your service.

Karen Shiver spoke on ” A wretch like me.”

This is exactly how I feel. God loves a wretch like me? He has certainly shown me over the last several years with the many wins in the O.C.G.A. per my four daughter’s to our full behalves. The many successes in court have been enough but God has blessed me so much more. He gave me View Point Health where I have taken and taught many classes on self help recovery and whole health wellness and graduated from several programs that I advocate for. He has blessed me with a job helping the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly. He has made certain that my bills got paid and I have a roof over my head and only had to experience homelessness for a very short time. It was a very terrible time in my life and I do not wish homelessness on anyone. The truth is my doctor’s, therapist’s and Certified Peer Specialists have saved my life. I have worked hard to attend and teach the classes and to graduate many programs including the Respect Institute and The GA Peer Support Institute Training through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network.

There was a time in my life when I was so down on life and was even banned and barred from any type of literature, reading material or pen and paper. I prayed so hard and fervently every day that the Lord would shed his love upon me and a Sunday school teacher gave me a bible lesson that led me through the next few months of my life but became a rock for me as I studied it and worked it endlessly and effortlessly day in and day out. I prayed for the ability to once again have normalcy in my life. I had no idea how I was going to pick the pieces up and start over but somehow I have. Several times actually. But I know I could not have done it without the Lord’s help, guidance, love and faith. My faith has always been so great but today hearing Whitney lecture on Grace, grace, grace got me thinking how blessed I am to have God’s grace. Her words are like honey and she is a great lecturer and wonderful motivator and awesome mentor. She began to speak on Grace, grace, grace and for us not to panic. She was truly “getting God” and spoke of her favorite passage. Exodus 3. She stated she was so excited to share this chapter and these verses with us. She had prayed on her introduction. She broke it down into three divisions as she insisted “God is good.”

Call and Commission

Exodus 3 1 – 10


Exodus 3 11 4 – 17


Exodus 4 10 – 31

She spoke on how Moses was tending his flock of sheep and that sheep are their own worst enemy as they will eat their way off the edge of a cliff if they could. Moses was actually tending his father in laws flock. the Flock of Jethro v 4. When the Lord saw Moses “God called to him from within the burning bush.”

We as women plead, pray and beg for burning bushes from the Lord. We must be diligent.

As women we are problem solvers. You receive signs from God. God cannot be quenched. And why the bush burns but is not consumed. We need to be prepared that God is ready to interrupt our day with the Holy.

His Character is the unchanging God. Turn aside and see the strange sight. Then God told Moses to take off his sandals and Moses hid his face. ” So now go!”

Bring the Israelites out of Egypt. This strange sight to Moses. God instructing Moses.

Moses was to be identified as the one to save the Israelites. I am sending you. God is giving Moses the most important task in his life. God gives Moses very little direction. Does not mention the Red Sea or the wondering. Not very much insight was given.

We can look for our burning bush. Be satisfied with What God shows and gives us in our burning bushes.

“God girls get busy!”

We need to edify, support and build the church up by being purposeful.

We see our burning bush when we stop being so busy. Not just busy work but be purposeful.

If God called me home today Whitney said she wants a life that has been used poured out for God.

Be purposeful but not always busy.

Busy women miss burning bushes.  True reality every women’s life is busy. Truth of the matter is up to the Holy Spirit.

V, 11 “I get Moses.”

Grateful to see God’s interaction with Moses. God still had work to do with Moses. Lord I am not ready. Neither was Moses. He was of Royalty and he was also a Hebrew. Moses was uniquely qualified. “Empathizes” with Moses.

“Who am I?”

Out of the wretchedness of her heart she exclaims “Who am I?”

She spoke on her father Alan Posey being her pastor for 36 years and how she had spent time abroad and that she worked for over 8 years for the Lord and is in hope that the Lord has brought her to this point in her life to lead Bible Study Fellowship as our lecturer and mentor.

God affirmed himself to Moses. I am going to affirm my character (God) God does not affirm us he affirms himself.

We would rest on our capabilities rather than on God. “God affirms Himself.”

He tells Moses, I will be with you.

The proof of God’s presence in our life is by evidence of our worship. God tells us his presence hovers over us. You will come to worship me. Worship God or you have missed the purpose.

In Genesis Ch 12 he is referred to as El Shadai. God the Rock. God gave himself a new name. A new revelation.

“I am. I am. ”

God known as the Rock. I will be to you all that I am. Moses knew El Shadai. He knew a sliver of his mighty character.

Giving Moses the ability to save his chosen people. I will be all to you that I am. Moses receiving all of God’s Character and he lives faithful.

Generation to Generation. Moses is persistent. We have the burning word of God and the holy fire burns within us but we offer excuses.

Moses was not too eloquent as was slow of speech. Please send someone else. And the Lord’s Anger burned against Moses.

Our concerns reveal what we believe about God. Not about us. God calls and equips. Fully and faithfully understanding of who God is. His “I am.” Moses went on to say he was not capable. Make me more ready. Excuses and concerns revealed. What we wrongly believe about God . Yawai all that I am. Flawed, broken failing human beings. This generation needs women who will act o ut of God is who is “I go.”

God alone is the bush burner and consumer and preserver. When he is calling you we would swear we were pure ash.

God is retiring us and it will get hot but God preserves because he has a purpose.

Don’t speak where the Bible is silent.”

Aaron goes to the wilderness to meet Moses. Principle : God’s call and God’s equipping and because is all we need. If he is equipping you there is obedience that God expects. God’s expectation is that we are Holy.

God’s call and equipping don’t absolve us of obedience.

God calls us to some hard stuff.

You are the all consuming fire. You call us to be holy. A burning desire to get this generation on fire. Women who burn for you. God preserve us and set us free to blaze for you.






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