The Trumpet Plants of October here in the warm Autumn of Georgia

The Trumpet Plants of October here in the warm Autumn of Georgia.

Will we ever need our sweaters here in Georgia USA? I have already put away all my summer clothes and pulled out all the gloves, hats, scarves and mittens! Excited about Autumn is an understatement. It has always been my favorite season and I loved it as a little girl and have continued to love it as the years have passed. These Trumpet plants are blooming here in GA this October. I think they are so lovely. It was nice seeing some blooming flowers today. Last weekend when I went to Mitcham Farm they have an entire field of wildflowers so I was blessed to see their field and get a butterfly or two photograph while I was in the field chasing around the butterflies. I am so ready for my sweaters. I am already wearing my jeans and boots. It is in the 80’s here and very warm though. I was able to wear a tank top dress blouse today while out it was so warm. But these Trumpet plants blooming were the prettiest thing to me today and I wanted to share them. I am wondering how long they will stay in bloom? I will keep a close watch on how long their beautiful blooms last. They are so inspiring to me and remind me of just how truly blessed I am and a sign from the heavens that the Lord’s hand is hard at work on his masterpiece of the seasons changing. Faith pulls me through. Let your faith be stronger than your fear is what I keep telling myself. Working as a Personal Support Assistant in the medical field and studying for my Certified Peer Specialist certification keeps me pretty busy. I try and get out and about in the community as much as I can. So in love with my hometown of Covington GA. The Trumpet plants of October. One of God’s miraculous marvelous handy work miracles.

trumpetplantsoctober2014 trumpetplantsoctober20142




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