Debt of gratitude owed to the ladies of View Point Health and “Ribbons of Hope”, today.

View Point Health

The Respect Institute of Georgia

The GA Mental Health Consumer Network

The ACT Team

The GA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

The CPS Certified Peer Specialist program

The GA Peer Support Institute

These are among some of the groups and organizations that encourage one to tell their story of Recovery and to be a strong Advocate.

It is no 2014 nearly 2015 and it is proper to tell your recovery story and to share it proudly and willingly.

I wore my “Ribbons of Hope” scrubs today with the words “Ribbons of Hope” and “Love” designed on the scrub top for the month of October and Awareness. My therapist was most pleased.

I am a Covington native and a graduate of classes and school in Newton County my entire life since private Kindergarten at The Little Red School House to Ficquett onto Sharp and then to Newton High finishing up my college degree at Dekalb Technical College in the Business/Legal Office program of study and Paralegal Certification program.

I have also taken and taught many classes through View Point Health, The Respect Institute and The GA Peer Institute. Graduating from a class or seminar from each and every one of the groups mentioned above.

Working as a PSA Personal Support Assistant in the State of GA. servicing the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly in the health care world as I continue to work towards my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification.

I wore my “Ribbons of Hope” Scrubs today to see my private therapist in Atlanta. He was so proud and overjoyed with me and my success. He has been a wonderful doctor for over ten years now and has truly helped me reach so many goals I have set for myself over the last ten years.

My 3 year anniversary of being full time blogger and photographer at The Covington News is approaching in November and I hope to write a forthcoming blog of my hometown. I photograph so much of my hometown now. And attend many events in the community.

I have shared my story with The Respect Institute of The GA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and will continue to share my story and work hard to reach and maintain goals.

The ladies of View Point Health have really grounded me and kept me sane and working diligently and hard having big shoes to fill and keeping me involved in the community and supported employment program in the past. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the ladies of New Rock / View Point Health Conyers and Covington. They have really came through for me and pushed me hard to keep my mindset on my goals and to not only set them but to achieve them with responsibility and integrity. I thank you ladies of View Point Health and am proud to have been a client for over ten years now.

My goal is to work in the State of GA as a PSA Personal Support Assistant assisting the physically and mentally challenged while studying and working on receiving my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification to compliment my work in the health field.

You may share in my experiences here at Word Press or at my Covington News blog where I am a full time regular blogger.

I thank  everyone whom has crossed my life’s path and been a leader or mentor to me. I am especially grateful to the Alcovy Judicial Circuit Juvenile Courts and Superior Courts as well for all the many wins in open court me and my daughter’s have had and the support and understanding they have had with my family law case always supporting me and my daughter’s behalf.

As a PSA Personal Support Assistant you may:

Monitor Feeding Tube

Encourage Proper Nutrition

Plan/Prepare Meals for Client


Shower / Bath

Comb/ Brush


Soak/ Clean Nails

Monitor Skin Condition

Assist with Brushing

Oral Hygiene

Assist with Dressing

Assist with Toileting

Timely Continent Care

Take out Trash for Client

Wash Dishes for Client

Change Linen – Make Clients’ bed

Clean Client’s Bedroom

Dust, Mop, Sweep, Vacuum

Laundry for Client


Clean Client’s  Bathroom

Pick up Prescription Drugs

Arrange / Accompany to doctor

Grocery Shopping

Paying Bills

Reminding client to take all medications

And of course a great deal of paperwork that is expected to be kept as well.

Working as a PSA is a wonderful position and part of my life’s story that I will be sharing with ethics and privacy in mind of course.

Thank you for sharing in my walk with me as a PSA and onto my CPS Certification for the State of GA.







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