Whitney Posey Capps lectures on Moses and the parting of the Red Sea

I need to read the entire book of Exodus for myself. It has been such a wonderful experience getting to hear Whitney Posey Capps lecture on the Life of Moses. I have found it very interesting. Especially today as she spoke of the plagues and of God’s judgment decisions. Very harsh decisions. Very harsh that really stunned me to hear. I did not recall ever hearing of these judgments from God before. I am now going to work on reading through the entire book of Exodus myself. She really touched my heart today as she spoke from the pulpit with strength of character, integrity and might. She is so full of inherent wisdom at such a young age. I had the honor of growing up with her at Oxford Baptist Church for many years. Her father Pastor Alan Posey was our Pastor. He has baptized me twice now as a younger girl at Oxford Baptist Church where I have never moved my letter from.

The Conyer’s Women’s BSF Bible Study Fellowship meets and breaks up into small classes in the beginning hour and then we have the lecture time with Whitney. We study the Lord’s written word and discussion questions from BSF Bible Study Fellowship. I called Bible Study Fellowship and informed them of my Word Press and Covington News blogs and they said by all means to share my lecture notes and scripture given but did NOT want me to share the discussion questions nor my answers. I want to share it all with my readers but it is protected by copyright law so in calling them I had hoped to get permission to share the BSF Discussion questions and answers but they did NOT want me doing this so I agreed not to.

I will however share what we discussed in open group today and on Whitney’s lecture. A very touching sermon today that reminds you just how good the Lord is and just how harsh his judgment can be against those who deny him and that continue to live in direct intent sin.

I was able to hug Mrs. Bonnie Posey today and it felt good. With her being Whitney’s mother and one of my friends and mentors growing up it sure felt good to be in her arms. So special a moment to me today. Her and Mrs. Bobbie Jean Buckelew saved my life many times over and always made  sure and certain that I was at church and was never left out of anything with the youth group. I was always front and center thanks to the many lovely ladies of Oxford Baptist Church where my heart and soul lies to this day. And my letter remains.

Thanks to Oxford Baptist Church I was able to work as a day camp counselor at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center in the summer of 1990 leading other young lives to the Lord and continuing to work at Ridgecrest after the summer was over in housekeeping because I loved it there so much I did not want to return home to graduate. I did finally return home and graduated and have went back numerous times to visit with Ridgecrest always being allowed to use my summer staffer discount at the Lodge.

God can do the impossible through obedient servants.

Jesus is the Passover Lamb.

The Divisions included:

Plague and Passover 11:1 – 12: 30

Remembrance 12:31 – 13 : 6

Presence and Protection 13 : 17 – 14:31

Praise 15 1 – 21

Exodus 10:27

Seeing God’s prophetic Word.

Moses says there is one more thing. The Lord will strike down the first born of every household. God’s judgment was severe and complete. There will be loud wailing in the middle of the night.

This really stuck hard with me. And makes me fear the Lord even more so. He has provided so much for me during my life. I feel as though I must be one of his blessed children or one of the chosen few.

There will be loud wailing and mourning as God’s Judgment comes through. The blood on the doorways protected the Israelites.

Ch. 12 Passion Instructions

The blood protected them from judgment. Roast the meat over fire.

God’s glory is revealed in his judgment.

Every soul will serve out the eternal destination.

No one escapes judgment only through the blood.

Unless we are covered by the blood of Jesus he will judge us.

Exodus 12

She spoke of the judgment of the males being circumcised that I plan to read up more on tonight. But shocked  me.

God requires remembrance because we are forgetful and full of ourselves.

God is indeed faithful although we are wretched.

She told a tale of how she often felt full of herself. How good God is and how wretched we truly are. If we do not acknowledge the sin needed like reminded how sinful we are. Moment by moment.

Stand firm and you will see the deliverance.

The Lord will fight for you and you need only be still.

Get up and MOVE!

The Lord will work more in obedience and faith.

He parted the Sea.

Israel moved through dry land. How amazing and exciting.

The tiniest of molecules obeyed the Lord and dried up so that Israel could pass through.

The Sea closed in on Egypt and the left and the right took their lives while they were in pursuit of Israel. What a remarkable story. I cannot fathom it. I cannot wait to delve into Exodus and read it in its entirety. The Life of Moses has become so close to me and has drawn me nearer to the Lord.

God is swift and severe.

Principle: If God brings difficulty he will bring deliverance.

A sinful heart makes choices of our own making. This mighty hand protected and saved them.

Praise Exodus Ch. 15.

The Lord is a Warrior. The Red Sea had drowned them and shattered their enemy.

She suggested finding a home church where you can worship.

What an amazing study this has been. Moses was truly blessed. I hope that by sharing in these lectures you will study the BSF Bible Study Fellowship for yourself. It is a most remarkable study and draws you nearer to Thee.

The Life of Moses is my Autumn’s calling.






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